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January 7, 2017 - WWE

John Cena And Roman Reigns Engaged In WWE Twitter Feud, Match Coming?

The dual faces of WWE, John Cena and Roman Reigns, recently found themselves inextricable in a mini-Twitter feud, heading to conjecture about a intensity compare between a two.

But according to a news from Cageside Seats, a stream gossip indent suggests that this isn’t being finished to lead to Cena vs. Reigns:

The new sniping back-and-forth on Twitter between John Cena and Roman Reigns is not being finished to build to a match.


While WWE will positively do Cena vs. Reigns during some point, now simply isn’t a right time.

Reigns will plea Kevin Owens for a Universal pretension during Royal Rumble while Cena will try to kick AJ Styles for a WWE Championship, and both Reigns and Cena will conduct into those matches as a unreserved favorites, with both approaching to travel out as champions. Even if one or both stars destroy to win their brand’s World pretension during Royal Rumble, a code separate would clearly put a kibosh on this compare function anytime soon.

Barring something variable happening, Cena vs. Reigns won’t be a PPV headlining compare until after a subsequent breeze (whenever that takes place) or until a vital luminary trade is finished (if that happens). Perhaps SummerSlam or maybe even WrestleMania 34 is a some-more approaching option.

So, usually put this small Cena/Reigns Twitter beef in your behind slot and remember it for when Reigns vs. Cena does occur because, no matter what your thoughts are on presumably guy, this could be one of a many engaging feuds WWE has ever done.


WWE Interested In Matt And Jeff Hardy 



The stream TNA deals for Matt and Jeff Hardy finish subsequent month, and unsurprisingly, WWE is meddlesome in bringing behind both stars, according to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Not certain Jeff’s death date though it is someday in February. Matt’s agreement expires on 2/27.

TNA has attempted to pointer both to disdainful deals, though a Hardys make so many doing indie shows that it’s going to take a lot of income to do that. The Hardys, quite now with a gimmick, are a biggest understanding in a promotion. The thing that helps is that Matt Jeff are flattering many doing their possess artistic right now. Matt’s gotten a new life as a performer after starting to turn a nostalgia act. Jeff was already one of a biggest indie names though it’s freshened his name up. But WWE does wish them and there’s outrageous merchandising intensity for them with a gimmick in WWE. If they were used frequently they’d make a lot some-more there.


Outside of maybe Kurt Angle, Matt and Jeff Hardy are arguably a dual biggest names WWE could move in that haven’t recently worked for a company, and given Matt’s career rebirth in 2016, he might, in fact, be a hottest name in all of pro wrestling right now.

WWE would be ridiculous not to try to pointer both Hardys when their TNA contracts expire, though during a same time, Matt and Jeff competence select to stay with TNA anyway. It’s no tip that they have copiousness of artistic leisure there, that is something that they’re not guaranteed to get in WWE, and while they’re fundamentally guaranteed to be pushed in TNA, we have to consternation if they’d onslaught to standout in WWE, where other stars are being pushed heavily and a report is many some-more difficult.

An ideal conditions for a Hardys would be signing a part-time WWE understanding that allows them to make large money, work fewer dates and be on a bigger stage. However, if conjunction Matt nor Jeff can get a accessible understanding like that, afterwards a captivate of artistic leisure and a singular report in TNA competence be too many to pass up.

With Matt, in particular, unequivocally station out as of late, WWE will have to compensate a flattering penny to secure a services of a Hardy Boys, and with a series of other part-timers already underneath contract, Vince McMahon competence usually wish to move in a Hardys on a full-time deal, one that competence not be appealing to them.


Goldberg Expected To Work WWE Fastlane

(Credit: WWE)


Although Goldberg was primarily approaching to be one-and-done in WWE, he’ll now be operative many some-more than was creatively planned.

According to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Goldberg will be during any of a subsequent 3 pay-per-views:

Goldberg sealed a three-PPV understanding on his new contract, that will be Royal Rumble, Fast Lane (3/5 in Milwaukee) and WrestleMania. He will also be doing TV sincerely mostly by Mania to foster all 3 of those shows.


Although it’s misleading if Goldberg will be wrestling at Fastlane, we would assume that WWE would wish to maximize his impact by carrying him work a compare at Raw’s last PPV before WrestleMania.

WWE teased a series of intensity matches for Goldberg on this week’s Raw, including ones opposite Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens. If a devise is still for Goldberg to face Lesnar during WrestleMania 33 (and all indications are that it is), afterwards WWE could presumably do Goldberg contra any of those 3 aforementioned names during Fastlane to give that PPV a boost.

Goldberg has proven to be a draw, as evidenced by this week’s Raw rating, and anything he does newly tends to emanate some many indispensable excitement. A compare again someone like Reigns or Strowman during Fastlane could positively do that, that is accurately what WWE needs to do for a brand-exclusive PPVs that Raw has struggled mightily with in new months.

It seems like this is Goldberg’s final hand in pro wrestling, so WWE competence as good use him as many as possible, though overexposing him, before he hangs adult his boots for good.


Possible Reason For The Undertaker’s Raw Return

(Credit: WWE)


The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels will both seem on a Jan. 9 episode of Raw, though why?

According to (h/t WrestleZone), The Undertaker’s Raw appearance will approaching be Royal Rumble related:

The appearances are approaching to build to something during a Royal Rumble, as it’s been rumored that The Undertaker competence be competing in a Royal Rumble match

Cageside Seats also adds that The Undertaker will exhibit that he will indeed be a Royal Rumble participant:

Undertaker is approaching going to announce he will enter a Royal Rumble compare when he appears on Raw subsequent week.


It’s approaching that a appearances for Taker and HBK are two-fold.

Michaels total to be compelling his upcoming coming in WWE Studios’ The Resurrection of Gavin Stone while, given that Raw takes place in New Orleans, both Michaels and Undertaker could be creation some arrange of proclamation per WrestleMania 34 reportedly holding place in a city. However, it would be a staggering beating if The Undertaker doesn’t exhibit something about a destiny of his in-ring career as well.

The final time we saw Undertaker was on a 900th part of SmackDown, where “The Phenom” pronounced that he would no longer let WrestleMania conclude him, implying that he’d be around for some-more than usually a biggest pay-per-view of a year. That has led to a lot of conjecture that he will attend in a Royal Rumble match, presumably winning it to lead to a WrestleMania 33 compare contra presumably John Cena or AJ Styles.

Ideally, The Undertaker’s Raw appearance will set adult or, during a unequivocally least, provoke what he will do during both Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 33 since a lapse of “The Deadman” tends to be one of a many intriguing happenings on WWE TV each year.



  • WWE is reportedly concerned in an “ongoing behest war” with New Japan Pro Wrestling for Kenny Omega. Could Omega, uninformed off an early Match of a Year contender during Wrestle Kingdom 11, follow AJ Styles to WWE?
  • Bayley is expected to follow a Daniel Bryan-like path in track to winning a Raw Women’s Championship during WrestleMania 33. Well, it’s about time WWE gives Bayley a pull she deserves.
  • The Revival could be called adult to a categorical register soon, and given a year that Dash and Dawson had in 2016, that is something that all fans should be unequivocally vehement about.
  • Diamond Dallas Page is expected to be a initial inductee into a WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 while Rick Rude is approaching to join him. These are prolonged overdue inductions for dual stars, generally Rude, who should have been in a prolonged time ago.
  • Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman pronounced that he doesn’t consider WWE will ever move in Ronda Rousey after her discerning detriment during UFC 207 because she’s a “broken star.” While Rousey’s star energy competence have taken a outrageous strike recently, that’s something WWE could repair if a association ever signs her.
  • WrestleMania 34 will reportedly take place in New Orleans next year. WWE usually hold WrestleMania 30 there in 2014, so obviously, a uncover was successful adequate for WWE to lapse there so quickly.
  • According to, ROH stars Kyle O’Reilly, Ray Rowe and Adam Cole will approaching finish adult in WWE this year as a association continues to save talent for NXT.

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