This Week In WWE Biz: Ronda Rousey Match, Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns Plans, AJ Styles Feud, More

April 14, 2018 - WWE

WWE Plans For Brock Lesnar’s Future, Why He Defeated Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 34

Most WWE fans approaching Roman Reigns to improved Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania 34, nonetheless a last-minute change apparently altered those plans.

Now, we competence now given as (h/t WrestlingInc) has supposing a vital refurbish on Lesnar’s destiny after WWE recently announced that he had re-signed with a company:

Lesnar’s new understanding with WWE is pronounced to be short-term, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer combined that a understanding will also concede Lesnar to lapse to a UFC for during slightest one fight, presumably more. It will be 6 months or so before Lesnar can quarrel due to a USADA testing, and Lesnar has nonetheless to re-enter a contrast poll. Meltzer speculated that Lesnar competence not be looking to quarrel during all, regulating a UFC speak as precedence with WWE, nonetheless if that was a box afterwards he approaching would have sealed a longer understanding with WWE.

Lesnar’s win over Reigns during WrestleMania 34 on Sunday came as a warn to many as WWE had designed for a large pretension change given final year. Meltzer remarkable that skeleton were altered late, maybe in a final week or so, nonetheless not during a final minute. The finish was kept from many everyone, including a writers and lead producers, who still suspicion Reigns was going to win a title. The arbitrate did not know a finish of a compare until a hitch was in progress.


There continue to be a lot of questions about what Lesnar’s destiny unequivocally holds, and that relates to both UFC and WWE.

It was widely reported that Lesnar’s WWE agreement lapsed during WrestleMania 34, and with so many doubt surrounding “The Beast,” one would have suspicion WWE would make a many bigger understanding out of his re-signing. When Lesnar re-signed with WWE in 2015, he was all over ESPN and seemed to get copiousness some-more mainstream media coverage of his new WWE deal. This time around? WWE passingly announced his re-signing with an proclamation on and did not exhibit any specifics about his new contract.

Though some reports prove Lesnar has sealed a new “multi-year deal,” a news from PWTorch (h/t Cageside Seats) states that Lesnar’s new understanding competence have “as few as dual additional dates so Reigns can win a pretension in Saudi Arabia in front of a some-more receptive crowd.” The healthy conjecture among fans is that a latter is loyal and that, given a overwhelmingly disastrous throng greeting Lesnar vs. Reigns perceived during WrestleMania 34, WWE pulled an heard (whether during or before a match) so Reigns could win it during a Greatest Royal Rumble, where he’d approaching accept significantly some-more cheers.

It does, after all, seem rarely doubtful that WWE would spend so many time building adult to what many approaching to be Reigns’ large Universal pretension win usually for it to never indeed happen. In fact, a Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez (h/t Ringside News) says a devise is still for Reigns to spin Universal Champion, and a many approaching time and place for his large win is that Greatest Royal Rumble event, that also competence unequivocally good symbol a finish of Lesnar’s new “short-term” deal.

So, don’t be astounded if Reigns defeats Lesnar for a Universal Championship in Saudi Arabia on Apr 27, that would approaching be Lesnar’s final WWE coming before he finds himself fighting in UFC once again.


Ronda Rousey Expected To Compete In WrestleMania 35 Main Event



WWE competence already have a WrestleMania 35 categorical event.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats), “WWE is already articulate about Ronda Rousey in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania 35.” In fact, PWStream (h/t Daily DDT) reports that “Charlotte [Flair] and Rousey are now designed to face off opposite any other during WrestleMania 35.”


It was once reported that Rousey would strife with Asuka during WrestleMania 35, with a suspicion being that it would be a conflict of dual undefeated superstars, nonetheless Asuka’s detriment to Flair during WrestleMania 34 apparently altered those plans.

Now, WWE seems to be relocating brazen with Rousey and Flair as a dual cornerstones of a women’s division, that positively appears to be a right move. Indeed, one could disagree that Rousey and Flair participated in a dual best matches during WrestleMania 34. Rousey had arguably a biggest in-ring entrance in WWE story in a compare that was light years improved than what anyone substantially expected, while Flair had one of a biggest women’s matches in a story of pro wrestling.

There have prolonged been conversations among fans about a probability of dual womanlike superstars categorical eventing a WrestleMania, and Rousey vs. Flair positively would be a good claimant to do usually that. Rousey has already demonstrated that she’s a pull in WWE and has a intensity to be a unusual in-ring talent, while WWE’s women’s multiplication has recently a ton of success as a strong motorist of WWE Network and TV viewership.

Having Rousey vs. Flair as a WrestleMania 35 categorical eventuality is a judicious engagement pierce that would position WWE’s dual many tangible womanlike superstars in a mark where they go as a show’s headlining match. After all, these dual women positively stole a uncover during WrestleMania 34, and if those matches were any indication, they will rip a residence down during WrestleMania 35 if given a possibility to do so.

Of course, WWE is famous for mostly changing a plans, nonetheless Reigns vs. Lesnar was designed for some-more than a year and indeed wound adult function during WrestleMania 34. Perhaps a same will be loyal for Rousey vs. Flair. Well, during slightest it should be.


Rey Mysterio Likely Returning To WWE At The Greatest Royal Rumble



Rey Mysterio is finally set to make his WWE return.

According to (h/t WrestlingInc), Mysterio will seem during a Greatest Royal Rumble on Apr 27, nonetheless it isn’t nonetheless transparent if his coming is a one-off understanding or if it will lead to something more:

Rey Mysterio is set to make his WWE lapse during a Greatest Royal Rumble event, according to PWInsider…No word nonetheless on who Mysterio will be confronting in Saudi Arabia or if he will be participating in a 50-Man Rumble compare with Chris Jericho and others.

Rey was backstage for WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans and continues to speak with a company. There is still no word nonetheless on a agreement being reached for Rey to lapse full-time or part-time nonetheless he has concluded to work a Greatest Royal Rumble event. Rey finished his long-awaited lapse to a WWE ring for a 2018 Royal Rumble compare and has in talks with a association since. Officials have wanted a former World Heavyweight Champion to pointer a full-time understanding nonetheless he’s some-more meddlesome in a part-time run.


There have been a lot of twists and turns in a tale of Mysterio’s intensity return.

Mysterio’s warn lapse during a 2018 Royal Rumble was a massive strike on YouTube, and it’s believed by many that a shockingly high spin of seductiveness in his coming is what unequivocally set a wheels in suit for him to re-sign with a company. At one point, Mysterio was related to a possible WrestleMania 34 compare opposite John Cena, and even nonetheless that apparently didn’t happen, countless reports have settled there has been mutual seductiveness between both sides about Mysterio rejoining WWE.

However, as remarkable by WrestlingInc, a biggest holdup to a intensity lapse for Mysterio competence unequivocally good be a form of agreement he signs. With Mysterio reportedly wanting a part-time understanding nonetheless WWE wanting him behind full-time, maybe a dual sides will have to accommodate median and determine to a understanding that sees Mysterio work some-more dates than your normal part-timer nonetheless fewer than your standard full-timer. That seems like a plain happy middle that could potentially pierce behind Mysterio in a nearby destiny not prolonged after he valid to be a large strike with fans.

WWE could positively use Mysterio’s participation as an top midcard babyface on Raw or SmackDown, while a some-more out-of-the-box suspicion would see him lapse to be a face of a Cruiserweight multiplication and 205 Live, which could use Mysterio’s participation to urge a struggling viewership on a WWE Network. Although there is no transparent denote of possibly or not Mysterio’s coming during a Greatest Royal Rumble will lead to a full or part-time return, it, during a unequivocally least, is a good pointer that WWE could potentially pointer him someday soon.


Possible Plans For AJ Styles And The WWE Championship



We competence have gotten a outrageous spoiler per destiny skeleton for AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and a WWE Championship.

According to, TV advertisements in Pittsburgh, that will horde Extreme Rules on Jul 15, prove that Styles will contest in a triple hazard compare for a WWE pretension on a PPV:

Local TV advertisements have clearly marred a WWE Title Match during a event.

The ad showed WWE Champion AJ Styles confronting Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin in a triple hazard match.


While it’s needed to note that advertisements like these are (obviously) finished good in allege and could change, they mostly give a plain denote of WWE’s artistic plans.

Back in Dec 2017, a Nationwide Arena spoiled a categorical eventuality compare for SmackDown’s Fastlane PPV in March, and nonetheless that compare was altered somewhat from what a announcement pronounced it would be, it eventually incited out to be sincerely accurate. If skeleton to do Styles vs. Nakamura vs. Corbin also reason true, this would be a unequivocally identical conditions of WWE spoiling a possess artistic skeleton months in allege during a time when rumors have been abuzz about Styles’ destiny on a blue brand.

Styles has prolonged been rumored for a pierce to Raw, radically in a barter for Seth Rollins, nonetheless this announcement would both explain given Styles defended a WWE pretension during WrestleMania 34 and also seem to prove that he’s staying on SmackDown during subsequent week’s “Superstar Shakeup.” Many fans have suspicion Styles competence pierce given he’s already achieved usually about all he could do on SmackDown, nonetheless with Styles assisting propel a uncover to TV ratings success and Reigns already being on Raw, maybe WWE felt that Styles would be improved off on SmackDown.

You could disagree that Styles is WWE’s No. 2 full-time star behind usually Reigns (and his likely clever sell sales would seem to support that), so it’s distinct that WWE would wish him to stay put given that it’s doubtful Reigns would pierce to SmackDown. This also suggests that we will get an extended argument between Styles and a newly heel Nakamura, that could positively be a unequivocally engaging argument to lift a blue code via this summer.



  • Raw averaged a whopping 3.921 million viewers, a estimable boost from final year’s post-WrestleMania episode, that averaged 3.767 million viewers. That has to be deliberate a large success for WWE and a pointer that fans were utterly intrigued by what happened during a pay-per-view.
  • SmackDown viewership rose by 19.7% to an average of 2.952 million viewers, creation it a many watched part of SmackDown given a post-WrestleMania 33 uncover in Apr 2017, that averaged 2.885 million viewers. Chalk that adult as a large win for WWE.
  • WWE amassed a record 2.12 million WWE Network subscribers for WrestleMania 34, a series that is positively arrogant due to a volume of giveaway subscribers who sealed adult simply to get their initial month giveaway and watch WrestleMania, of course.
  • Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon reportedly got into a “heated” altercation after WrestleMania 34 final Sunday, and it appears the brawl was per Lesnar going “off script,” including Reigns draining and an random mark in that a German announce list was broken.
  • In further to Lesnar re-signing with WWE on a “short-term deal,” Paul Heyman has apparently finished a same, so it’ll be engaging to see usually how many longer these dual hang around and what outcome their new deals have on WWE’s engagement relocating forward.
  • According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while John Cena is still WWE’s No. 1 sell seller, Styles and Reigns are in a consistent conflict for No. 2. Other stars with clever sell sales are Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and The New Day. No surprises there.
  • The site also reports that Bray Wyatt competence eventually spin on Matt Hardy and afterwards join Sanity as a leader. However, we’ve been there finished that with Wyatt as a heel, so it’s time to give him an extended babyface run.
  • WWE competence shortly start offering opposite tiers for a WWE Network, including a reward tier that would be some-more costly nonetheless would apparently offer some-more calm than a normal $9.99 tier..
  • Despite creation his rarely expected WWE lapse on Raw, Bobby Lashley is still underneath agreement with Bellator, nonetheless there is no decisive word on his subsequent quarrel or his long-term MMA future.
  • Chris Jericho will be participating in a 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble match, that competence possibly be a one-off deal or a pointer of an imminent lapse for one some-more run. It is The Undertaker who will take on Jericho in a box compare during a Greatest Royal Rumble event, maybe an denote that “The Deadman” competence combat some-more frequently going forward.
  • Contrary to new reports, Dolph Ziggler has not re-signed with WWE and competence eventually finish adult selecting to leave a company, says “The Showoff” himself.
  • If advertisements are any indication, Asuka could be relocating to a blue code in a “Superstar Shakeup” as she is advertised for mixed SmackDown live events this summer. That would be a bit of a surprise, nonetheless Charlotte Flair’s intolerable pretension detriment on SmackDown suggests WWE could flip wave those dual stars for one another.
  • According to Cageside Seats, “A gossip from says UFC’s subsequent TV understanding will be with ESPN and NBC. If true, this is seen as another pointer WWE could be headed to Fox.” This is positively something to keep an eye on relocating brazen as it could have outrageous ramifications for WWE’s subsequent TV deal.
  • Vince McMahon reportedly is a big fan of Baron Corbin, so notwithstanding his miss of a push, Corbin could have a splendid destiny forward of him.

Blake Oestriecher is an facile propagandize clergyman by day and a sports author by night. He’s a writer to a Forbes @SportsMoneyBlog, where he essentially covers WWE. You can follow him on Twitter @BOestriecher.

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