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December 24, 2017 - WWE


WWE Plans For John Cena Upon His Return To Raw

John Cena might be behind for usually some-more than one show.

WWE suggested on this week’s Raw that Cena would make his TV lapse on subsequent week’s Christmas day book of Raw, and according to a Wrestling Observer (h/t SEScoops), he could hang around for an extended run on a highway to The Royal Rumble:

[Cena] is in, until he’s left again. He’s operative a Garden, he’s operative that whole week, so we assume he’s in a Royal Rumble. we haven’t listened his name trustworthy to any new cinema that are filming in a subsequent integrate months, so we consider he’s behind for a run.”


The widespread expectancy is that Cena will answer Roman Reigns’ “Open Challenge” for an Intercontinental Championship shot on Raw, yet it’s doubtful Cena vs. Reigns will be an extended argument and there are opposing reports about his standing going forward.

Cena is not advertised to seem on a following partial of Raw, and with a top SmackDown luminary set to take a estimable volume of time off soon, one would consider that a blue code needs Cena even some-more than Raw does. That, of course, puts WWE in utterly a plight given it still treats Raw as a A-brand and will wish to bucket adult that uncover as we pull closer to The Royal Rumble, and yet, SmackDown is sorely lacking in a star energy department

Then again, with Cena approaching to be a Royal Rumble entrant (not to discuss his “free agent” status), it eventually doesn’t matter that uncover he’s strictly on (as distant as storylines are concerned), yet it does matter for a consequence of TV ratings and viewership.

It’s also value observant that betting sites have recently listed Cena as a Royal Rumble favorite, that means that we can substantially design to see a renewed pull for “The Champ” going forward. Cena has spent many of this year putting over other superstars, and in fact, he’s mislaid his final 3 vital matches. He was degraded by Shinsuke Nakamura on an partial of SmackDown, mislaid to Reigns during No Mercy and afterwards was rather simply separated from a 5-on-5 compare during Survivor Series.

Thus, we should design WWE to try to build Cena behind adult a bit, generally given that he’s approaching a tip contender for The Royal Rumble compare and should, during a really least, be in line for a vast non-title compare during WrestleMania 34.


Batista Wants Another Full-Time Run In WWE




Batista is looking to lapse to WWE, yet he doesn’t wish to be a part-timer.

According to a latest book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Pop Culture), the Guardians of a Galaxy star wants one some-more full-time run in WWE:

Batista is eyeing a extensive lapse to WWE, one that could final adult to a year. Even more, this quip would underline Batista regularly, presumably even in non-televised events, creation his purpose looks some-more like Chris Jericho’s than Brock Lesnar’s.


This news echoes Batista’s new comments on The Ross Report podcast, where he pronounced he was looking for one final full-time gig in WWE, had talked to Vince McMahon about it and was anticipating for a long-term argument with Triple H.

Of course, WWE bringing behind Batista wouldn’t urge a company’s vivid age problem, yet outward of maybe The Rock, Batista is a biggest name WWE could practically pierce behind right now. Batista has done utterly a name for himself in new years due to his purpose in a extravagantly successful Guardians of a Galaxy films, that means that a intensity lapse in 2018 could have a many bigger impact than his 2014 lapse did.

It’s protected to contend that Batista’s many new run was a wave in vast partial given he should have been brought behind as a heel yet WWE forced him into a babyface purpose that didn’t fit him. Although Batista eventually incited heel and had a good compare during WrestleMania 30, he was left reduction than 6 months after his lapse and didn’t have scarcely as many success during that run as we would design out of a part-timer. Perhaps that could change if Batista were to return, however, generally now that he’s a many bigger mainstream star than he was 4 years ago.

Fans might also be some-more usurpation of Batista if he were to work a some-more full-time report and be used to put over up-and-coming stars, such as guys like Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman.


Randy Orton To Take Lengthy Hiatus In Early 2018




SmackDown will approaching be yet one of a tip stars for during slightest dual months early subsequent year.

According to, Randy Orton could be out of movement for many of Feb and all of Mar and will also work a “light report in January:”

Currently, it looks like Randy Orton will be operative a light report in Jan before holding a months of Feb and Mar off.  Beyond Smackdown TV tapings and a 2018 Royal Rumble PPV,Orton is usually now advertised for a second and fourth week of Live Events for January.   He is advertised for a 2/6 Smackdown TV taping yet after that is not announced for any events – TV or live events – set for Feb or March.  Orton is currently advertised for a post-WM Smackdown TV on 4/9 in New Orleans.   He is also not advertised for a May European tour.


Orton is solemnly yet certainly fasten a likes of Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Kurt Angle in Part-Timer Land, and his arriving report even indicates that his standing for WrestleMania 34 is adult in a air.

Earlier this year, Orton won a Royal Rumble compare and challenged Bray Wyatt for a WWE Championship during WrestleMania 33, yet it’s going to be extremely formidable for him to have a vital hitch during WrestleMania 34 if he is not on TV to build adult to that bout. Unless WWE builds to Orton’s WrestleMania 34 compare essentially by pre-taped videos, one would assume that Orton’s interregnum means he will have a obtuse purpose on a highway to WrestleMania and during a PPV itself.

The timing of that is utterly engaging given SmackDown is not accurately installed with star energy these days, and YouTube information suggests that Orton is still one of a biggest draws a blue code has. Orton would make a viable competition for someone like Baron Corbin, AJ Styles or Bobby Roode on a grandest theatre of them all, yet maybe it’s probable that his singular purpose during WrestleMania deteriorate will outcome in him being stranded in a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal (that seems unlikely) or some other reduce label compare on a show.

On a splendid side, though, that could pave a approach for younger, rising stars to accept a vast pull and/or find themselves operative in an top midcard or even categorical eventuality size compare during WrestleMania 34.


Dean Ambrose Undergoes Triceps Surgery, Could Potentially Miss Six Months




Dean Ambrose will be sidelined for a foreseeable future.

After Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t WrestlingInc) reported that Ambrose was legitimately harmed and could be “out for a while,” (h/t WrestleZone) confirmed that Ambrose had medicine to correct a ripped triceps tendon:

Dean Ambrose underwent successful medicine Tuesday night to correct a high-grade triceps tendon injury, can confirm. The procession was achieved by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas in Birmingham, Ala., and took around 40 minutes. Dugas combined that Ambrose has begun earthy therapy, starting with light range-of-motion exercises, and is awaiting to leave Birmingham after today. It is different during this time how prolonged Ambrose will be out of action.

The Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestleZone) adds that Ambrose might have been harmed during TLC behind in Oct and that there is now no calendar for his return, and nonetheless it typically takes 6 months to redeem from identical injuries, reports there is wish that Ambrose will usually be out for dual to 3 months.


Ambrose has been WWE’s “iron man” given debuting for a association in late 2012.

During that span, Ambrose has never missed time due to an injury, and according to statistics gathered by a Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he wrestled some-more matches than any luminary in WWE in both 2015 and 2016, some-more than 200 bouts any year. Although Ambrose has pronounced that he’s “always hurt,” his continuance has been impossibly considerable and has done him one of WWE’s many irreplaceable superstars, that creates a timing of his damage even some-more unfortunate.

Recent reports indicated that Ambrose could be in line for a heel turn and a intensity WrestleMania compare opposite Seth Rollins, yet it looks like, depending on a astringency of a injury, he could now skip WrestleMania 34 altogether. WWE did, however, lay a substructure for an Ambrose heel spin by engagement Rollins to be a one who incidentally caused injury, so Ambrose vs. Rollins could be a vast post-WrestleMania rivalry, yet that still leaves Rollins’ standing for WrestleMania 34 adult in a air.

Rollins total to get vast compare on a grandest theatre of them all, yet with Ambrose out, there isn’t a definite competition lined adult for him. Ambrose’s damage also means that The Shield reunion is off once again, that could be a vast blow to WWE given that advertisements prove a organisation is now a company’s No. 2 sell mover.



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