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August 19, 2017 - WWE


WWE No Mercy Could Be Headlined By Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman might continue their adversary after SummerSlam.

Last week, it was reported that “The Beast” and “The Monster Among Men” were approaching to face off at or before a Royal Rumble, and according to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a rarely approaching dream compare might indeed take place during subsequent month’s No Mercy pay-per-view Los Angeles, a uncover that has already had clever sheet sales.


WWE might have marred a outcome of a SummerSlam categorical eventuality as Lesnar, who vowed to leave WWE if he loses a Universal title, has been advertised for a post-SummerSlam book of Raw as good as several Raw events after a pay-per-view. Lesnar is also the transparent betting favorite to win a Fatal 4-Way match, indicating that he’s a apparent front-runner to leave SummerSlam as champion.

Given that Samoa Joe is advertised to face John Cena during mixed arriving Raw events, one would assume that they will be feuding on TV as well, pardon adult Lesnar to work with Strowman during No Mercy. Lesnar and Strowman have been two of WWE’s biggest draws in 2017, and a fad turn among fans about a intensity compare between a dual behemoths is intensely high, given that it’s arguably one of a biggest probable matches WWE could do right now.

After SummerSlam, seductiveness in WWE, and Raw in particular, tends to plunge due to a NFL and new seasons of other strike TV shows, definition WWE will approaching have to lift out all a stops to quarrel a competition. Strowman vs. Lesnar is a surefire approach to do that should WWE confirm to have possibly star, approaching Lesnar, leave SummerSlam as a Universal Champion.


Why Did Baron Corbin Lose The Money In The Bank Briefcase?

Credit: WWE/Twitter

Credit: WWE/Twitter


There is apparently a judicious reason behind Baron Corbin’s intolerable Money in a Bank loss.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t SEScoops), Corbin mislaid his cash-in try since he has critical backstage heat:

Corbin indeed has some feverishness too due to his actions on Twitter.

Baron has been concerned in written battles with mixed persons on Twitter in a past few weeks. The names he has exchanged difference with embody Mojo Rawley, Nikki Bella, Dave Meltzer…and more.


In further to Corbin reportedly unsatisfactory WWE officials during his new written battles with Rawley and John Cena, it seems that “The Lone Wolf” has crossed a line a few too many times on Twitter.

Earlier this year, reports settled that WWE government was intensely high on Corbin and noticed him as someone with some-more star energy than even Braun Strowman, that is since his MITB cash-in detriment came as such a surprise. Only dual superstars in WWE story (Cena and Damien Sandow) had ever mislaid when cashing in their MITB briefcases, and Sandow was a sole luminary to remove in purify conform until Corbin did a same.

It stands to reason that reports of feverishness on Corbin are loyal since it differently wouldn’t make many clarity to have him remove his MITB cash-in. Any gibberish that Corbin “wasn’t ready” to turn WWE Champion is a bit brash since Corbin had usually reason a briefcase for about dual month, definition that he had roughly 10 months or so to grow and rise into someone estimable of holding a WWE title.

Backstage feverishness is famous to derail careers, if not officious hurt them, and that could be a box with Corbin, who might no longer have a subsidy of WWE management, during slightest for a time being.


Roman Reigns Believes A Match With John Cena Will Happen




If Roman Reigns has his way, we’ll shortly see him in a ring with John Cena.

Reigns recently told Sports Illustrated’s Off The Board (h/t SEScoops) a following when asked if a intensity dream compare with Cena would happen:

I consider so. If you’re here for a right reasons — and this doesn’t usually go for wrestling, this is anything, this is what drives a universe — we wanna be in there with a best. To contend John Cena is not one of a best of all time is…He is. He’s a 16-time heavyweight champion. There’s usually dual group in a whole universe that can contend that. So to be means to share a ring with him, to do a large quarrel with John Cena, I’m all for that.”


Reigns and Cena have found themselves inextricable in a mini-social media argument that has lighted many of a gibberish about a intensity compare between a two.

Although Cena vs. Reigns seemed rarely doubtful usually a few months ago since of a code split, a new hum is that the compare will indeed occur by or during WrestleMania 34, that is maybe since Cena is relocating to Raw after SummerSlam. “The Champ” himself recently suggested that he asked to be a “free agent” who could work on both brands, and we have to trust that he did that, during slightest in part, to keep alive a probability of a dream compare with Reigns.

It’s transparent from their new amicable media interactions that both Cena and Reigns are environment a theatre for their bout, and one would assume that WWE will safeguard a compare takes place before Cena retires, as he recently pronounced his career is entrance to a close. The final time that we saw dual all-time good superstars (who were a faces of dual opposite generations) combat while still in their primes was during WrestleManias 28 and 29 when Cena battled The Rock in dual of a biggest matches in WWE history.

It stands to reason that Cena vs. Reigns would opposition that compare given that they are simply WWE’s tip dual sell sellers and have been positioned as a dual biggest stars in a association in new years. WWE would be blank out on a golden event if this math does not occur before Cena retires, approaching within a subsequent few years, and that’s substantially since both Cena and Reigns have pushed their mini-feud so tough on amicable media.

Cena vs. Reigns is a compare that contingency happen, and with each spirit that Cena or Reigns drops about a hitch holding place, we get one some-more pointer that it indeed will.


Brie Bella Says Daniel Bryan Will Wrestle Again




Daniel Bryan is holding stairs to get behind into a ring.

Bryan’s mother Brie Bella revealed on the From The Top Rope podcast (h/t SEScoops) that Bryan has been regulating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in hopes of wrestling again and that she knows “for a fact” that he will:

And we told Bryan, ‘You do have a daughter, so always remember that. But if a doctors finally give we a immature light,’ we go, ‘Go! This is your dream and passion. You have one life to live and we will never reason we back.

Because we adore to wrestle, and we would hatred if someone told me we can’t do it. And if WWE doesn’t concede it, afterwards we said, ‘Go somewhere else. It’s all on you.’ Obviously he would adore to be means to get behind in that WWE ring, though we know for a fact my father is going to find his approach behind to a ring. He overtly is.


WWE has taken good measures to safeguard that a ImPACT Concussion Management Program guarantees a health and reserve of a performers, and Bryan is a print child for that.

Although Bryan has reportedly undergone prior tests in an try to be privileged to combat again, WWE stays reluctant to give him a immature light, approaching since of a open recoil that would outcome if Bryan wrestled for WWE usually to get harmed again. Head injuries in hit sports have been a vital source of contention over a past few years and have been during a forefront of those discussions in new weeks after a new investigate found that 99% of a ex-NFL players complicated had chronic dire encephalopathy, some-more ordinarily famous as CTE.

Although CTE can't be diagnosed in a vital person, investigate indicates that a illness is impossibly common among football players and maybe other forms of hit sports, pro wrestling included. Bryan has confirmed his enterprise to combat again, and if he believes WWE is being overly discreet by now permitting him to step behind into a squared circle, we can rest positive that he will find somewhere else to combat when his agreement expires subsequent fall, as Bella has indicated.

Whether it’s Ring of Honor or high-profile eccentric promotions, Bryan total to be behind in a ring in a small some-more than a year, and if WWE won’t transparent him, he’ll be a many sought after name on a indies.



  • Shelton Benjamin has sealed with WWE and is approaching to lapse “soon.” He should now give a tip midcard a peculiarity talent to build around, either on Raw or SmackDown.
  • Viewership decreased somewhat for this week’s episode of Raw as good as SmackDown, though a dips weren’t large adequate to be of any genuine concern.
  • Seth Rollins pronounced WWE doesn’t “need” UFC stars, nonetheless Brock Lesnar’s pull and rumors of a Ronda Rousey lapse prove WWE government might not feel a same way.
  • Clash of Champions will take place in Dec this year and might reinstate Roadblock. Last year, Clash of Champions took place in Sep as a Raw show, though it’s not transparent what code will horde a pay-per-view this year.
  • According to PWTorch (h/t SEScoops), “a new WWE process is to scale behind a early pushes of talent from Ring of Honor and a eccentric stage true to categorical events in NXT,” that unequivocally doesn’t make clarity given that they will put some-more eyeballs on NXT and a WWE Network.
  • Despite his backstage heat, Enzo Amore reportedly won’t be fired since “he is one of a company’s tip sell sellers.” He is, however, being punished for that feverishness by being dangling in a shark enclosure during SummerSlam since of his famous fear of heights.
  • According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, nothing of a SummerSlam weekend events (Raw, SummerSlam, etc.) are sole out, in partial since tickets for SummerSlam are many some-more costly this year.
  • The Observer also reports that Adam Cole has strictly sealed with WWE and could entrance as shortly as during NXT TakeOver. Cole, of course, has a intensity to fast turn a face of NXT.

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