UFC and WWE star Brock Lesnar vows to ‘get to a bottom’ of his unsuccessful doping test

July 16, 2016 - WWE

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Brock Lesnar has vowed to examine because a drug exam he took days before his UFC 200 feat opposite Mark Hunt tested certain for performance-enhancing drugs.

“We will get to a bottom of this,” a 39-year-old warrior told the Associated Press, hours after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency sensitive Lesnar of his unsuccessful test.

Lesnar supposing a samples for a flagged exam on Jun 28, only 12 days before he fought in his initial UFC hitch in roughly 5 years. According to papers achieved by a AP, Lesnar had formerly upheld during slightest 3 tests for PEDs in mid-June. MMAFighting reports that Lesnar, who announced he would quarrel during a Jul 9 eventuality on Jun 4, was postulated an grant from a order that requires returning fighters to start submitting samples 4 months in allege of a bout, though that he was tested a sum of 8 times.

Neither Lesnar, UFC nor a USADA has specified what PED triggered a intensity unsuccessful test.

“Although USADA will not be providing any serve specifics of a box during this time, we can tell we that Mr. Lesnar, as with each contestant underneath a UFC anti-doping policy, will be supposing full due routine underneath a rules,” USADA orator Ryan Madden told MMAFighting.com.

Should serve review endorse a results, dual large questions loom: What will occur to Lesnar’s $2.5 million quarrel purse he collected for UFC 200? And how will Lesnar’s other employer, WWE, that has a possess “wellness policy” to weed out PED use, understanding with a results?

The initial doubt competence have a some-more candid answer. According to UFC sanctions (via BloodyElbow.com), fighters who destroy drug tests “are theme to damage of their UFC ranking, belt, and purse or other compensation.” Lesnar’s UFC 200 competition would like to see during slightest half of that income deposited into his possess account.

“I saw Brock done millions for this fight, some-more than anyone ever,” he told MarkHunt.tv. “I wanna know what they are gonna do to Brock now. When we don’t make weight they give twenty percent of your purse to a other fighter. If we get held intrigue we should remove all of it.

“I’ve told [UFC President Dana White] we wish half of Brock’s purse.”

As for Lesnar’s exchange with WWE, that’s a bit some-more wishy-washy. Lesnar is scheduled to perform during SummerSlam on Aug. 21 in a compare opposite Randy Orton. WWE’s wellness program sets out prerequisites to exam performers for PEDs and other drugs incidentally via a year or if there is reasonable suspicion. The goal, according to a policy, is to collect samples from WWE talent during slightest 4 times annually. It is misleading either Lesnar will be tested in a run-up to SummerSlam or if a formula of a USADA tests would impact Lesnar’s WWE career going forward.

“Brock Lesnar has not achieved for WWE given WrestleMania [in April] and is not scheduled to lapse until Sunday, Aug. 21,” WWE pronounced in a matter handed out to media and posted on its website on Friday.

If WWE does cocktail Lesnar for a doping violation, a customary punishment for first-time violators is 30 days. Currently, WWE headliner Roman Reigns is portion a 30-day cessation for his initial violation.

Fan greeting has been mixed, with some fans, including actor Kevin Hart, observant their disappointment, while others said they were not surprised.

“You gotta know during a finish of a day, cheatin’ don’t win,” actor Kevin Hart told TMZ outward a Los Angeles grill early Saturday morning. “I am a Brock fan. we wish zero though a best for him, it’s hapless to see him in a conditions he’s in, though during a finish of a day, man, eventually we will get caught. That’s what happens when we cheat.”

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