Underused WWE Superstars Who Must Be Showcased More in 2016

December 23, 2015 - WWE

The Damien Sandow story is a baffling one.

After somehow transforming a stupid gimmick into one of WWE’s hottest acts, Sandow simply fell by a wayside. As most as fans roared for “Mizdow,” WWE motionless to afterwards bushel him with an anchor of a shtick, carrying him play a ripoff chronicle of Randy Savage.

But he didn’t even get to do that for long.

Just after he and Curtis Axel began to group up, he stopped appearing on Raw or SmackDown. As seen on his CageMatch.net profile, Sandow final wrestled on Raw on May 11. WWE afterwards motionless to have him skip 7 months value of a flagship show.

WWE might not trust Sandow to be a top-flight Superstar, though he clearly has a intensity to be some-more than a man unresolved around catering.

Sandow stays one of a best talkers on a roster. His work as The Intellectual Savior of a Masses was stellar. He’s also plain in a ring, has good distance and, for a good widen there, had a flourishing fanbase.

To not take advantage of that subsequent year would be foolish. WWE should prioritize anticipating him a impression that best highlights his skills and have him rise to a midcard pretension picture.

As inspired as watchful around for half a year expected left him, a association is positive something special from Sandow. 

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