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July 25, 2015 - WWE

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Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. Global Force Wrestling owner Jeff Jarrett also assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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The Undertaker Returns to Attack Brock Lesnar during Battleground

Brock Lesnar was clearly on a verge of defeating Seth Rollins for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship during Battleground, nonetheless he was interrupted by a returning Undertaker, who pounded him and strike him with a span of Tombstones. It was afterwards announced on Raw that a Beast Incarnate and a Phenom will close horns during SummerSlam.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is Taker Being Brought Back a Right Way?

Lesnar finished a Undertaker’s implausible undefeated strain during WrestleMania during a 30th book of a event, and conjunction he nor Paul Heyman has let anyone forget it since. Although Taker returned to face Bray Wyatt during WrestleMania 31 and didn’t engage himself with Lesnar, he explained on Raw that he was sleepy of a Conquerer and Heyman constantly bringing adult a fact a Streak was over. Because of that, he motionless to take divided Lesnar’s eventuality to win a universe title.

That led to a rarely interesting fight that saw a infancy of a locker room try to intervene. Nobody could reason behind Lesnar or a Undertaker until a Beast was eventually resigned with zip ties and arrested. The m�lange was a good follow-up to what occurred during Battleground, nonetheless it is satisfactory to doubt if bringing a Deadman behind in this unfolding is a best pierce for WWE. It should lead to augmenting seductiveness from infrequent fans, nonetheless there are positively reasons to be concerned.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

WWE positively forsaken a round during Battleground by slicing a pretension compare between Lesnar and Rollins woefully short. The eventuality finished 15 mins early, that means they could have simply left another 10 mins before a Undertaker’s appearance. Also, both Rollins and a arbitrate left in an unexplained manner.

Taker’s lapse radically threw a universe pretension onto a behind burner, and it will sojourn there with Lesnar and a Undertaker set to headline SummerSlam.

While a preference to pierce a Undertaker behind was expected financially driven—in terms of augmenting radio ratings and WWE Network buys—it came during a responsibility of sensibility, given it is weird a Phenom waited some-more than 15 months before harsh revenge. In further to that, a Undertaker is really many putting his health on a line.

He was concussed in his final compare opposite Lesnar, and a fact that he is a 50-year-old going opposite maybe a biggest earthy citation veteran wrestling has ever seen doesn’t bode good for him if he wants to escape SummerSlam in tip condition.

Add in a fact that conjunction Taker nor Lesnar can means to lose, and there are copiousness of problems overshadowing what should be a distinguished moment. Perhaps it can be saved by an division from Sting, environment adult a long-awaited Sting contra Undertaker compare during WrestleMania, nonetheless a straight-up finish could be significantly deleterious to a loser.


Rumor Mill

Backstage updates per Sting (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via WrestlingInc.com)


Kevin Owens Falls to John Cena during Battleground

Kevin Owens was heralded as a subsequent large thing in WWE when he degraded John Cena clean at Elimination Chamber in his initial main-roster match. Just a integrate months later, though, there is legitimate courtesy among WWE fans with courtesy to KO’s station in a company, as he was forced to daub out by Cena in their United States Championship compare during Battleground.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is This a Beginning of a End for Owens?

Despite Owens’ landmark feat over Cena, many of a U.S. champion’s detractors figured it was usually a matter of time before he would get a tip palm on a former NXT champ. Cena evened a array during Money in a Bank before violence Owens during Battleground. Rather than simply violence KO, however, he done a Canadian Superstar contention to a STF, that positively harm his dominant-heel persona.

Owens looked good from an in-ring viewpoint during Battleground, as he once again went pierce for pierce with Cena and even kicked out of a Attitude Adjustment. However, drumming out seemed to be a final spike in a coffin of his argument with a 15-times universe champion. That idea was bolstered by Owens removing no mic time on Raw before scuffling with tab group partners Sheamus and Rusev, and walking out on his compare opposite Cena, Randy Orton and Cesaro.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

There is no arguing opposite a idea Owens’ substantial movement has been halted, nonetheless that doesn’t meant his tour toward a tip has been derailed for good. Many like to indicate toward Cena’s wilful argument victories over Rusev and Bray Wyatt as explanation that Owens is unfailing to be small some-more than a midcarder, nonetheless those members of a WWE Universe aren’t holding into comment that KO is on an wholly opposite turn to Rusev and Wyatt in terms of his altogether talent.

Owens has it all, from implausible in-ring ability to glorious mic skills and a good character. Everyone sees what form of intensity he possesses, and WWE simply won’t let him flounder. Owens has a prolonged WWE career forward of him, and while losing to Cena might force him to take a backseat for now, it is distant from a permanent thing.

Rollins mislaid to Cena during TLC final year usually to win a WWE World Heavyweight Championship a few months after during WrestleMania. It is distant some-more expected Owens will take that trail rather than unwell in WWE.


Rumor Mill 

Backstage news on feelings about Owens (Wrestling Observer Radio around CagesideSeats.com)


RRR Interview with GFW’s Jeff Jarrett

Global Force Wrestling is on a verge of entering a ravel alongside companies such as TNA, ROH and Lucha Underground as an choice to WWE. Like he did with TNA, Jeff Jarrett has built GFW from a belligerent up, and there is a good understanding of hum surrounding a promotion.

Prior to GFW’s initial radio taping, Jarrett assimilated Ring Rust Radio to plead what wrestling fans can design from a up-and-coming company.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for Jarrett and GFW?

While Jarrett has nonetheless to announce a TV understanding for GFW, he suggested he is in consistent talks and that 3 rounds of tapings are already scheduled. Despite a miss of programming so far, GFW has managed to get some bearing on radio given of Jarrett’s new impasse with TNA.

Many have speculated that GFW and TNA are operative together, given Jarrett competed during Slammiversary and TNA stars Bobby Roode and Eric Young will take partial in GFW’s tapings. Jarrett didn’t report a accurate inlet of a partnership, nonetheless he believes it will be good business for both companies:

[At the] finish of a day, and this might sound cliche, if a wrestling fans benefit, afterwards 9 times out of 10 a graduation will benefit. There was gibberish about [my wife] Karen [Jarrett] and we entrance behind to that promotion, and that combined certain gibberish for TNA. That fed into a certain gibberish for GFW, including Bobby and Eric, and all of that helps a promotion.

As we pierce along, it helps emanate code recognition and formulating a small bit of that mystique. People wish to see illusory veteran wrestling, and that should be everyone’s common goal. That’s what we are headed for, and that is illusory veteran wrestling.

Working with TNA and mentioning a GFW code on Destination America is a savvy pierce on Jarrett’s part, given many fans will be wakeful of it once it does finish adult on television. Until that happens, Jarrett has a clever height on that he can share his vision.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

While Jarrett has positively valid himself as a upholder and businessman over a years, many fans perspective him as a performer initial and inaugural given of a success he enjoyed in WWE, WCW and TNA. Although Jarrett recently wrestled for TNA, he has no skeleton to do so as partial of a GFW roster:

[My chances of wrestling are] slim and nothing on a GFW roster. If we held Impact when we done a warn appearance, we told them that we don’t know where a undo is. You are job me to come wrestle, nonetheless we don’t even combat for my possess promotion. Then we talked by things and it was a King of a Mountain compare and Slammiversary.

I like to keep myself in shape, nonetheless we wasn’t anywhere close…to a figure we wanted to be in. we was happy with a match, nonetheless we have no skeleton to be an active wrestler on a GFW roster.

Things can change in a blink of an eye in a wrestling business, nonetheless during 48 years of age, Jarrett seems calm to concede a considerable array of talent he has fabricated to perform a audience.

Jarrett has a ton on his image when it comes to using a daily operations of GFW, and until his uncover is on radio and banishment on all cylinders, it is tough to disagree with his preference to concentration all of his courtesy on a business side.


B/R Article

Jeff Jarrett Talks Global Force Wrestling, TNA and More (via Brandon Galvin)


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