Watkins: WWE register prepares for Super Shakeup

April 10, 2017 - WWE

We are into a “New Year” for WWE. That is post-Wrestlemania, and a series of engaging things have been going down given a grandest uncover of them all.

I would be lingering to not start off by mentioning a apparent retirement of one of a biggest sports entertainers of all-time, The Undertaker.

After Undertaker was degraded by Roman Reigns in Orlando 8 days ago, he left his hat, coupler and gloves in a ring, symbolizing his retirement.

The Undertaker impression has been detached of a WWE for a final 25 years and has been a measuring hang for what a good performer should be.

If an incoming wrestler was incompetent to acquire Undertaker’s honour in a lockerroom, he was some-more than expected cursed with a whole lockerroom.

For all The Undertaker has finished via his whole career in pro wrestling, from a whole wrestling community, appreciate we for a memories.

Now for one of a coolest post-Wrestlemania moments in new memory.

Kurt Angle apropos a new ubiquitous manager of Monday Night Raw. Angle became a Hall of Famer a Friday before Wrestlemania and transposed a dismissed Mick Foley as GM of Raw in a deficiency of commissioner Stephanie McMahon.

What done a impulse cold on a initial Raw after Wrestlemania was that Vince McMahon brought out Angle after Teddy Long teased returning to a purpose of being a GM in WWE.

However, Angle was a good choice to take over a role, as a man who has been a performer he can use that believe to make a matches on Monday night.

The other partial of Vince’s shred final week was a proclamation of a Superstar Shakeup on tonight’s part of Raw.

Essentially, this will be a new draft, reduction than a year after a initial draft, that sends wrestlers from Raw to Smackdown Live and vice-versa.

One of a many intriguing possibilities is either or not AJ Styles will continue to be a buttress on Tuesday nights. Styles has been proclaiming that Smackdown Live is a residence that AJ Styles built and a subsequent to unfit to dispute.

The initial rumors final week were that Styles was flattering many a close to be changed to Raw with former Club teammates Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

But now, rumors are swelling that Anderson and Gallows will join Styles on a blue brand, that is a track we would rather see things go.

The Superstar who needs to change brands a many is Sami Zayn, by far. Zayn has been approach underutilized and buried in a mid-card on Raw and we consider operative with Shane McMahon and an aged crony in Daniel Bryan could be only a hint Sami needs to unequivocally strike his walk in WWE.

Another man who could be helped by a pierce from Raw to Smackdown is Cesaro, for a same reason as Sami Zayn. However, violation adult Cesaro and Sheamus as a group right now doesn’t seem like a right pierce after all they have been through, though saying both group on Smackdown Live would be great, too.

WWE has been it’s many interesting in some time post-Wrestlemania this year, and tonight’s Superstar Shakeup could be a clever matter for gripping that movement rolling into a summer.

Matt Watkins writes a weekly mainstay on pro wrestling for a Amarillo Globe-News

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