Timeline of a 50 Most Important Matches in WWE History

November 18, 2014 - WWE

The second Showdown during Shea hosted dual categorical events—one that fans saw reveal in that really track and one they witnessed from Tokyo around closed-circuit TV.

Antonio Inoki and Muhammad Ali clashed in a latter.

Inoki was Japan’s biggest wrestling star. Ali was a singular conceptual athlete, a fighter whom even non-boxing fans knew all about.

Their compare was a appalling one. A discuss over a manners of this fighter vs. wrestler compare left Inoki with singular offense during his disposal. Essentially, he spent a whole crouched on a pad like an overturned bug, kicking during Ali’s legs.

It stays a poignant match, though, since of a names involved, and in many eyes, a competition was the birth of MMA. For WWE, it aided a association in sketch 32,000 fans, per ProWrestlingHistory.com, into Shea Stadium, leeching off a hum of that battle.

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