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October 28, 2017 - WWE


WWE May Use John Cena As Special Guest Ref For Jinder Mahal Vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena will approaching be during Survivor Series, nonetheless he won’t be wrestling.

According to (h/t WrestlingInc), Cena is a frontrunner to be a special guest arbitrate for a champion vs. champion compare between Brock Lesnar and Jinder Mahal:

John Cena is set to be a special arbitrate for WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar during a Survivor Series pay-per-view. (h/t WrestlingInc) adds that “there are other names being floated around [for a ref spot], so Cena is not a close to arbitrate a match…the other probable referees competence not wish to do a match, so Cena competence finish adult removing a mark by default.” More on that in usually a bit.


That certain seems like a rubbish of Cena, doesn’t it?

It appears that Cena won’t be prepared to lapse on a full-time basement until late December, nonetheless one would cruise that if he was means to seem during Survivor Series, WWE would wish to put him in an tangible compare rather than implement him in a non-wrestling role. Consider that both Raw and SmackDown recently generated their lowest viewership given approach behind in June, and it’s easy to see that both shows would advantage from carrying “The Champ” behind in action.

But Cena’s approaching purpose during Survivor Series suggests that Mahal’s pull will continue good over Survivor Series and that Cena’s special guest purpose is substantially being finished to lay a substructure for Mahal vs. Cena during WrestleMania 34. There are unconfirmed rumors that Cena will be a one to finish Mahal’s pretension energy during ‘Mania both to give Cena his ancestral 17th pretension win and to continue pulling Mahal for several some-more months as partial of WWE’s try to enhance in India.

Cena is WWE’s many tangible and a biggest draw, so a wish is that Mahal can get over with a throng by operative an extended module with him. Ultimately, it seems that Cena is not wrestling during Survivor Series both because, as a giveaway agent, he doesn’t unequivocally fit into a “battle of a brands” argument and given WWE is anticipating that a “rub” he gives Mahal will set a horizon for a WrestleMania argument between a two.


The Rock And “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Also Being Considered For Survivor Series Role




If Cena isn’t a special guest arbitrate for Mahal vs. Lesnar, we competence get an even bigger name in that role.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t SEScoops), both The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin are also in a regulating for a guest ref spot:

Vince McMahon is reportedly also deliberation WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock for a Guest Referee role. There are now no updates on a conversations between WWE and The Rock or Austin…If possibly Rock or Austin take a pursuit it’s really doubtful a module with Lesnar comes out of a match, however, a Observer records that there is good amour in a probable Lesnar vs. Austin feud.


Ultimately, it would spin out to be an intensely large warn if The Rock returned to WWE, even if usually for a special guest arbitrate role.

Particularly in a box of The Rock, he’s famous to have an intensely bustling schedule, as we would design out of someone who is a second top paid actor in a world and good famous to be an impossibly tough worker. It would approaching be really formidable for him to fit even a one-off Survivor Series coming into his brief schedule, that creates Austin a many some-more approaching choice for a role. Austin has worked as a special guest ref countless time given he final wrestled and would presumably do so again if a cost was right, nonetheless he has prolonged confirmed that he will never combat again.

It’s sad meditative that WWE competence be means to land him for one some-more match, even a high-profile WrestleMania hitch with Lesnar that would confidently outcome in a large payday. However, rest certain that WWE, that has a robe of engagement part-timers in large matches, will try to remonstrate Austin to give it one some-more go no matter how slim chances of him indeed doing so competence be seem to be. The hope, of course, is that Austin competence determine to work as a special guest ref, and by being in a ring with Lesnar, will get a eagerness to combat again.

Cena indeed creates many some-more clarity in a guest arbitrate purpose than Austin or The Rock does given conjunction of those stars are approaching to combat again, given WWE could use Cena in that purpose to build to a compare conflicting Mahal during WrestleMania 34. Either way, it appears WWE realizes that Mahal himself is not a large adequate pull in a headlining match, that is precisely since those within a association feel a need to pierce in Austin, Cena or The Rock to supplement some many indispensable star power.


When Will Roman Reigns Return To WWE?




Although he was pulled from WWE TLC due to a medical issue, Roman Reigns isn’t approaching to be left really long.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Reigns is approaching to be behind before Survivor Series, as prolonged as WWE doesn’t reason off on his lapse for other reasons:

Sources tell us that a illness Roman is traffic with isn’t approaching to keep him out of movement for a extensive volume of time, as he’s now penciled in to lapse shortly before Survivor Series. For storyline functions though, it’s always probable he’ll be kept off TV until after a PPV.


Reigns, of course, was a late blemish from a TLC label and was transposed by Kurt Angle, postponing a central in-ring reunion of The Shield for a time being.

But now, it’s misleading accurately where Reigns will fit in with a stream Survivor Series card, that revolves around a array of Raw vs. SmackDown matches and will presumably be yet Reigns for many of a build to a pay-per-view. With Reigns’ health and wellness being a biggest priority here, WWE competence be improved off holding off on Reigns’ lapse until after Survivor Series when he competence be indispensable some-more than he is now.

The fallout from TLC and Raw being “under siege” by SmackDown helped this week’s Raw result in an boost of scarcely 300,000 viewers from a prior episode, so maybe a cross-brand argument could be adequate to forestall a red brand’s ratings from descending in a deficiency of Reigns. YouTube information indicates that Reigns is arguably WWE’s biggest attraction, nonetheless he shouldn’t be rushed behind during a responsibility of his well-being, generally during a time when WWE has a vital ongoing storyline that can lift a load.

It’s no tip that Raw viewership tends to struggle mightily in a fourth entertain any year, so maybe a post-Survivor Series lapse for Reigns can give a red code a boost it will positively need once Survivor Series is in a books and a conflict of a brands is in a rearview mirror.


Latest On Whether Kurt Angle Will Wrestle Again




Don’t be astounded if we see Kurt Angle combat again in a nearby future.

Cageside Seats reports that Angle is approaching to step into a squared circle for another compare during some indicate down a road:

While Kurt Angle will never be full-time, demeanour for some-more matches from him in a future, substantially during “Big 4” PPVs. (h/t WrestlingInc) adds that Angle’s TLC appearance “was a one-off deal. But after saying Angle sufficient perform on Sunday, a doorway is open for destiny opportunities for him to get behind into a ring. “


It’s apparent by a large burst in this week’s Raw viewership that Angle’s return, an variable puncture pierce done by WWE due to a deficiency of Reigns, competence have played a large purpose in a remarkable increasing interest in WWE’s biggest storylines.

In fact, Angle’s impasse in dual major Raw storylines this summer resulted in large viewership boost for a red brand. He played a large purpose in Big Cass’s heel spin on Enzo Amore, that resulted in an incredibly considerable 22% viewership increase for that part of Raw. Likewise, a explanation that Jason Jordan was his son helped boost viewership for that part of Raw by 22%, nonetheless another clever pointer that fans are meddlesome in storylines involving Angle.

With Angle display to be a plain pull operative in a high-profile role, WWE has to be confident about his in-ring destiny as a overwhelmingly certain greeting to news of his lapse during TLC creates it transparent that fans wish to see him perform again. There is no prerequisite of intensity dream matches watchful for Angle, who demonstrated during TLC that, nonetheless his cardio isn’t where it needs to be, his in-ring skills are still there.

If Angle can perform as good as he did during TLC with usually dual days notice, suppose what he can do with a few months of training for a marquee WrestleMania adversary that would keep him encouraged to perform during a high level. Now that Angle has upheld WWE’s really despotic earthy in sequence to step in a ring as well, maybe WWE will cruise regulating Angle to rouse someone like Jordan or even Braun Strowman during an arriving “Big Four” pay-per-view like Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 34.



  • Viewership for this week’s Raw increased by a whopping 10% to 2.953 million viewers, a large burst that can be attributed to a fallout from TLC and no foe from a MLB playoffs.
  • SmackDown viewership was up to 2.699 million viewers, a estimable 16% boost that can approaching be attributed to seductiveness in saying what would occur after a blue brand’s “under siege” conflict on this week’s Raw.
  • Ronda Rousey has apparently been during a Performance Center as WWE reportedly plans on doing a Four Horsewomen of MMA vs. a possess Four Horsewomen at WrestleMania 34. Given Rousey’s definite sketch power, that will be a outrageous captivate for WWE’s biggest uncover of a year.
  • Sports Illustrated reports that Nia Jax “balked during a thought of losing purify to Sasha Banks during TLC,” that explains her deficiency from WWE programming. There had been conjecture that Jax was dissapoint about her pay, nonetheless it seems she’s some-more undone with artistic instruction than anything else while another news suggests she competence usually be injured.
  • The Miz and Maryse may be removing their possess existence show, that would be identical to Total Divas and Total Bellas and is tentatively patrician “The It Couple.” Clearly, The Miz’s star energy continues to grow.
  • FORBES ranks WrestleMania as a sixth many profitable code in sports during $195 million, an boost of 8.3% given 2016 and a a latest pointer that WWE’s biggest eventuality is a surefire cocktail enlightenment phenomenon.
  • After SmackDown’s superstars invaded Raw this past week, expect a conflicting to occur soon, with a wish being that this will continue a clever TV ratings after TLC.
  • According to WWE Corporate, a company’s income increasing by 14% in Q3 while a WWE Network averaged 1.52 million subscribers, about what a association approaching to grasp nonetheless still good brief of a dual million subscriber count it scarcely reached for a brief duration after WrestleMania 33.
  • Overall live eventuality assemblage was down in Q3, nonetheless TV ratings remained solid and WWE’s batch cost rose some-more than 13% on a heels of a Q3 gain news divulgence income and increase that were improved than expected.
  • WWE reached an agreement to publish both Raw and SmackDown in Portugal, stability a company’s clearly everlasting tellurian expansion.
  • WWE reportedly contacted Chris Jericho about stuffing in for Reigns at TLC, nonetheless he was incompetent to do so given he was on debate with Fozzy. In hindsight, regulating AJ Styles instead was substantially a best choice anyway.
  • Triple H will be wrestling on mixed events during WWE’s UK debate subsequent month, that is a bit of a prerequisite given a company’s rather depleted roster.

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