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June 24, 2017 - WWE


WWE Plans For John Cena, How Baron Corbin May Be Involved

Although John Cena is “penciled in” to take on Jinder Mahal during SummerSlam, WWE is environment a theatre for another vital argument for “The Champ.”

According to Cageside Seats, Cena competence be headed for a adversary with a Money in a Bank winner, Baron Corbin:

It’s believed Baron Corbin will money in his Money in a Bank briefcase on whatever babyface eventually beats Mahal and afterwards argument with that chairman – presumably John Cena.


It’s expected that Cena, notwithstanding being a “free agent,” will still be on SmackDown some-more mostly than Raw going forward, that seems like a right preference given that Raw has extremely some-more star power.

In fact, Cena is not scheduled for any Raw TV tapings between now and SummerSlam (though he will seem during one live event), that lends faith to reports that Cena will be confronting Mahal for a WWE Championship during SummerSlam. WWE appears to be all in on pulling Mahal, and though SmackDown’s ratings have been adult and down with Mahal operative during a tip of a card, early reports suggested that WWE was unequivocally happy with him in that role.

But given SmackDown’s poor attendance at some new shows, it positively wouldn’t be startling if WWE books Cena to kick Mahal during SummerSlam usually for Corbin to money in shortly thereafter, maybe on a unequivocally same night. The thought is that a hum surrounding Cena’s record-breaking 17th WWE pretension win and his follow of Corbin could work wonders for generating some-more seductiveness in SmackDown.

While SmackDown is widely deliberate to be a improved uncover than Raw, it lacks a marquee star energy that a red code has with guys like Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. Expect Cena to pill that with a WWE pretension argument with Corbin in a nearby future.


Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns Happening At SummerSlam?




Is WWE changing long-term skeleton for Roman Reigns?

While it’s prolonged been reported that Reigns would take on Lesnar during WrestleMania 34, a new news from Cageside Seats, suggests those skeleton competence have changed:

There’s already conjecture that if Roman Reigns gets a pretension shot at SummerSlam, that could meant he wins a pretension from Brock Lesnar and John Cena would be his competition at WrestleMania 34.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has also suggested that Cena vs. Reigns could indeed be a new plan for WrestleMania 34 while a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that it’s misleading what WWE competence do with Reigns and Lesnar during SummerSlam, with WrestleMania 34 skeleton for both stars now adult in a air.


Here’s what this discuss unequivocally boils down to: Does WWE perspective Cena vs. Lesnar or Cena vs. Reigns as a biggest probable match?

Although Lesnar competence be WWE’s tip paid star, Cena and Reigns have been pushed as a dual faces of a company. Cena has been in that purpose for some-more than a decade while Reigns seems to be holding that spot, and given that they’re a two best merchandise sellers in a company, there’s positively justification to support both Reigns and Cena being a No. 1 man in a company.

With Lesnar as a part-timer who almost shouldn’t be holding a Universal pretension (because of his extended absences) and Reigns’ SummerSlam proclamation generating a outrageous boost in Raw viewership this past week, a best long-term devise could be to do Reigns vs. Lesnar during SummerSlam. There, Lesnar would dump a belt to Reigns, who would reason a belt and face Cena during WrestleMania 34, that would concede Reigns to reinstate Cena as “the face of WWE” like a association reportedly wants.

Lesnar vs. Reigns is a outrageous compare that would some-more than expected outcome in improved WWE Network numbers for SummerSlam than almost any other probable compare on a card. Meanwhile, Reigns vs. Cena during WrestleMania 34 could potentially assistance adult a Network subscriber count to some-more than a 1.95 million it reached for WrestleMania 33.

Sounds like a win-win situation.


WWE Reportedly Willing To Bring Back Hulk Hogan




The doorway is strictly open for Hulk Hogan to lapse to WWE.

According to, WWE wants Hogan back, nonetheless it’s adult to “The Hulkster” to confirm if he’d like to lapse or not:

I’ve been told by sources tighten to Hogan that a preference appears to distortion with him.  WWE has reached out to Hogan expressing their seductiveness in a renewed operative attribute given final summer, and Vince McMahon himself has called Hogan with that sentiment.  I’m told that Hogan is uncertain about a lapse as he’s in a good place financially following a Gawker settlement.


Although ratings for Raw and SmackDown both bounced behind extremely this week, let’s not forget that a red code hit a 2017 ratings low usually dual weeks ago while a blue code did a same.

It’s been a long-running tradition for WWE to strech out to names from a past when ratings onslaught and seductiveness in a product is down, as search interest suggests it is considerably. Two years after Hogan was dismissed by WWE, it appears a association is some-more than peaceful to pierce Hogan back, expected to offer in some arrange of envoy purpose that would almost outcome in a brief ratings spike here and there nonetheless not most else.

Unlike Kurt Angle, Batista, The Rock or other vital stars who could potentially combat again in WWE, Hogan is expected not in good adequate earthy condition to combat anymore, during slightest not in terms of his ability to pass WWE’s eager physical. Therefore, a outcome he would have on WWE business would be most some-more singular than those other aforementioned names.

While an in-ring lapse for The Rock could do wonders for WWE, would Hogan entrance behind in a non-wrestling purpose do a same? Probably not, nonetheless a usually approach WWE will ever know is to pierce Hogan behind and see what happens.


WWE Resurrecting Old Gimmick Match For Randy Orton Vs. Jinder Mahal Feud?




WWE could be bringing behind an old, intermittently used gimmick compare for a blowoff to Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal.

According to Sportskeeda, “The Viper” and “The Maharaja” are set to do conflict in a “Punjabi Prison Match” at SmackDown’s next pay-per-view:

WWE is formulation a Punjabi Prison Match between stream WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal and former champion Randy Orton during WWE Battleground.


Sportskeeda records that a final time we saw a Punjabi Prison encounter was when The Great Khali battled Batista during No Mercy in 2007, with a gimmick compare widely being deliberate to be a gigantic disaster in terms of a compare itself.

However, No Mercy 2007 did beget 265,000 pay-per-view buys, a estimable boost from a 197,000 buys a PPV did in 2006. That, of course, suggests that there was maybe substantial seductiveness in a Punjabi Prison match, nonetheless it’s value observant that a 2007 No Mercy PPV featured all 3 WWE brands while a 2006 PPV did not. Yet, WWE competence have seen it as successful adequate to revive it after a 10-year hiatus, that could infer to boost seductiveness in a Battleground pay-per-view.

SmackDown has struggled recently with a attempts to beget seductiveness in a non-gimmick PPVs, as evidenced by a low amicable media measure for Backlash, nonetheless there was almost some-more seductiveness in Money in a Bank, that featured dual MITB ladder matches. It looks like Mahal vs. Orton in a Punjabi Prison compare competence be WWE’s approach of attempting to pierce in fans who aren’t meddlesome in examination traditional, non-gimmick PPVs.

Either way, Battleground should be a finish of a adversary between Mahal and Orton, with Mahal expected to pierce on to a argument with another tip star such as AJ Styles or even John Cena.



  • Daniel Bryan’s WWE agreement expires subsequent year, and he is apparently assured he’ll combat again. Just don’t design him to do so in WWE.
  • There is a probability Shelton Benjamin could shortly be returning to WWE after an damage derailed his lapse final year. He’d be a ideal fit on SmackDown, that could use some-more star power.
  • Rusev’s lapse is also imminent, opening adult a probability that a blue code gets nonetheless another jar of fad in a midcard.
  • WWE sent out a survey seeking fans about WrestleMania travel, and a consult hinted during Toronto, New York and London potentially hosting a destiny WrestleMania. The large news here is that WWE competence be deliberation holding a pay-per-view abroad, that could be a unsure plan given a time difference.
  • Raw viewership rebounded in a vital approach this week, averaging 3.102 million viewers, which is a 22% burst from final week’s 2017 low of 2.542 million. In further to a finish of a NBA Finals, it appears that expectation of Roman Reigns’ large proclamation and a explanation of Enzo Amore’s assailant were a pivotal drivers behind a remarkable ratings increase.
  • SmackDown had an huge boost in viewership as well, averaging 2.597 million viewers a week after hittin a 2017 low with usually 2.072. Credit a lapse of Daniel Bryan and a fallout from Money in a Bank for that.
  • Fresh off a heel turn, Big Cass is in line for a beast push. Given a pushes of Corbin, Cass and Strowman, it appears that WWE is once again focusing on giants during a tip of a card, that could work out deliberation that Strowman is building into a draw.
  • Jeff Jarrett has pronounced that “it’s never been in question” that Impact owns a “Broken” characters played by Matt and Jeff Hardy, nonetheless there still hasn’t been any form of authorised allotment between a Hardys and Impact Wrestling.

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