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March 11, 2017 - WWE

WWE Plans For Goldberg And Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 33

Goldberg is approaching to be left from WWE after WrestleMania 33, where he’ll transition a Universal pretension to Brock Lesnar, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Whether this is positioned final or not, this was told to us from a start as a categorical eventuality on a show. Unless skeleton change, Lesnar will win a title. Goldberg’s agreement expires with this uncover though they can always pointer a new deal. But a reason Lesnar put Goldberg over so fast during Survivor Series and a Rumble is that this would be a finish result.


Goldberg inked a “big income deal” for Survivor Series final year, and a extensive hum combined by his intolerable feat over Lesnar led to him operative Royal Rumble and even similar to combat during Fastlane.

Most indications are that Goldberg is indeed best for business, though what’s engaging is that a Observer reports that Fastlane drew usually “11,000 fans, about 2,000 bashful of capacity.” That series has to be seen as a outrageous beating given that it was Raw’s last pay-per-view stop before WrestleMania and featured Goldberg confronting Kevin Owens for a Universal pretension in a categorical event.

Nonetheless, WWE appears to be adhering with dual part-timers, Goldberg and Lesnar, in a WrestleMania categorical event, which, from a business perspective, generally works for a association in a short-term but might have long-term consequences. Still, with Goldberg expected left from WWE after ‘Mania (barring something variable happening), it’s best for WWE to have him dump a pretension to Lesnar, who is a company’s biggest draw.

As a result, Lesnar can have a flattering extensive run with a Universal Championship before dropping it to a rising star during a vital PPV in a future. That way, WWE can piggyback off of a sketch energy of Lesnar and Goldberg by regulating both of their pretension runs to assistance settle a new categorical eventuality star.


Daniel Bryan Possibly Wrestling Outside of WWE In 2018


Daniel Bryan hinted on this week’s Talking Smack that he skeleton on wrestling again, and that it wouldn’t be in WWE.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletteran in-ring lapse for Bryan would expected take place for a tip graduation like ROH or New Japan:

Bryan is one of those guys who has to quarrel himself not to tell a law and he was clearly not fighting himself in a slightest on a uncover (he also told Renee Young that a Raw Talk uncover she hosted after Fast Lane was poor). This flattering many says he’s going to try and combat again in 18 months, that one would consider would meant ROH/New Japan/CMLL on his possess terms and schedule. Given how many he loves pro wrestling, that would make him really happy if he could do that. If he believes that he can wrestle, that is what he loves to do, that is what he will do, and he’s not one of those people who in any approach subscribes to a thought that if it’s not WWE that it doesn’t matter. When his agreement is up, and since he is operative now, it’s not on hold, he will make a call either to combat or not and if it is to wrestle, unless something drastically changes, it won’t be here.


It was reported progressing final year that Bryan gave notice that he was withdrawal WWE, usually to have a association solidify his contract due to a sustenance that “helps WWE make adult mislaid time when a talent is sidelined.”

However, it’s been done flattering transparent by Bryan that he wants to combat again, and all indications are that WWE, for fear of open recoil due to Bryan’s damage history, would not concede that to happen. For Bryan, however, he seems some-more than peaceful to let a generation of his WWE agreement play out until subsequent year and afterwards maybe pursue an in-ring return.

The Observer recently remarkable that “The Hardys are substantially a strongest unchanging act on a eccentric stage when it comes to sketch fans,” so it’s protected to assume that Bryan, who took WWE by charge in 2013-14 and categorical evented WrestleMania 30, would simply spin a biggest pull and many sought after star on a eccentric wrestling stage subsequent year if he leaves WWE.

There are still copiousness of “ifs” here, though presumption Bryan does not re-sign with WWE subsequent year whenever his agreement expires, his intensity in-ring lapse will now spin one of a biggest stories in new memory and potentially a game-changer for a whole pro wrestling industry.


Latest On Roman Reigns Vs. The Undertaker At WrestleMania 33


Expecting a Roman Reigns heel spin during WrestleMania?

According to Cageside Seats, that’s still sad thinking:

There are still no skeleton for a correct Roman Reigns heel turn, even with a Undertaker compare during WrestleMania.


Let’s be honest: When it comes to business, branch Reigns heel simply doesn’t make sense.’s Dave Meltzer recently remarkable that Reigns is now one of WWE’s tip 5 sell sellers, that is not a warn given that he was reportedly No. 3 in 2015 and he was No.2 in terms of Google Shopping searches in 2016. Let’s also chuck in a fact that six of WWE’s 10 many watched YouTube videos of 2016 focused on Reigns, and there’s adequate justification to advise that he’s doing usually excellent in his stream role.

Would a heel spin freshen adult Reigns’ character? Of march it would. But that rings loyal for large other superstars, including John Cena, and WWE has mostly resisted a titillate to take a staggering risk that would be a heel spin for one of a definite tip stars.

The idea that Reigns “needs” to be a heel for a argument with Undertaker is a misled one. In fact, many of Undertaker’s best WrestleMania rivals (Batista, Shawn Michaels and Triple H) were also babyfaces during a time a feuds occurred.

WWE will do usually excellent with gripping Reigns as a babyface because, let’s face it, a many outspoken fans are going to continue to conflict to him as a heel anyway.


Is WWE Overworking Dean Ambrose?


In a new talk with Top Turnbuckle (h/t SportsKeeda), Dean Ambrose done an engaging matter about a impact a oppressive WWE report has on his body:

I’ve been propitious to never been injured, anything catastrophic, though I’m harm all a time like, each singular day. I’ve been harm for 4 years. More than that, though I’m always hurt, though never injured. Some of a stuff, maybe we should have been like ‘Hey, we need 6 months to understanding with this’ or whatever, whatever it is, generally final year, though I’m usually tough connected to be like ‘I’m not hurt, I’m not hurt, I’m not hurt’ and we usually work by it until it heals or whatever.


It’s value observant that, according to a Jan. 3o Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Ambrose wrestled some-more matches (202) than any WWE wrestler final year, a second true year he’s worked a many matches in WWE.

While one advantage from that is that Ambrose had a many televised wins (37) in a company, we have to consternation if WWE is relying too heavily on Ambrose. With so many part-timers operative during a tip of a label (Lesnar, Cena, Undertaker, Triple H, etc.) usually for vital shows, a residence uncover weight mostly falls on guys like Ambrose, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and other tip full-timers.

It’s helped Ambrose spin one of WWE’s many renouned stars, as Google Shopping searches prove he was one of WWE’s best sell movers final year. But generally with someone like “The Lunatic Fringe,” who goes all out in each compare he has, WWE does run a risk of using these full-time stars into a belligerent with a report that is simply too exhausting to means for a prolonged haul.

That is maybe one of a biggest problems with a code split: With usually a handful (or maybe less) of legitimate tip guys working Raw or SmackDown shows, respectively, stars like Ambrose are substantially going to continue to work a high volume of matches to make adult for a miss of abyss on a card.

Thus, it will be engaging to see if that formula in an boost in a series of injuries, burnout and/or wrestlers determining to retire or leave WWE during a younger age.



  • Matt Hardy has filed a heading for “Broken Matt Hardy,” a gimmick both Impact Wrestling and Hardy trust they own. Hardy has taken that gimmick to Ring of Honor, however, and it looks like any chances of a WWE lapse are off, during slightest until after WrestleMania.
  • WWE expelled a series of amicable media officials, so we might notice some differences in how WWE uses amicable media like YouTube and Twitter going forward.
  • According to a WON, “there were usually about 250 tickets left for WrestleMania on a primary marketplace before it would be an tangible sellout, so it’s a close to be sole out, substantially within a week.” That’s not a warn given that Camping World Stadium is usually to set adult to reason about 55,000 fans, a many reduce series than new ‘Manias.
  • John Cena will star in a supplement to Daddy’s Home, nonetheless another outrageous film purpose for a 16-time World champion. Does he one feet out of a doorway of WWE?
  • The WON also reports that Chris Jericho is advertised for post-WrestleMania residence shows, “which means he’s staying past Mania,” nonetheless he will be left for a brief interregnum in May. Overall, this is good news for WWE since Jericho’s impression is one of a hottest on all of a programming right now.
  • Finn Balor, who earnings during this weekend’s live events, is advertised to face Rusev during post-Mania live events. This could be an denote of artistic skeleton for Balor, nonetheless it’s presumably it might eventually meant nothing.

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