Tyson Kidd and Erick Rowan Injuries Leave WWE Tag Division in Need of Repair

June 25, 2015 - WWE

Just as a construction of a WWE‘s tab organisation multiplication began to progress, Tyson Kidd and Erick Rowan streamer to a infirm list knocks a half-built walls down.

The association is now left scrambling with a former tab champ certainly out for a prolonged widen and a large champion incompetent to contest for a moment. A multiplication already spiteful from miss of abyss is unexpected in need of some artistic fixes.

One-half of a twin that prisoner a bullion during Fastlane won’t be around to yield his electric code of offense. Kidd went down in early Jun “while competing in a non-televised compare opposite Samoa Joe,” per WWE.com.

PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson noted that a strike during a hitch caused a “pretty bad neck injury.” Kidd has given undergone medicine and certainly is focused on removing healthy again. 

And then, as WWE announced on a central website, Rowan suffered an damage during a live eventuality in Saginaw, Michigan. Like with Kidd, a association is being still about a accurate inlet and astringency of Rowan’s injury. Even if he’s out only a brief time, though, it’s bad news for a multiplication that was only so recently on a upswing.

Consider, too, that Jey Uso isn’t approaching behind until around Oct after undergoing shoulder surgery, as WWE.com notes.

As a result, The Prime Time Players and The New Day find themselves in a multiplication blank many of a talent.

The members of both Los Matadores and The Ascension are healthy, yet conjunction organisation has finished many to bond with a audience. It’s tough to take a neon-donning bullfighters severely as contenders interjection to their gimmick. They are a comedy act that doesn’t fit into any account that’s a slightest bit serious.

And engagement The Ascension like bottom-feeders has emptied them of movement before they could even beget any.

WWE has had teams travel all over them for a many part. To rouse them to a standing of pretension contenders or multiplication centerpieces is now a overwhelming charge due to how many a assembly dismisses them during this point.

The list of a division’s babyface teams over a stream champs and Los Matadores is short. It only has dual sets of names on it: The Lucha Dragons and a nonsensical span of Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel, who now occupy a ridicule Mega Powers gimmick.

That leaves WWE with few options for The New Day to argument with once they’re finished with The Prime Time Players. That army a association to use Fernando and Diego some-more mostly that it should. The aroused play that WWE‘s writers coop has to reveal with distant reduction characters.

Credit: WWE.com

While Jimmy, Rowan and Kidd heal, it’s time to come adult with some new pairings.

On a and side, a register facilities a series of wrestlers not being used scarcely enough. Jack Swagger, Heath Slater, Stardust and Mark Henry are among those with small on their plate. As many talent as those guys have, though, there’s not an apparent organisation in that group.

Stardust and Henry, for example, would feel random. Random has worked in a past, however. Both a Booker T-Goldust and X-Pac-Kane duos worked distant improved than many expected.

Bringing behind The Dudley Boyz is a discerning fix. The established, dear organisation from one of a division’s golden ages would pierce a good volume of hum with them.

Adding higher-rung stars to a multiplication is a intelligent pierce as well. It’s been too prolonged given a wrestler of Randy Orton‘s or Edge’s size has been battling among a tab teams on a unchanging basis. Moving Orton into a tab organisation purpose again would pierce present credit to a tab scene.

Whatever a association decides to do, this call of injuries can’t only lead to complacency. WWE has options in front of it; it simply has to make some confidant decisions. 

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