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March 10, 2018 - WWE

WWE Plans For John Cena On The Road To WrestleMania 34

John Cena’s pierce to SmackDown might be a ephemeral one.

According to WrestlingInc, Cena is not advertised for any some-more SmackDown TV tapings after Sunday’s Fastlane pay-per-view:

Following this Sunday’s Fastlane pay-per-view, Cena is not scheduled for any SmackDown Live tapings. He’s not scheduled for tonight’s SmackDown Live during a Resch Center in Green Bay, WI, and a usually arriving live events he’s now slated to seem during are for a RAW brand.

The final date on Cena’s stream WWE news is a post-WrestleMania partial of Monday Night RAW in New Orleans. Cena was not featured in new promotion materials for SummerSlam in Aug or The Survivor Series in November, nonetheless he could be appearing during those shows if his news opens adult during those periods.


Cena has squashed rumors of seeking for a intensity WrestleMania compare with Rey Mysterio, and it looks like his expected compare with The Undertaker is still on.

WrestleVotes (h/t Cageside Seats) had formerly reported that many of a build for Undertaker/Cena would occur on SmackDown, and there are many reasons since that would be a intelligent decision, including a use of that argument as a approach to boost SmackDown’s ratings during a time when FOX has emerged as a critical swain for WWE’s subsequent TV deal. One could positively argue, after all, that Raw has some-more than adequate star energy on a highway to WrestleMania 34, with a likes of Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Triple H, Ronda Rousey, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle all featured heavily on a show.

Alas, WWE seems vigilant on building adult Cena vs. Undertaker on a red brand, that means that it will be installed adult with many of WrestleMania’s tip feuds while SmackDown will be built heavily around AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (we think) and whatever Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be doing. There is an apparent imbalance of energy between a dual brands there, nonetheless with SmackDown durability usually dual hours in comparison to 3 for Raw, maybe WWE does not wish to overkill a blue code with too many feuds.

Still, news of Cena’s lightning discerning pierce behind to Raw radically gives divided a outcome of a Fastlane categorical eventuality (Styles retaining) while probably guaranteeing that we will get Cena vs. The Undertaker. Raw viewership hasn’t seemed to change many when Cena is around, nonetheless SmackDown does benefit from a combined participation of Cena, so maybe WWE might still be deliberation that uncover will offer as a central home of a Taker/Cena build.

What’s many important here, however, is that Cena might be holding another extensive interregnum after WrestleMania 34, that not usually will be a large blow to a association nonetheless could also spirit during a intensity detriment during WrestleMania 34.


WWE Trying To Ensure Full-Fledged Heel Turn For Brock Lesnar During Feud With Roman Reigns



WWE is doing all it can to pledge that the very renouned Brock Lesnar becomes a full-blown heel.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats), Lesnar broken Kane in unilateral conform during a new live eventuality as partial of WWE’s bid to safeguard that “The Beast” becomes a knave in track to WrestleMania 34:

WWE did indeed book Brock Lesnar in a 35-second residence uncover squish over Kane a approach they did to assistance spin him heel heading adult to WrestleMania 34. So even nonetheless it was a residence show, it was still partial of a storyline they’re regulating with him.


Though some reports prove Lesnar wants to stay with WWE, there is ascent conjecture that he will be left from WWE shortly after WrestleMania 34 when his agreement expires, and many fans can see that.

Especially with Dana White publicly remaining ever so assured that Lesnar will lapse to UFC, WWE officials seem to comprehend that Lesnar might be on his approach out, too. As a result, WWE is doing usually about all it can to safeguard that Lesnar “looks bad,” and possibly that’s a work, fire or a small bit of both seems to be adult in a air, nonetheless proof says that this is a box of art imitating life. In other words, Lesnar has a repute as someone who unequivocally doesn’t adore pro wrestling and is usually in it for a money, so WWE is regulating that in storyline to get some-more feverishness on Lesnar.

There is also another transparent reason since WWE is perplexing to concrete Lesnar as a full-blown heel, and that’s since it will advantage Roman Reigns. With Lesnar “working” a 30-second live eventuality compare and being called out for his accessible part-time understanding by Reigns in a sardonic promo a integrate of weeks ago, it’s painfully apparent that WWE is perplexing to spin some-more fans opposite Lesnar in hopes that it will lead to some-more cheers for “The Big Dog.”

Maybe that could work during a opposite era, nonetheless many fans can see that this is what WWE is perplexing to accomplish here, that has a hapless side outcome of creation some fans like Reigns even less. Now, with Lesnar appearing to be on his approach out and Reigns still unwell to win over WWE’s many doctrinaire fan base, it looks like a approaching WrestleMania 34 categorical eventuality between them could be one of those bouts that is memorable for all a wrong reasons.

The immeasurable infancy of fans during WrestleMania 34 will not hearten for Reigns, and if they know Lesnar has one feet out a door, afterwards they won’t wish to hearten for him either. That will make for an engaging atmosphere during WrestleMania, that might accomplish WWE’s ultimate idea of formulating a hum about this match, possibly it’s good or bad.


Braun Strowman Not Wrestling At WrestleMania 34?



Many fans were unhappy when Braun Strowman was relegated to a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 33, and we could be in for a repeat in 2018.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t SEScoops), Strowman might get a missile during WrestleMania for a second true year:

While Strowman has been requisitioned to demeanour strong, it might not even lead to a WrestleMania 34 match. Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports a backup devise for Strowman is to engage him in a non-wrestling segment. There’s still a probability that Strowman could be combined to a Intercontinental pretension match, creation it a deadly 4 way


Strowman was once rumored to be confronting The Miz during WrestleMania 34, nonetheless with WWE apparently going in a opposite instruction there, a artistic group had to change march for “The Monster Among Men.”

Recent reports prove that Strowman is now directionless because he is a “backup plan” in a eventuality that something happens with Brock Lesnar and/or Roman Reigns amidst a doubt surrounding recent steroid use allegations. In a sense, it’s intelligent to have that devise in place since those within WWE are “very worried” about a probability of legitimate justification opposite Reigns leaking out and a problem it would emanate for WrestleMania 34.

However, a one who suffers a many here is Strowman, who is now stranded in dilapidation though a genuine argument reduction than a month out from a pay-per-view, that doesn’t bode good for his chances of removing a vital compare on a show. If Lesnar vs. Reigns happens as has been planned, Strowman could be left out in a cold since he might not have a compare on a label during all. But even if he does, it might be a unequivocally brief reduce label compare as against to a universe pretension or tip midcard match, that expected means he’ll be creation significantly reduction income than he would if he was severe for a Universal pretension during a tip of a card.

That’s a contrition since Strowman has been one of WWE’s hottest acts for some-more than a year now, and after he was left off a categorical uncover final year, it would be utterly a head-scratcher to see it occur again. Especially when we cruise that Strowman seems to be building into arguably WWE’s biggest pull among full-timers, since WWE wouldn’t pull him during a biggest pay-per-view of a year is baffling to contend a least.


Possible WrestleMania 34 Plans For Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn



Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn might not get a large WrestleMania match, after all.

According to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), “The stream devise is for both Superstars to be featured in a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal.”


There has nonetheless to be a singular plead on WWE TV about a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal, that during one indicate was rumored to be removing a ax from WrestleMania.

If a hitch does take place, it would be zero brief of a shocker to see Owens and Zayn relegated to a compare that expected won’t even take place on a categorical card. Last year’s conflict stately was relegated to a WrestleMania pre-show, that has a significantly smaller audience than a categorical uncover does, and one would cruise that, generally given a large pull Owens and Zayn have perceived over a final 6 months or so, putting them on a pre-show wouldn’t even be deliberate as a probable option.

Owens and Zayn have been rumored to have a vital tab group compare involving Shane McMahon or possibly even face any other, and with a approach they’ve dominated SmackDown’s tip storylines for so long, a arrogance has been that they’d be in one of a tip dual WrestleMania matches for a blue brand. Then again, SmackDown viewership has unequivocally struggled in new months with Owens and Zayn holding adult distant too many TV time on a uncover while those within a association are reportedly even wakeful of how bad a uncover is.

However, WWE has used so many TV time on Owens and Zayn, with apparently unequivocally small return, that maybe a association is finally giving adult on a twin as a tip act and is prepared to replenish a concentration on other rising stars. That, of course, is usually conjecture since it’s impossibly formidable to trust that a twin that’s been pushed as many as they have been over many of a final year would be mostly lost about during WWE’s biggest uncover of 2018.



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