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November 26, 2016 - WWE

The Undertaker Vs. AJ Styles Possible For WWE WrestleMania 33

We competence get “The Phenom” vs. “The Phenomenal One” during WrestleMania 33.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson (h/t WhatCulture), WWE is deliberation The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles for a biggest pay-per-view of 2017:

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is stating that he’s conference rumblings that AJ Styles is being severely considered. While appearing on Taz’s show, Johnson pronounced that a awaiting of Taker severe Styles for a WWE World Championship is being “heavily discussed.”

This would be a change from a original devise of The Undertaker vs. John Cena during WrestleMania 33, that competence no longer be in a cards.


Styles has solidified himself as a tip man on SmackDown (at slightest among full-time stars), yet WWE should take it one step serve and have him softened The Undertaker during WrestleMania 33.

Though a evidence opposite this is that Styles is many closer to a finish of his career than a beginning, he could go another 5 years or some-more as one of WWE’s biggest stars and a association needs to safeguard that he’ll be noticed as such. There competence be no softened approach to do that than by carrying him softened The Undertaker during a PPV where “The Phenom” was once unbeatable.

There is no indicate in bringing The Undertaker behind to SmackDown just to have him kick guys like Styles, Dean Ambrose or even Randy Orton when they will be around for a lot longer than The Undertaker will be. The ultimate suspicion of Undertaker’s lapse should be for him to put someone over, generally if he is going to finish adult timid soon.

With The Undertaker on SmackDown, Styles should be a man who advantages from Taker’s forlorn star power, with Taker losing to Styles during WrestleMania 33, serve cementing Styles as a new face of a blue code in a process.


Update On Goldberg’s Future, Potential Rematch Against Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 33

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)


Although Goldberg was primarily wavering about wrestling past Survivor Series, his singular physicality during a PPV played a large purpose in him similar to work more, according to (h/t Flickering Myth):

Apparently a approach Vince got around Goldberg’s hostility is by entrance adult with a compare where Bill didn’t have to combat during all, followed adult by a singular entrance in a Royal Rumble, where Goldberg can have adult to 29 other guys do a work for him. The genuine compare will be saved for Wrestlemania, after that indicate Goldberg can confirm presumably his physique is adult for more.

The Wrestling Observer (h/t SEScoops) also reports that, with both Lesnar and Goldberg appearing in a Royal Rumble match, a dual are approaching to face off for a third time during WrestleMania 33.


Goldberg has fast gotten over as WWE’s tip babyface and has apparently generated a lot of hum after his intolerable feat over Lesnar during Survivor Series.

Vince McMahon would not determine to a “big money” understanding with Goldberg if he wasn’t value a money, so even yet bringing in Goldberg costs a flattering penny, a overwhelmingly certain greeting to him should interpret to even some-more success during Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 33. Goldberg is indispensable in sequence for WWE to have a shot during make-up in 60,000-plus for a Royal Rumble in a Alamodome while his participation during ‘Mania should attract even some-more over fans.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Goldberg is unequivocally renouned on a WWE Network and that he’s helped Raw ratings extremely during his brief tenure. While some are observation Goldberg’s lapse as “another part-timer holding a spot,” McMahon will continue to do what, as Triple H competence say, is best for business.

Given all a hype surrounding Survivor Series, Lesnar vs. Goldberg III during WrestleMania 33 should fit that bill, formulating a lot of expectation about Lesnar’s ability to come behind from his harmful detriment and Goldberg’s ability to slay “The Beast” again.


Roman Reigns Originally Scheduled To Be The Man To Beat Lesnar?

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)


According to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletterthe strange devise before Goldberg kick Lesnar during Survivor Series was for Roman Reigns to eventually be a luminary to finally kick Lesnar clean:

The suspicion is that there was vital equity in Lesnar finally putting someone over clean, a mark always indifferent for Reigns, and now they’ve finished it and combined a luminary with a unequivocally singular shelf life.


Perhaps a biggest fan censure about Goldberg demolishing Lesnar in discerning conform during Survivor Series is that WWE motionless to have a 49-year-old partial timer kick Lesnar rather than a young, full-time star.

The whole purpose of Lesnar finale The Undertaker’s undefeated strain during WrestleMania should have been a two-fold plan, one in that whoever eventually kick Lesnar would get a outrageous pull given of it. The existence of a conditions is that, yet Goldberg’s feat over Lesnar will urge his station in a eyes of newer fans who are unknown with him, it’s usually going to advantage WWE in a brief term.

It’s expected that Goldberg won’t be around over WrestleMania 33, so WWE would have been softened served carrying an up-and-coming star softened Lesnar instead. The problem, however, is that Reigns shouldn’t have been that man presumably given he’s being deserted so cruelly by many fans. Plus, there unequivocally aren’t many up-and-comers who could convincingly kick Lesnar or even Goldberg for that matter.

That’s a locate 22 here, with WWE wanting to use Lesnar (or Goldberg, now) to assistance “make” a new star yet frequency any stars over adequate to believably do that. After all, if Reigns isn’t that guy, who on a register is?


Roman Reigns Vs. Braun Strowman A Possibility For WrestleMania 33

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)


Roman Reigns competence have an doubtful competition during WrestleMania 33.

According to Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer (h/t Inquisitr), Reigns competence face Braun Strowman on a grandest theatre of them all:

Braun Strowman is gonna face Big Show next. They’re gonna do a ‘body impact challenges’ during a residence shows starting in December. So, they’re gonna do that, and apparently Big Show is a setup, afterwards it’s Roman Reigns. It could presumably occur during WrestleMania 33.”


Strowman was once rumored for a WrestleMania 32 argument with both The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, yet conjunction of those feuds wound adult happening, expected given Strowman wasn’t ready.

However, Strowman has softened significantly given then, and with WWE sorely lacking in terms of tip heels these days (who’s a legitimate/full-time, categorical eventuality turn heel on Raw besides Rusev and maybe Kevin Owens?), it’s totally distinct that WWE wants to pierce Strowman adult a card. As an in-ring performer, he’s apparently not during a turn of Reigns, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho or any of Raw’s top stars, yet a usually approach he will urge is if he consistently works with those guys.

As many hatred as Reigns gets, he’s a large compare performer, and he could have an above normal compare with Strowman during WrestleMania 33. The biggest emanate with Reigns vs. Strowman, however, is Reigns’ inability to win over a many outspoken WWE fans, so if WWE wants Strowman to work opposite a tip babyface, Reigns doesn’t unequivocally fit that criteria given of a disastrous fan greeting he continues to receive.

Strowman’s pull total to continue once he gets past The Big Show, yet WWE competence wish to cruise other options for his WrestleMania rivalry, suspicion there is, admittedly, a singular series of choices for him.



  • Shelton Benjamin indicates that he’ll try to lapse to WWE when healthy after his final lapse fell by due to shoulder surgery. This is good news for fans who’d adore to see Benjamin make his way to SmackDown.
  • ROH commentator Steve Corino will shortly be headed to WWE’s Performance Center to work as a trainer, creation him a latest vital name to join a company’s luminary prolongation factory.
  • Samoa Joe’s pretension win opposite Shinsuke Nakamura during NXT TakeOver: Toronto expected ensures that he won’t be removing called adult soon. There unequivocally isn’t many left for Joe to accomplish in NXT, yet WWE seems vigilant on gripping him there as NXT’s categorical eventuality star energy continues to dwindle.
  • Conor McGregor’s representative says that his customer would perform a WWE offer. While a lot of dominoes would have to tumble a right approach for UFC to let a biggest star seem for WWE, there’s no doubt it would be a outrageous impulse to see McGregor seem in a WWE ring, generally during WrestleMania 33.
  • WWE Network’s new weekly Cruiserweight show 205 Live may usually atmosphere for 45 minutes, so it’ll be engaging to see how many performers are frequently featured on a uncover that doesn’t even final one hour.
  • Both Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon were “shaken up” after Reigns’ epic stalk on McMahon during Survivor Series. That could explain because Reigns didn’t combat on a many new part of Raw.

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