This Week In WWE Biz: Triple H Return, Roman Reigns To Defeat John Cena?, Ronda Rousey Plans, More

September 24, 2017 - WWE


WWE’s Bigger Draw: Is It Roman Reigns Or John Cena?

Wrestling statistician Brandon Howard of recently did some investigate to establish if Roman Reigns’ claim that he sells some-more tickets than John Cena was, in fact, true, and after examining a data, he drew some engaging conclusions:

  • “Cena has been a demonstrable certain difference-maker to residence uncover assemblage for many of his WWE career…In fact Reigns’ assemblage opening is on standard with WWE residence shows that underline conjunction Reigns or Cena.”
  • In a duration given Reigns has been a tip star, a residence shows with conjunction Reigns or Cena outperform Reigns more mostly than not. The ‘neither’ shows kick Reigns’ shows in 36 of a 67 allied markets: a small some-more than half a time.”
  • “Given a slight domain between Reigns’ attendances and those of ‘neither’, we would not interpretation from this that Reigns is a disastrous draw, though that he’s not a poignant assemblage draw.”

In essence, Howard dynamic that Cena was a transparent live eventuality pull while Reigns was not, radically proof Reigns’ explain to be fake in a process.


Due to a fact that WWE releases substantially no information (merchandise sales, TV ratings, etc.) on particular superstars, a small information that is out there is adult for interpretation.

Recent statistics prove that Reigns is one of WWE’s biggest YouTube draws, that would presumably interpret to TV viewership as well, though given WWE no longer releases quarter-hour TV ratings, we can't physically see any petrify attribute between YouTube viewership and TV ratings, over a normal viewership for any part of Raw or SmackDown. One would assume, however, that WWE has copiousness of inner information that supports a pushes of tip stars like Cena, Reigns, Braun Strowman and others, and Triple H, if we take his word for it, has claimed that Reigns is a draw in a past.

But there isn’t a WWE star whose sketch energy compares to that of Cena, a luminary who is a company’s runaway No. 1 sell seller and who radically single-handedly catapulted SmackDown to improved normal live eventuality assemblage than Raw progressing this year. Given that Reigns has perceived a large pull over a final 3 years and has nonetheless to unequivocally plea Cena as WWE’s tip draw, proof says that other tip stars, like Seth Rollins or AJ Styles, are substantially distant behind Cena as well.

That’s not a strike on any of those stars, though rather, a loyal covenant to Cena’s sketch ability and a pointer that WWE needs to rise a new intensity tip pull as questions arise about how many longer Cena will be around.


Vince McMahon Reportedly Nixes Major Angle Involving The Return Of Triple H




Kevin Owens’ argumentative beatdown of Vince McMahon roughly didn’t happen.

According to, strange skeleton for McMahon’s lapse called for a many opposite shred that would have also led to a lapse of Triple H:

The strange skeleton were NOT for Vince McMahon to be so confrontational towards Owens, as he was essentially set to negotiate with him and make him an offer. The offer was to face Shane McMahon in a compare where Shane’s WWE shares would be during stake. After Owens agreed, McMahon would have sensitive him that it would be a Hell in a Cell match. The story-line was set to play out with as follows:

Vince would set adult a Hell in a Cell. Owens would face Shane and better him with a assistance of Triple H. Owens would give his shares to Triple H who would reinstate Shane on SmackDown- withdrawal Shane with 0 seductiveness in WWE. Shane would lapse a few months after to start a WrestleMania module with Triple H.”


Vince McMahon’s lapse to SmackDown helped propel a uncover to a best viewership in 5 months, proof a sketch energy of a WWE trainer and McMahon family drama.

Triple H hasn’t been seen given WrestleMania 33, though a ratings success of Vince’s lapse demonstrates that heel management total can pull when employed correctly. Although it looks like WWE has hold off on a lapse of Triple H for now, a artistic group never seemed to give any genuine closure to a conflict of control for a association that began approach behind before WrestleMania 32, and WWE fans could positively prognosticate that being a storyline that carries Raw and/or SmackDown all a approach by WrestleMania 34.

It’s a practical certainty that Triple H will lapse for WrestleMania season, after all, and he’s indeed been rumored for a WrestleMania 34 compare opposite Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, that could play into a stream storyline involving Vince and Shane. Given new reports that Vince views Shane as a large draw, it’s protected to assume that Vince realizes he himself is also a pull and that those dual factors could play a estimable purpose on both shows, particularly SmackDown, as we pull closer to a Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season.

Although skeleton for Triple H vs. Shane seem to have been forsaken as of now, don’t be astounded if WWE utilizes Triple H in this storyline during some point, maybe in a hitch opposite Kevin Owens, in an try to expostulate adult viewership during a down tumble and winter months.


Roman Reigns And Brock Lesnar Are The Betting Favorites At No Mercy




If early betting contingency are right, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will both win during No Mercy.

According to Bet Wrestling (h/t WrestlingInc), Reigns and Lesnar were the early favorites to win their particular rarely approaching dream matches, though while Lesnar has remained a solid favorite to better Braun Strowman, Cena’s contingency have been all over a place as he was adored over Reigns for a brief duration progressing this week.


WWE installed adult No Mercy with dual of a biggest probable dream matches in sequence to combat Monday Night Football, though even with dual excellently requisitioned feuds, Raw viewership has depressed for 4 true weeks.

The dump hasn’t been huge, though it’s adequate to make we consternation if WWE will chuck a wrench into a long-rumored artistic skeleton for a red brand’s categorical event, that have developed around crowning Reigns a new face of a company. The widespread suspicion is that Reigns will better Cena during No Mercy given both Cena and Lesnar are approaching to take extensive hiatuses after a pay-per-view, though also given that is a vital step toward Reigns defeating Lesnar for a Universal pretension during WrestleMania 34.

But if WWE decides to do Reigns vs. Cena some-more than once, a la Cena vs. The Rock, a best best is that Cena wins during No Mercy in sequence to set adult a rematch that is eventually won by Reigns. That way, WWE can get a many out of this dream argument between a dual many polarizing stars instead of creation it a facile one-off argument that goes nowhere after No Mercy. That’s what creates Cena vs. Reigns a lot reduction predicted than Lesnar vs. Strowman as a widespread faith is that Lesnar will win that hitch in sequence to get to Reigns vs. Lesnar during WrestleMania.

The problem with that, however, is that Lesnar could be withdrawal WWE after WrestleMania 34, that means that it competence advantage WWE some-more to go all a approach with Strowman and have him better Lesnar during No Mercy. Recent information indicates that Strowman could be building into WWE’s biggest draw, and a association can't means to skip out on an event to put a Universal pretension on a hottest star.

But formed on new happenings and reported destiny plans, it’s protected to assume Strowman and Cena will both remove during No Mercy, a latest indications that a everlasting pull of Reigns will continue.


Latest On WWE’s Plans For Ronda Rousey And The Four Horsewomen




WWE continues to lay a substructure for Ronda Rousey’s initial match.

According to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Fightful), WWE might be building toward a dream compare between Rousey and Charlotte Flair:

There are still skeleton of carrying a dual [Four Horsewomen] groups face off opposite any other and some ideas have been thrown around. One thought is to have a dual groups face off opposite one another during a Dual-Branded pay-per-view such as Survivor Series. This would assistance repair a problem that half of a WWE Horsewomen are on Raw (Sasha Banks and Bayley) and a other half are on SmackDown (Charlotte and Becky Lynch). Another thought being thrown around is carrying Charlotte have a one-on-one compare opposite Rousey. 

A news from (h/t Sportskeeda) adds that “the stream devise for SmackDown is to put a SmackDown’s Women Championship on Charlotte Flair and build towards a SmackDown’s Women’s Championship counterclaim against…Rousey during WrestleMania.”


With WWE’s womanlike assembly incomparable than it’s ever been, a association has clearly prioritized women’s wrestling as a approach to seductiveness to womanlike viewers.

While a engagement of WWE’s women’s groups hasn’t always been perfect, a success of things like a Mae Young Classic (a major viewership strike on a WWE Network demonstrate that WWE is holding critical strides to urge a notice of women’s wrestling. Bringing in Rousey, maybe a most famous womanlike contestant in a world, would put an even bigger spotlight on a women’s multiplication that continues to grow and improve.

Charlotte, one a best in-ring performers in WWE regardless of gender, would be a ideal competition for Rousey as a twin could potentially yield WWE with a large captivate for WrestleMania or maybe even another pay-per-view. WWE has shown a willingness, or even an zeal during times, to pierce in mainstream names in sequence to boost bearing and emanate a hum that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Rousey would positively do that as she is one of a biggest draws in UFC history and still a domicile name in fight sports. Given new reports indicating that she is prepping for a career in pro wrestling, it’s protected to contend that we’re tighten to removing a staggering kinship between a No. 1 pro wrestling association in a universe and one of a many tangible womanlike athletes on a planet.



  • Goldberg is not shutting a doorway on a WWE return, so don’t be astounded if we see a former Universal Champion take on someone like Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns in a future.
  • Raw viewership dropped for a fourth true week, and given a fact that 4 of a biggest stars are now concerned in dual dream feuds, that substantially won’t change after No Mercy. SmackDown viewership dropped by scarcely 250,000 viewers, that was approaching after a prior part featured a lapse of Vince McMahon.
  • There was reported poor assemblage for Raw and for SmackDown, that may have usually filled 30 to 40% of a locus this week. That seems to have continued a trend of muted assemblage in new weeks, generally for a blue brand.
  • WWE reportedly will no longer uncover video of Daniel Bryan “bumping” (a.k.a. holding a move), according to Bryan himself. This is presumably associated to Bryan’s retirement due to his story of conduct injuries, that creates we consider that WWE would not transparent Bryan to combat no matter what tests he passed.
  • According to Cageside Seats, “Clash of Champions will be a usually WWE PPV in December, and it will be a SmackDown show.” Thus, it looks like WWE is shortening a series of pay-per-views, maybe as a cost-cutting measure.
  • WWE sent out a consult asking fans about their seductiveness in several intensity WWE Network shows, including a new TV-14 wrestling uncover (as against to a stream PG rated shows), a Game of Thrones inspired drama, TNA and ROH. The association has cut behind on strange Network programming lately, so this might eventually volume to nothing.
  • Chris Jericho has launched a “Rock N Wrestling Rager during Sea” journey experience, a five-day journey from Miami to a Bahamas that will be a brew of song and wrestling and is scheduled to underline names like Jim Ross, Rey Mysterio and Mick Foley. You can join in on a festivities for as small as $500, and taxes and fees.
  • WWE has reportedly sealed Mae Young Classic runner-up Shayna Baszler, that bodes good for fans who are anticipating to see Ronda Rousey in WWE one day.
  • According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletterany agreement negotiations between WWE and Rey Mysterio have depressed through, so don’t design to see a high-flyer behind with a association anytime soon.
  • The Observer also reports that Paige is expected entirely privileged to combat again and is now penciled in for a mark on SmackDown, that could positively use some-more abyss in a women’s division.
  • Dolph Ziggler’s stream gimmick, in that he mocks elaborate rings, will likely lead to a argument with Bobby Roode. Let’s wish so because SmackDown is clearly lacking star energy and could positively use Roode in that department.
  • WWE may be doing a first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match at Royal Rumble 2018, that would continue a new trend of ancestral achievements for a company’s womanlike superstars.

Blake Oestriecher is an facile propagandize clergyman by day and a sports author by night. He’s a writer to a Forbes @SportsMoneyBlog, where he essentially covers WWE. You can follow him on Twitter @BOestriecher.

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