This Week In WWE Biz: John Cena Upset Over Goldberg?, Roman Reigns Plans, Hulk Hogan Return, More

December 3, 2016 - WWE

John Cena Reportedly Upset With WWE Over Goldberg’s Lucrative Deal

There competence be issues between WWE and John Cena.

According to mixed reports, including one from Cageside Seats, Cena isn’t anxious with Goldberg’s WWE contract:

There’s speak of “friendly tension” between John Cena and WWE over things like his outward projects and big-money understanding given to Goldberg.


Cena has been WWE’s biggest workhorse radically given his entrance in 2002, and during age 39, he’s now in that ungainly mark where he’s still in his primary yet is also during a tail finish of his career.

If any luminary has warranted a right to be a part-timer who commands a large salary, it’s Cena. But maybe a biggest disproportion between Cena and a likes of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar is that Cena didn’t leave WWE for an extended duration like those dual did. Lesnar was left for 8 years while Goldberg was left for 12, so their deals to lapse are what we design for a destiny Hall of Famer returning after a extensive hiatus.

Though Cena is apparently headed for a Hall of Fame one day as well, he’s never left WWE, which, infrequently enough, is approaching given he’s operative many some-more for his income than Lesnar and Goldberg. Perhaps if Cena left a WWE altogether for a year or dual (which doesn’t seem likely), he would be in that Goldberg/Lesnar domain in terms of creation poignant income for sparse work.

Though Cena has been as committed to WWE as any luminary in history, it will be engaging to see if this eventually becomes a bigger emanate for “The Champ” if his disappointment continues to grow.


Original Raw Plans For Roman Reigns And Kevin Owens

(Credit: WWE)


What we saw between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns on Raw wasn’t accurately what WWE creatively planned, according to a Wrestling Observer (h/t 411Mania):

At live events this past weekend, Reigns kick Owens purify by pinfall. It was Reigns’ US pretension that was on a line in those matches. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, a strange devise for RAW was to have Owens vs. Reigns for a US title.

In further to that, a live eventuality matches were ostensible to be pretension vs. title, yet Stephanie McMahon ruled that usually Reigns would have to defend. On RAW, it was altered to non-title, with a chapter that Reigns would quarrel Owens for a Universal belt if he won.


Translation: WWE altered skeleton in sequence to strengthen Reigns.

Although a disastrous fan greeting to Reigns is as bad now as it’s ever been, WWE is clearly relocating brazen with a thought that he is a tip babyface on Raw, even if that’s a terrible idea. The fact that a designed pretension vs. pretension matches during live events were altered suggests that WWE is not peaceful to have Raw’s top titleholder in Owens better a show’s midcard champion, that should tell we something about a lengths WWE is peaceful to go to in sequence keep Reigns looking strong.

The loathing toward Reigns is, in part, given artistic books him to be distant too dominant, and a association is not doing him any favors by carrying him plea for a Universal pretension while also holding a United States Championship. It’s simply too many of a spotlight for Reigns and another reasons for fans to continue to depreciate him.

The emanate isn’t with Reigns himself or his abilities in a ring. It’s all about artistic going to implausible lengths to keep him atop Raw, even if it’s during a responsibility of Owens losing clean.


Latest On Hulk Hogan’s Potential WWE Return

(Credit: John Pendygraft-Pool/Getty Images)


Brooke Hogan isn’t vouchsafing adult on claims that her father, Hulk Hogan, is in talks to lapse to WWE, notwithstanding “The Hulker’s” past denials.

Brooke again hidden that Hulk has hit with WWE about a intensity return, telling TMZ Sports that “he is means of anything” and unwell to repudiate rumors about him streamer behind to a company.


WWE has shown no qualms about relying on part-time talent, relying on Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker (to name a few) to play a vital purpose in new storylines.

Thus, it wouldn’t come as a warn during all if WWE brings behind Hulk Hogan during some indicate in a nearby future. It’s been good over a year given he was fired by a company for creation extremist comments on a leaked audiotape, and many of a open recoil to that occurrence has given died down, positioning Hogan s a ideal claimant to lapse in time for WrestleMania.

“The Immortal” Hogan is arguably a many obvious name in a story of veteran wrestling, and even yet his days as an in-ring performer are over, he could still advantage a association in a purpose as a association orator or ambassador.

Hogan’s participation would positively assistance WrestleMania 33 as well, as WWE tries to seductiveness to fans from opposite generations.


Update On Cesaro Potentially Moving To SmackDown, Daniel Bryan’s Involvement

(Credit: WWE)


After primarily being earmarked for a mark on SmackDown following a WWE Draft, Cesaro wound adult on Raw, but according to, Cesaro is still anticipating to make his approach to a blue brand.

Daniel Bryan has teased Cesaro’s switch to SmackDown, and WNW reports that “it’s now looking like a pierce is inevitable,” though Sheamus competence be inspiring those plans due to his successful storyline with Cesaro.


For a while now, it’s seemed like possibly Cesaro or Sami Zayn would breeze adult creation a switch to SmackDown due to a multiple of their unhappiness on Raw and a need for abyss on a blue brand.

However, generally in new weeks (that bar quarrel shred on Raw was fantastic), a pairing of Cesaro and Sheamus has gotten over impossibly good and could means WWE to consider twice about carrying Cesaro switch brands. Ideally, Cesaro would be a World pretension contender on SmackDown because it doesn’t demeanour like he’ll ever strech that indicate on Raw.

But with a approach that Cesaro and Sheamus have clicked as a tab group lately, it would be some-more profitable to keep them together until their partnership runs a course, and no one unequivocally knows when that will be. Plus, with WWE clearly carrying doubts about creation register trades in general, a some-more essential choice right now would be for Mick Foley to “fire” Zayn from Raw due to their new tension, causing Zayn to pierce to SmackDown.

Zayn is substantially a many feeble used star on Raw right now and could advantage severely from a switch while it wouldn’t make a ton of clarity to pierce Cesaro right now in a midst of a prohibited storyline.



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