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September 17, 2017 - WWE


WWE Expected To Extend John Cena Vs. Roman Reigns

The argument between John Cena and Roman Reigns might not finish during No Mercy.

According to Cageside Seats, Reigns is approaching to improved Cena in a nearby destiny even if he doesn’t improved “The Champ” during a No Mercy subsequent week:

The leader of No Mercy’s John Cena/Roman Reigns compare isn’t motionless yet, nonetheless possibly way, Reigns will be stable and eventually go over Cena someday between now and WrestleMania 34.


Recent reports prove that Cena could be holding a extensive hiatus after No Mercy, that is given WWE might be carrying a formidable time determining either or not he should improved Reigns.

On one hand, WWE might wish to put Reigns over Cena given Cena’s new comments about retirement and a fact that there might be singular series of opportunities to do Reigns vs. Cena II. On a other hand, if WWE believes Cena will be around adequate to do a compare again, a likeliest outcome is that Cena wins in sequence to set adult a rematch with Reigns down a road. The latter judgment would be identical to what we saw with The Rock vs. Cena, when The Rock degraded Cena during WrestleMania 28, a most purchased pay-per-view in WWE history, and afterwards Cena got his punish during WrestleMania 29, that set WWE’s all-time live embankment record during a time.

The ultimate suspicion of a Cena/Reigns adversary is for Reigns to be strictly be crowned as a face of a association during WrestleMania 34, nonetheless WWE would be blank a golden eventuality if it didn’t do Reigns vs. Cena some-more than once. Dream matches of this bulk are rare, and as we saw with Cena vs. The Rock, they can be a large financial success if requisitioned correctly.

Ideally, Cena will improved Reigns during No Mercy, take another interregnum and afterwards lapse for another PPV compare with Reigns in late early 2017 or early 2018 as a approach to emanate seductiveness in Raw as a NFL deteriorate starts to breeze down.


Brock Lesnar Not Scheduled For Any WWE Appearances After No Mercy




Win or lose, Brock Lesnar is approaching to take a extensive interregnum after No Mercy.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats), early skeleton call for Lesnar to improved Braun Strowman during No Mercy even nonetheless he isn’t advertised for any some-more WWE appearances in 2017:

Lesnar was creatively designed to kick Braun Strowman during No Mercy, per a Observer.

Further, Lesnar has no scheduled dates with WWE right now and might be holding some time off after a show, win or lose.


Neither Lesnar nor Cena is advertised for a TLC pay-per-view in October, and new reports prove that Lesnar’s accessible agreement will keep him out of movement all a approach until The Royal Rumble in Jan 2018.

That, of course, puts WWE in utterly a plight when it comes to Lesnar, Strowman and a Universal Championship. Ratings for Raw are firm to tumble in a entrance months due to a heated TV competition, nonetheless it’s approaching that ratings will plunge even some-more if there is no Lesnar, no Cena and no Universal Championship for a final few months of 2018. What’s hapless for WWE is it looks like that’s accurately what will happen, with both Cena and Lesnar apparently set to take extensive hiatuses after No Mercy.

Logic says WWE should put a Universal pretension on Strowman, who is developing into a tip draw, generally given a probability that Lesnar could leave WWE after WrestleMania 34. After all, given keep a pretension on someone who will usually be around for a handful of appearances over a subsequent several months and might be withdrawal anyway? That’s a tough preference WWE will have to make given Lesnar has proven to be a large draw, nonetheless an extended deficiency from “The Beast” could be unpropitious to a red brand.

WWE has reportedly been perplexing to cut costs after posting unsatisfactory increase in a initial half of a year, and yet, Lesnar is a company’s highest paid star, notwithstanding appearing reduction frequently than usually about anyone on a roster. If WWE increase don’t urge in a second half of a year, it’ll be engaging to see how WWE handles Lesnar’s auspicious report and either a association offers him a reduction auspicious one when his stream understanding expires in early 2018.


Why WWE Is Booking Shane McMahon To Wrestle Again




Shane McMahon is set to face Kevin Owens during Hell in a Cell, that will symbol his second compare of 2017 and has many fans wondering given he’s stepping behind into a ring again.

According to (h/t WrestleZone), a categorical reason given Shane-O-Mac is set to combat again is given Vince McMahon views his son as a large pull during a tip of a card:

The pivotal reason Shane McMahon is being given a pivotal storyline purpose on WWE Smackdown Live is given Vince McMahon believes his son is a large attraction.

Shane is approaching to face off with Kevin Owens during WWE Hell In A Cell subsequent month, that would not usually perform a contractual requirement for his performer’s contract, nonetheless it was pronounced that Vince believes Shane can boost business, and has been given credit for assisting Wrestlemania 32 buys internally. Shane’s impasse could have been a coincidence, nonetheless it was pronounced that Vince does trust a late swell in sheet prices was due to Shane entrance behind to a company.

Dirty Sheets remarkable Shane is compulsory to combat twice a year and perform as Smackdown GM as partial of his deal; it was also pronounced that he netted $1.8 million during a initial year of his deal, with $300,000 in bonuses and royalties also noted.


Shane wrestled twice in 2016, during WrestleMania 32 and Survivor Series, and looks on gait to combat dual matches again this year, nonetheless a suspicion that he is some arrange of large pull is controversial during best.

According to a SEC, Shane raked in $2.15 million for his singular purpose final year, that seems like a crazy volume of income given that WWE is in a routine of slicing costs. Shane has had a unchanging participation on SmackDown for over a year now, and there unequivocally aren’t any indications that he is a tip pull for a blue brand. In fact, he ranked well subsequent many other tip stars as a YouTube draw even nonetheless he had a high-profile WrestleMania 33 argument with AJ Styles and has seemed in a lot of large segments this year.

It’s tough to tell accurately how many of a purpose Shane played in a financial success of WrestleMania 32 or WrestleMania 33 given that both shows were installed with part-time attractions and other tip stars. Alas, Vince reportedly believes that Shane is a draw, that could meant that WWE has genuine information to behind that up, nonetheless a blue brand’s mediocre viewership and bad assemblage in new months seems to contend otherwise.

Although Shane is a good large compare performer, WWE is investing copiousness of TV time into a non-wrestler in his late 40s and would substantially be improved served regulating that time for a rising star like Sami Zayn or Shinsuke Nakamura, who could be around for another 5 to 10 years.


Will Braun Strowman’s Push Continue After No Mercy?




Braun Strowman is widely approaching to remove to Brock Lesnar during No Mercy, that has many fans endangered about either a pay-per-view will symbol a finish of his push.

But according to Cageside Seats, Strowman’s pull will continue no matter a outcome of his hitch opposite “The Beast:”

Even if he loses to Brock Lesnar at No Mercy, Braun Strowman is approaching to stay during or nearby a categorical eventuality via a residue of 2017.


Lesnar is a clear betting favorite to win during No Mercy as it’s ordinarily suspicion that he will reason a pretension all a approach to WrestleMania 34, where he will remove it to Reigns.

But Strowman has been on glow given WrestleMania 33, and it’s transparent that, many like Lesnar, he’s a once in a era form of performer who could lift WWE for a subsequent 5 to 10 years. Strowman is 6 years younger than Reigns and has a mutation about him that probably no one else on a roster. He’s new, he’s different, he’s talented, and maybe many importantly, he appears to be good on his approach to apropos one of WWE’s tip draws.

Having Strowman remove to Lesnar during No Mercy is a unsure tender given Strowman’s whole gimmick is built around him being godlike and indestructible. The initial and usually compare Strowman has ever mislaid clean came opposite Reigns during Fastlane progressing this year, and it valid to be an barrier for a behemoth on a highway to WrestleMania 33, where he was a forgettable partial of a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Given Strowman’s intensity to be “the guy” in WWE, he contingency be stable during No Mercy if he loses given he should be a star Raw is built around if Lesnar and Cena are left like many expect. The best approach to strengthen Strowman would be to have him win during No Mercy, nonetheless with that being rarely unlikely, WWE contingency get artistic to safeguard that a detriment for Strowman won’t forestall him from being a commercial captivate during a highway to WrestleMania.



  • Raw viewership was down slightly opposite a first Monday Night Football games of this NFL season, that will approaching start a trend of plummeting ratings for a red brand. SmackDown, however, generated a highest normal viewership given April, and we can certainly give many of a credit for that burst to Vince McMahon, who done his initial coming on a blue code in 4 years.
  • WWE might hold another Mae Young Classic or a tab group tournament subsequent year, both of that make clarity given a success of a MYC and a Cruiserweight Classic in 2016.
  • After recently indicating he’d combat for WWE, Kurt Angle is now observant he doesn’t know if he will, indicating that he has nonetheless to take a earthy for a company. Until Angle’s central in-ring lapse is announced, don’t gamble on it happening.
  • WWE usually found out that Baron Corbin was concerned in a ongoing NFL concussion lawsuit, and that seems paradoxical given that Corbin done a pierce to pro wrestling high rate, where conduct injuries are of equal concern.
  • WWE might have nixed skeleton for a Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen feud or any arrange of adversary involving Ronda Rousey or Mae Young Classic runner-up Shayna Baszler, during slightest for a time being. Why? Because Baszler isn’t sealed to a deal, that would explain her detriment to Kairi Sane, while Rousey also hasn’t negotiated any arrange of agreement with WWE.
  • Raw will be touring India in December, so one would assume a red code will implement Jinder Mahal on that debate in an try to serve enhance a business in India.
  • WWE almost motionless to put Asuka on SmackDown, nonetheless she is now to set to entrance on Raw, that is loading adult with star energy in hopes that ratings will trend adult as well.
  • Despite carrying 3 pretension matches, an coming from Vince McMahon and a finals of a Mae Young Classic, this week’s SmackDown taping had usually 4,000 fans, according to the Wrestling Observer NewsletterYikes.
  • The Observer also records that a Mae Young Classic has dominated a WWE Network’s many noticed uncover list for a past 3 weeks, a clever pointer that a women’s series is alive and thriving.
  • According to Sportskeeda, WWE is approaching to supplement The Miz vs. Jason Jordan and The Hardys vs. Gallows and Anderson to No Mercy, a intelligent pierce given that Miz and a Hardys seem to be among WWE’s tip draws these days.

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