Update On Lana Having Backstage Heat With WWE; Situation Reported To Be …

November 27, 2015 - WWE

lanaAccording to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reported backstage feverishness on Lana is worse than what was creatively reported. 

They remarkable a source tighten to a conditions pronounced WWE being dissapoint with her was a “major understatement.” Lana initial got feverishness given she was pronounced to be a source of her rendezvous leaking online, followed by her Twitter ‘battle’ with Paige. According to a Observer, WWE.com attempted to spin this into a feud, though was still not happy about Lana concluding Paige was a bully. It was reported that another WWE talent replied and knocked Lana, though WWE had that chairman mislay a content. 

Summer Rae finished adult commenting on a incident, and her tweets, that are still active on her account, talked about a dangers of secretly accusing someone of bullying and how deleterious it could be. The Observer noted that they were told Paige being a brag was a absurd explain anyway, given she was one chairman picked on a many while in NXT. 

source ⦿ http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/646385-update-on-lana-having-backstage-heat-with-wwe-situation-reported-to-be-understated

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