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April 7, 2018 - WWE

WWE May Not Do The Undertaker Vs. John Cena At WrestleMania 34

Even yet many fans still design The Undertaker to face John Cena during WrestleMania 34, a compare isn’t indispensably a shoo-in.

According to Mike Johnson of (h/t Ringside News), The Undertaker is now slated to seem on a uncover yet is not reliable for an tangible match. Johnson speculates that a dual superstars could usually have a “face-off” that sets adult a intensity compare in a future.


On a flip side, here is given WWE still hasn’t strictly reliable The Undertaker vs. John Cena, according to Cageside Seats: “Speculation is WWE motionless to not endorse Undertaker vs. John Cena in allege given a built WrestleMania label didn’t need it for promotion, and a doubt will beget buzz.”

Especially with Daniel Bryan’s lapse ensuing in a late swell in sheet sales and with fan seductiveness in WWE peaking during WrestleMania time any year essentially no matter what a label is, WWE hasn’t been overly endangered with a build to a uncover or a tangible compare label in new years. The faith is that people will watch WrestleMania any year simply given it’s WrestleMania, and given that WrestleMania 33 was a most watched eventuality in a story of a company, it’s not formidable to know that philosophy.

Generally speaking, many fans have substantially already done adult their minds about either or not they will watch WrestleMania 34 and will do so regardless of either or not The Undertaker vs. Cena indeed happens. It’s an engaging and singular devise for WWE to build adult such a vital adversary yet so many as a brief entrance from “The Deadman,” yet again, a faith seems to be that this could indeed emanate some-more fan seductiveness for WrestleMania 34.

Either way, a new story of WrestleMania suggests that a PPV will be a large success for WWE, so even yet a uncover is expected to final a smallest of 7 hours, it doesn’t indispensably “need” to destiny Undertaker vs. Cena given a label is built even yet it. Still, it would be zero brief of a staggering warn to see WWE provoke fans with this compare for some-more than a month usually for zero to ever occur given a classical attract and switch devise is a good approach to annoy fans.


Dana White Says Brock Lesnar Is Returning To UFC



It looks like Brock Lesnar is streamer behind to UFC.

When asked about Lesnar’s intensity lapse on UFC Tonight (h/t MMAMania), UFC boss Dana White had a following to say:

Yeah, Brock Lesnar’s entrance back. we don’t know when, yet approbation he is.


Paul Heyman suggested this week that Lesnar’s agreement expires a same day as WrestleMania 34, and a widespread conjecture has been that he’s going to quarrel for UFC again, that White seemed to confirm.

However, it could be a prolonged time before Lesnar fights for UFC at slightest in partial given he must offer a residue of his USADA suspension before he could step behind in a octagon. Thus, it’ll be engaging to see how that affects Lesnar’s WWE destiny given a association reportedly has “certain rights” to him until August, yet it is misleading if that means he would continue to combat for WWE underneath those terms of his deal.

White has formerly pronounced that WWE will not concede Lesnar to work for WWE and UFC simultaneously due to Lesnar’s USADA cessation and a approach it negatively portrayed WWE’s Wellness Policy. However, there is also copiousness of conjecture that WWE competence select to change a position on that if a hazard of Lesnar withdrawal and returning to UFC is indeed a genuine one. Lesnar, after all, is in a position in that he’ll have dual sides perplexing to secure his services, so he positively has a lot of precedence here.

Although it’s approaching that Lesnar will remove a Universal pretension to Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 34 regardless of either or not he’s withdrawal WWE, a approach a compare plays out should give a unequivocally good denote of Lesnar’s destiny with a company.


Another Indication That Roman Reigns Will Feud With Samoa Joe After WrestleMania 34



You can pencil in Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe as a post-WrestleMania 34 feud.

According to, Reigns vs. Samoa Joe is being advertised for another arriving live event, a Madison Square Garden residence uncover in July. Meanwhile, the site also reports that Joe is slated to seem on a Apr 16th Raw, that suggests he will lapse any day now, presumably as shortly as a Raw after WrestleMania 34 on Apr 9th.


It was reported by a Wrestling Observer (h/t SEScoops) just final month that “the stream devise is [for] Reigns to work a module with Samoa Joe after WrestleMania,” and a latest live eventuality advertisements seem to endorse that.

With a faith being that Brock Lesnar is approaching to leave WWE after WrestleMania 34, that presumably means Reigns will be holding a Universal pretension and will need a new argument relocating forward. Joe creates a ton of clarity as Reigns’ subsequent argument given that Joe has picked adult mixed televised wins over Reigns even yet a dual have never had a full-blown feud. Especially after Joe determined himself as a tip star final year, with clever YouTube and TV viewership, he’s a judicious choice to get a large pull on his return.

Joe is one of WWE’s best heels and many well-rounded performers, and with Lesnar approaching to be left by a time he comes behind (possibly a night after WrestleMania 34), he competence now spin a No. 1 heel on Raw. That’s accurately where Joe belongs, yet a problem with carrying him argument with Reigns immediately on his lapse is that it could hindrance his movement right out of a embankment given it’s intensely doubtful Reigns will dump a pretension to him.

With a depart of Lesnar giving WWE unequivocally few “monster” form characters (there is unequivocally usually Joe and Braun Strowman, who is now a babyface), WWE competence be improved off giving Joe a handful of vital victories before radically “feeding” him to Reigns. After all, Joe’s categorical register run has been derailed by injuries twice in reduction than a year, so a final thing he needs is another derailment in a form of a detriment or array of waste to “The Big Dog.”


Did Rusev Recently Ask For His Release?



A unequivocally renouned star apparently wants out of WWE.

According to Mike Johnson of (h/t WrestleZone), Rusev recently asked to be recover by a association due to restlessness with his positioning on a card:

Johnson suggested a probable reason given Rusev was a last-minute further to a US Title compare during WrestleMania. Johnson pronounced that during slightest one source told him that Rusev had been unfortunate during how he was being used and had asked for his released.

Putting Rusev in a US Title compare is meant to assuage a ‘Bulgarian Brute.’

WHAT’S IT MEAN FOR WWE?’s news conflicts with a new news from a Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats), that indicated that Rusev was combined to a United States Championship compare due to his clever sell sales.

However, there does seem to be some effect to Johnson’s news given that rumors flush usually final summer that Rusev asked for his WWE release. Although both Lana and Rusev denied those rumors, it would positively be distinct if a undone Rusev requested his recover during a time when a eccentric wrestling stage is abounding and he could substantially conduct to New Japan, Ring of Honor or other tip eccentric promotions and make a ton of income there.

The engagement of Rusev over a years has, after all, been controversial during best, and even yet Rusev’s “Happy Rusev Day” t-shirt became a No. 1 seller on last December, he didn’t unequivocally get a clever pull we competence design to see from someone with such clever sell sales. In fact, it looked like he was unfailing to be in a forgettable Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 34 until a last-minute change combined him to a Fatal 4-Way for a US title.

That certainly lends faith to PWInsider’s news that a pretension compare is “meant to placate” Rusev, that would advise that he competence finish adult winning a US pretension during WrestleMania. Here’s a thing, though: Rusev has already won that pretension twice, so winning it again isn’t indispensably a step adult as many as it is a parallel pierce that keeps him in a midcard.

And given that Rusev is now one of a many renouned stars in WWE, he should be doing bigger and improved things, or else a association competence run a risk of his disappointment spin augmenting to a indicate where a dual sides interruption ways becomes inevitable.



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