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May 13, 2017 - WWE


WWE To Have Roman Reigns Feud With The Miz Or Bray Wyatt After Braun Strowman Injury

It looks like WWE might have dual options for Roman Reigns’ subsequent argument after a black damage to Braun Strowman.

According to Cagesideats, “Roman Reigns might be relocating into a brief tenure module with Bray Wyatt now that Braun Strowman has been created off TV.” However, reports that WWE could be headed in a opposite instruction for Reigns’ subsequent feud:

Roman Reigns, who was scheduled to argument with Braun Strowman by a Extreme Rules pay-per-view, will be confronting The Miz in his subsequent program. The argument was creatively designed to start after Extreme Rules, where Roman was set to remove an Ambulance Match opposite Braun Strowman. From there, Strowman would have changed on to to Brock Lesnar and Reigns to a Miz. With Strowman out of action, a Reigns vs. Miz argument is set to start earlier than planned.

Our sources also mentioned that a strange devise was for Roman Reigns to win a Intercontinental Championship from Miz, with a thought being that when Roman hurdles Lesnar during WrestleMania 34, a Universal Championship will be a usually Championship that he hasn’t won. It is not famous if a WWE still skeleton to make Reigns vs. Miz an Intercontinental pretension program.


For dual uninterrupted weeks, Raw has hit a 2017 ratings low, and a detriment of Strowman is usually going to make matters worse.

He’s proven to be a many engaging aspect of Raw for many of a year, and he’s done Reigns many some-more engaging in a process. Now, it’s behind to a sketch house for WWE, who contingency find a new competition for Reigns, that won’t be easy since it will need a lot of reshuffling of tip feuds that have already started. Wyatt is now advertised to face Reigns during arriving live events, that could be an denote of a intensity argument between a two.

However, Wyatt’s impression is as seared as ever, and he’s seemed in a categorical eventuality shred of a final two Raw episodes, both of that constructed historically bad ratings. Reigns and Wyatt, of course, have already feuded mixed times in a past, too, so WWE would substantially be improved served giving us a argument between Reigns and The Miz instead.

That’s a adversary that would during slightest feel fresh, and nonetheless probably no one would trust The Miz has any probability of defeating Reigns, he would move with him some unequivocally engaging promos that could make this argument utterly intriguing. The Miz played a pivotal purpose in SmackDown’s ratings skyrocketing final year, and given a right booking, he could assistance spin around Raw’s ratings woes in a argument with a show’s tip star.


WWE Setting Up Brock Lesnar Vs. Seth Rollins Or Finn Balor?




With Strowman injured, Brock Lesnar needs a new summer feud, and according to a May 15 book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletterit will be possibly Finn Balor or Seth Rollins who stairs adult to try to slay “The Beast:”

If Strowman is incompetent to work a Jul PPV, Rollins or Balor would be a many approaching competition for Lesnar, since Reigns is slotted to face him during subsequent year’s WrestleMania and it doesn’t seem to make clarity to do that compare initial and afterwards move it back.

Strowman during final word was approaching behind for SummerSlam, so he could face Lesnar there.


Finn Balor has so distant been underutilized on a categorical roster, carrying been left off a Payback label and carrying what seemed to be a start of a argument with Bray Wyatt go nowhere on this week’s Raw.

That’s a contrition given that Balor is likely a unequivocally clever sell mover and is one of a company’s many renouned new stars, or in other words, is a outrageous star in a making. He should be operative during a tip of a label consistently, and as one of WWE’s best in-ring performers, would be a excellent claimant to have a illusory “big male vs. small man” form of compare opposite Lesnar during Extreme Rules or Great Balls of Fire.

One could disagree that Balor is a improved choice than Rollins right now. Rollins has struggled majorly newly as, for whatever reason, he only hasn’t clicked as a face a proceed he did as a heel. Throw in a fact that he’s already faced Lesnar on pay-per-view in a past (in a unsatisfactory match, nonetheless), and a stars are aligned for Balor to be Lesnar’s subsequent challenger.

Balor, after all, never strictly mislaid a Universal Championship final year, and he can lay explain to being one of WWE’s many stable stars and one of a few who has a purify feat over Reigns. One of a best ways to renovate seductiveness in a struggling Raw product is to yield fans with fresh, must-see matchups, and distinct Rollins vs. Lesnar, Balor vs. Lesnar would positively fit that bill.


John Cena Reveals Why He’s A Part-Timer




If you’re wondering because John Cena is now a part-timer, it unequivocally isn’t by choice.

In a new talk with Metro (h/t WrestlingInc), Cena suggested because he doesn’t seem on SmackDown while he’s also filming a movie:

I would do both during a same time, though a film guys are a small uncanny with their insurance. They don’t wish me to go outstanding my face up.


We’ve seen a identical emanate arise with The Rock in a past.

The Rock was injured during his WrestleMania 29 match against, infrequently enough, Cena, that during a time created a towering of concern per his filming of a film Hercules. It seems that a “movie guys” as Cena calls them are holding a same proceed with “The Champ,” gripping him out of a ring as prolonged as he’s on set, that has resulted in Cena strictly apropos a part-time captivate in a same mold as Lesnar, Triple H and others.

Cena is now on interregnum to film The Pact and isn’t approaching behind until subsequent month, but SmackDown’s ratings have tumbled in his absence, attack a new 2017 low for final week’s episode. Unfortunately for a blue brand, however, it appears that word issues will forestall Cena from stepping into a ring to equivocate a probability of an damage loitering filming, that means he can’t lapse only nonetheless to save a day.

It’s a intelligent film for film studios to wish to strengthen a large item like Cena, though with SmackDown sorely lacking in terms of legitimate draws during a tip of a card, Cena’s interregnum could not have come during a worse time.


Daniel Bryan Indicates He Will Return To The Ring Next Year




Despite timid from pro wrestling in 2015, Daniel Bryan has once again hinted during a probable lapse to a ring.

In an talk with Inside a Ropes (h/t SEScoops), Bryan had a following to contend about wrestling again:

It all depends on how we feel my health is and how my mother feels my health is. If we feel my health is good, we adore to combat and I’m going to go wrestle. If we feel during that indicate that it’s not good, we’ll see what happens.


Bryan has teased a probable in-ring lapse several times in a past, even doing so only dual months ago on an part of Talking Smack, and he’s done it transparent that he’s meddlesome in wrestling again when his WWE agreement expires late subsequent year.

The emanate of possibly or not WWE will ever concede Bryan to combat again is a huffy subject, given new concussion lawsuits opposite WWE and a fact that Bryan was not privileged to combat by WWE’s ImPACT Concussion Management. Bryan, however, seems assured that there will eventually be a opposite exam and/or opposite doctors who transparent him to wrestle, and during that point, it becomes a matter of WWE’s willingness, or miss thereof, to put him behind in a ring.

On one hand, does WWE wish to see Bryan leave and go on to combat for ROH or New Japan and make possibly association a ton of income in a process? On a other hand, does WWE wish to risk a open recoil it would get if it allows Bryan to combat again and he suffers a debilitating or life-threatening conduct injury?

There is no definite right or wrong in a situation, and ultimately, it will be adult to Bryan to confirm what’s best for himself and his family when his WWE agreement expires in 2018. But we improved trust that if he feels healthy adequate and his mother Brie Bella is on house with him wrestling again, afterwards that’s accurately what he’ll do.

And many likely, that wouldn’t occur in WWE.



  • According to a Wrestling Observer, this week’s Raw “was a second lowest rated part outward of football deteriorate (the lowest being on Jul 4, 2016) dating behind to 1996.” But WWE shouldn’t tatter unless ratings continue to dump even after a NBA playoffs.
  • The Observer also reports that in a initial entertain of 2017, “WWE Shop income grew from $6,807,000 to $7,921,000. WWE Shop continues to increase. There were 172,700 orders or an normal of 1,919 per day with an normal sequence cost of $45.48.” In other words, WWE sell sales are as clever as ever.
  • Linda McMahon has settled that she doesn’t believed a designed Vince McMahon biopic “will ever see a light of day.” One would consider WWE would put adult a quarrel to safeguard a film isn’t expelled if it portrays Vince or WWE in a disastrous light.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens for a United States pretension is advertised for an arriving live event, maybe indicating large arriving skeleton for Nakamura, who could rise into one of WWE’s biggest draws.
  • It’s remarkable in a latest WON that India is WWE’s “best amicable media market,” that explains because Jinder Mahal is unexpected being pushed during a tip of a card.
  • WWE will be holding No Mercy in Sep this year, and this time, it will be a Raw code pay-per-view. Thus, it looks like WWE will continue holding dual PPVs a month solely for months that underline a “Big Four” show, that will continue to over-saturate a WWE product.
  • Chris Jericho is advertised to seem at a WWE live eventuality in Japan in late June, so his interregnum from pro wrestling might not final unequivocally prolonged during all.

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