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July 1, 2017 - WWE


WWE SummerSlam Plans For Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman

There are opposing reports on what compare will categorical eventuality SummerSlam.

According to a Jul 3rd book of the Wrestling Observer NewsletterWWE recently altered it skeleton for a SummerSlam categorical event, that is now approaching to be Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for a Universal title, a compare originally scheduled for WrestleMania 34. However, Sportskeeda reports that WWE is adhering with strange skeleton for a argument between Lesnar and Braun Strowman, yet accurately what that compare will be is unclear:

Roman Reigns will NOT face Brock Lesnar during SummerSlam. Roman is approaching to remove his Ambulance match to Braun Stowman during Great Balls of Fire, that will make Strowman a No.1 contender for a WWE Universal Championship going into SummerSlam.

The WWE have still not motionless on either they will be doing Lesnar vs. Strowman or Lesnar fortifying in a Fatal 4 Way match, that will apparently underline Strowman as a challenger.


It seems that a suspicion of pulling adult Lesnar vs. Reigns to SummerSlam is a outcome of regard over low ratings for Raw and SmackDown.

The proof is two-fold: One, putting a Universal pretension on Reigns, a full-timer who is probably always around, could potentially assistance spin around those ratings woes and boost live eventuality attendance, that was down in a initial entertain of 2017. Two, it could lead to a rarely approaching dream compare between Reigns and John Cena during WrestleMania 34, that is arguably a biggest compare WWE could presumably do.

Given that Lesnar, along with Cena, is WWE’s biggest draw while Reigns is one himself, during slightest according to Triple H, relocating Lesnar vs. Reigns adult to SummerSlam could be a intelligent preference that increases seductiveness in SummerSlam yet spiteful WrestleMania. After all, WWE fans are some-more vigilant in a product during WrestleMania time no matter what a show’s categorical eventuality is, so giving SummerSlam a boost of Lesnar/Reigns could assistance beget some-more seductiveness in that show.

Interest in SummerSlam pales in comparison to WrestleMania, yet a intensity blockbuster categorical eventuality between Reigns and Lesnar could go a prolonged approach toward remedying that problem.


Brock Lesnar’s Schedule Hints At The End Of The Brand Split?




The code separate is commencement to meant reduction and less, and we need not demeanour serve than a arriving report of Brock Lesnar.

According to, Lesnar is scheduled to seem during two SmackDown live events in a nearby future. He’ll be fortifying his Universal pretension opposite Baron Corbin at a Jul 29th live eventuality during Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, that will be a last-ever WWE uncover during a venue, and he’s also set to seem during a blue brand’s live eventuality on Aug 12th, where he’ll be replacing John Cena.


There are already copiousness of signs that WWE could be deliberation finale a code split, including Lesnar’s upcoming SmackDown appearances and Cena unexpected apropos a “free agent” who is set to work Raw live events.

Some elements of a code separate have positively been working. It has positively elevated SmackDown, which is now a improved altogether uncover after years of being radically pointless, while doing a same for once lost stars, like Jinder Mahal, who roughly confidently wouldn’t be removing his stream push if it wasn’t for a code split. However, a large emanate is, of course, descending TV ratings total with bad attendance, quite during blue code live events and pay-per-views such as Backlash.

The hope, though, is that utilizing Lesnar and Cena, a dual biggest draws in a company, on both brands will assuage some of those issues. But it also begs a question: Does this meant that a code separate could be entrance to an end?

In a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletterit’s remarkable that, quite with Cena and Lesnar now appearing on both brands, WWE is relaxing a manners of a code extension. Thus, we have to cruise a probability that WWE, mostly unhappy by struggling TV ratings and live eventuality attendance, is relocating brazen with a lax set of manners for a code split, one that could be forsaken altogether during any given moment.


How Mauro Ranallo’s WWE Return Opens The Door For CM Punk To Come Back

Credit: Rey Del Rio/Getty

Credit: Rey Del Rio/Getty


The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer forsaken an engaging tidbit in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

After a recent lapse of announcer Mauro Ranallo (despite a reportedly quarrelsome attribute with a company), Meltzer forked out in a Observer a vicious purpose that Triple H played in a lapse of Ranallo as good as Bruno Sammartino, who also had a hilly attribute with WWE. Meltzer remarkable that WWE still wants Punk to return, notwithstanding any indications otherwise, and that Triple H’s story of bringing behind talents that WWE has formerly had problems with could play a purpose in Punk entrance back.


WWE has a prolonged story of correct a formerly shop-worn relations with former stars, including Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior and even Kurt Angle.

If there’s any star who left WWE on less-than-ideal terms who will never return, Punk competence be that guy. But there have been new indications that a once stretched attribute between a dual sides maybe might not be over repair. Punk recently posted an engaging picture on Instagram, a anxiety to his famous “Pipe Bomb Promo” from 2011, while Jeff Hardy recently mentioned Punk in an talk on WWE’s YouTube channel.

Punk is intent on fighting in UFC again, and his UFC 203 quarrel final year, yet a bad display for Punk inside a octagon, raked in an estimated 125,000-225,000 some-more buys than expected, proof a sketch energy of Punk. Though it’s capricious if he’ll ever even have another fight, during slightest in UFC, it’s transparent that Punk’s time in WWE translated to him apropos a pull in UFC, that is one of many reasons because WWE could wish him back.

Although Punk hasn’t seemed for WWE given 2014, Triple H has proven to be rather of a master of correct once damaged relations for WWE, and with part-timers such as Goldberg and The Undertaker clearly unresolved adult a boots, there is positively room in WWE for some-more part-time attractions. It’s always seemed like Punk would sojourn organisation on his vigilant to never lapse to WWE, yet pro wrestling is a business famous for things function that once were suspicion to be impossible.

If Goldberg, Angle and Warrior can come behind to WWE, all during a reign of Triple H operative as an executive, afterwards can’t Punk return, too?


Samoa Joe Praised For His Recent Work, How Paul Heyman Is Involved




Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar have combined arguably a many interesting argument in WWE, and it seems like everybody is starting to notice.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestleZone), WWE officials have been tender with how Joe has looked during his argument with Lesnar while notes that Paul Heyman has played a pivotal purpose in a argument entrance off so well:

Paul Heyman has put in a lot of bid and time into how a Joe/Brock argument has been built and to make it have a “big fight” feel. He also did this with Brock and Goldberg. The strange devise was for this to be a one-off, however everyone, including Vince, are fondness how it is entrance across, so it is probable they could get another match


Samoa Joe seems to be throwing on with a masses.

Joe’s surprising Extreme Rules feat led to a large viewership increase for Raw the subsequent night while his new compare opposite Reigns took place during a most-viewed hour of Raw over a final dual months. Meanwhile, Joe’s new fight with Lesnar as good as his conflict on “The Beast” have been pound hits on YouTube, so it’s not startling that Joe is removing over or that Heyman, famous to be a artistic talent of sorts, has played a purpose in his argument with Lesnar.

Now comes a wily part, though. With Joe building adult a ton of movement and potentially giving WWE a new must-see heel to build around (especially when Lesnar is not around), what happens if he loses to “The Beast” during Great Balls of Fire? Part of a reason Joe is so appealing these days is how widespread he’s been, yet a detriment to Lesnar could be unpropitious to his impression unless it’s executed to perfection, that is seeking a lot of WWE.

If WWE is committed to Joe’s pull for a long-term, he doesn’t indispensably need to kick Lesnar. But he contingency come out of Great Balls of Fire looking like he could have.



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