Triple H vs. Roman Reigns Is Only Solution to Save WWE WrestleMania 32

February 8, 2016 - WWE

Roman Reigns is a tip babyface in WWE, and some people are not OK with that.

Reigns typically receives a churned reaction, with many of a boos entrance from WWE’s outspoken minority of hardcore fans. Some fans are even heightening their fangs, possibly perfectionist a Reigns heel spin or that WWE changes march for a WrestleMania categorical event.

But if Reigns is truly WWE’s choice to paint a association for a subsequent 10 years, a professionals within a publicly traded association need to bend down and pierce brazen with that choice. Per WWE’s long-term storytelling, all signs indicate to Reigns holding on Triple H in a WrestleMania 32 categorical event, that is a compare that will save an differently injury-riddled card.

Fans are many some-more empowered (or entitled) around WrestleMania deteriorate these days, for improved or worse. The trend started dual years ago with WrestleMania XXX, where a Yes Movement infamously promoted Daniel Bryan to a categorical eventuality in place of a designed Batista vs. Randy Orton match. The fan-led rebel led to one of a many feel-good moments in WrestleMania history.

One year later, skeleton called for Reigns to win a WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Brock Lesnar, per Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Marc Middleton of But after a cascade of residual annoy from a Yes Movement—this time destined during Reigns—WWE once again became gun shy. Seth Rollins, a Yes Movement-approved choice, went on to spin a WWE World Heavyweight champion during WrestleMania 31.

It’s value mentioning both Rollins and Bryan finished adult leaving their universe championships due to critical injury. It was a sour sign that a overly earthy character that endears itself to hardcore fans leads to injuries and is not gainful to being a “face of a company.” Finn Balor is a many new instance of this theory, per

This time around, Dean Ambrose is a “Great White Hope” among a Internet as Fastlane approaches with a sheet to a WrestleMania categorical eventuality on a line:

Should WWE wuss out for a third true year, Reigns’ growth as a tip babyface might be henceforth damaged.

Dealing with uncontrolled fans is partial of a routine for any tip star, generally one who seems hand-selected by WWE. Defeating Triple H in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania is a final step in what has been a rough highway to a tip of WWE for Reigns.

Due to injuries to marquee names, WWE has already had to change skeleton mixed times this WrestleMania season. Fortunately, Reigns holding on Triple H creates ideal sense, as this has been a brewing that dates behind to a Shield-Evolution adversary of 2014.

Triple H is a pro who will be means use nuances to spin fans opposite him as a power-hungry management figure. There are few talents who can make Reigns come off as a legit underdog. Triple H is one of those few.

If WWE wants to plan Reigns as a sensitive babyface but ostensible forced, a compare opposite a WWE COO who only so happens to be a universe champion is a answer.

But if WWE changes directions in a build that has already been compromised nonetheless again, there would be small continuity, and WrestleMania 32 would be an contemptible mess.


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