Week in Wrestling: Triple H tops rankings; Coach brings WWE to ESPN

January 27, 2016 - WWE

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News of a Week

The Royal Rumble was annoying in a approach a storytelling lacked logic.

For starters, given place Roman Reigns as a series one opening when he simply is not gifted adequate to continue a compare in a entirety?

Rusev slammed Reigns by a Spanish announce list dual hours and nineteen mins into a Rumble match, and Reigns finally reappeared twenty-eight–28!–minutes later. Compounding matters even serve was that Reigns came drifting behind to a ring, miraculously healed from a heartless beatdown he perceived from a League of Nations. Maybe Reigns had his eyes sealed when Kevin Owens came out limping to a ring, offered his injuries from progressing in a evening? And how could a LON slight to indeed discharge Reigns from a Rumble?

Also, a WWE’s truth of changing a manners whenever it advantages a storyline does some-more mistreat than good. If a compare is “No Holds Barred,” that was explained on a broadcast, given even worry carrying referees during ringside? If any wrestler can re-enter after being eliminated, afterwards wouldn’t this emanate a unfolding where each unaccompanied separated wrestler would simply re-enter a match? Why didn’t Reigns assistance Ambrose win a compare after he was tossed by Triple H? Of course, a usually ones to re-enter a ring were a Wyatt Family, who eventually had their approach with a totally usually Brock Lesnar.

The engagement of a Rumble leads us to a subsequent vital issue, that is WrestleMania 32. Anyone who believes this Rumble finish was an effective set-up for a categorical eventuality between Reigns and Triple H is in for a bold awakening. Reigns defeating Triple H to constraint a belt is not a story WWE fans wish to see, nor is a compare between Lesnar and Wyatt. There is still time to embody Lesnar in a categorical eventuality and have him wallop both Triple H and Reigns, though that clearly is not a stream plan.

Also, Austin Aries debuted with WWE’s NXT this past Friday night. The timing was peculiar, as a NXT uncover was in Orlando–so a WWE consciously finished a preference to have a former universe champion opening in NXT instead of during a Rumble, that was also in Orlando. The entrance will atmosphere on a WWE Network on Mar 2, so a Aries opening was a missed event to make an even bigger impact.

In other news…

• Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon spent a whole opening shred on Raw deliberating Roman Reigns. There is 0 reason to trust Brock Lesnar or Dean Ambrose will win a triple hazard compare opposite Reigns during Fast Lane, though a WWE is perplexing to damp a fans short-term–like with a Reigns-Daniel Bryan compare final February–to broach a story they so desperately wish to sell. Reigns is some-more gentle speaking, though his impression and story–not to discuss work rate–are so finished that it is intensely tough to spin honestly interested.

• I’m a fan of EC3, though TNA’s preference to climax Matt Hardy as champion is a right call. The follow for a pretension is a many constrained storyline in a industry. If we demeanour during “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s 6 reigns as champ in WWE, usually one run went over 100 days. McMahon and WWE artistic are organisation believers that a disturb is in a chase, and TNA is following suit.

• The TNA/AJ Styles tale took an hapless spin this past Friday when unsuccessful agreement negotiations were suggested by TNA. Outside of inexpensive hits, given post this story? Does TNA wish fans to be sour toward Styles for usurpation a improved offer, even after sacrificing his physique for years for a company? A distant classier gesticulate would have been to honour Styles and post his tip 10 matches with a company.

• Fantastic to see Sasha Banks reappear during a Rumble and insert herself into a women’s pretension picture, though I’m wondering how a WWE will keep Becky Lynch relevant. She’s been a many pleasing warn among a Divas, finally building movement in a ring and delivering some passion on a mic. Here’s anticipating she isn’t mislaid in a trifle as a WWE continues to build a women’s multiplication value watching.

• Did a WWE move a Dudleys behind for no other reason than to bury them? Last year’s Rumble was in Philadelphia, though a greeting Bubba perceived from a throng was genuine. Since their return, a Dudleys were out-smarted by a New Day, fed to a Wyatt Family on dual hundred opposite occasions, and now have no artistic direction. Bubba could have a good singles argument as a heel opposite Dean Ambrose, though where does that leave D-Von?

• Does it expostulate anyone else crazy when a champion is introduced before a challenger? It happened again and again during a Rumble, as Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose entered before Kevin Owens, a New Day were introduced before a Usos, and afterwards again when Alberto Del Rio came out before Kalisto. Naturally, challenger Becky Lynch entered her compare first, while Diva’s champion Charlotte came out second. A skip of smoothness is synonymous with WWE booking.

Top 10

Photo: via WWE.com

1.) Triple H, WWE

Remember when Triple H and DX claimed that WCW had all a old, past-their-prime champions? It’s OK if we don’t, given it occurred eighteen years ago in 1998. And it doesn’t matter if The Rock and Ronda Rousey are ringside during WrestleMania–the usually way the throng will cocktail for Roman Reigns going over Triple H is if a compare is hold in front of a classroom of second graders.

2.) Kevin Owens, WWE

Owens and Dean Ambrose put on a hospital in their ‘Last Man Standing’ compare (loved how Owens rolled out of a ring and onto his feet to equivocate a ten-count, as good as a proof behind his limping toward a ring for his Rumble entrance). Here’s anticipating for twenty mins of Owens-AJ Styles during WrestleMania 32.

3.) AJ Styles, WWE

Styles catapults his approach adult this list after a ideal opening in a Rumble. He hold his possess with each WWE superstar, though a usually bewail was we didn’t see a Styles Clash. Perfect preference to have Owens–the company’s best heel–eliminate him, and he put together a plain compare in his singles opening on Monday opposite Chris Jericho. Also favourite how Jericho cut off Styles as he was starting to give his background–odd call to devise an atmosphere of poser about “The Phenomenal One.”

4.) Brock Lesnar, WWE

Why has a WWE motionless to make Lesnar demeanour so ordinary? And is anyone looking brazen to a Lesnar-Bray Wyatt compare during ‘Mania? We are in Jan and a outcome of that compare isn’t in any doubt, that is a finish rubbish of Lesnar.

5.) Dean Ambrose, WWE

Ambrose shined in his IC pretension invulnerability over Owens, as good as set adult a argument with Chris Jericho. Just for a impulse during a finish of a Rumble, we suspicion Ambrose was set to join The Authority and Triple H would palm him a WWE title. Instead of enhancing new talent and changing a instruction of a company, a belt was placed around a waist of a 46-year-old.

6.) Kazuchika Okada, New Japan Pro Wrestling

Okada successfully shielded his IWGP pretension during “Fantastica Mania 2016,” and Jim Ross will be vocalization subsequent week in this unequivocally mainstay about a IWGP universe champion.

7.) Roman Reigns, WWE

Reigns did not win anyone over with his opening during a Rumble. The storyline of forcing him to enter during series one finished sense, though it is a flat-out insult to an intensely talented, industrious locker room that Reigns can't even final a whole match. And we are ostensible to trust that Reigns is a face of a company?

8.) Finn Bálor, NXT

Unlike Sami Zayn, Bálor did not make an entrance in a Rumble. After years of observant too many of a same wrestlers–Sheamus, Big Show, Kane and Alberto Del Rio, usually to name a handful–Bálor desperately needs to supplement a exhale of uninformed atmosphere to a categorical roster.

9.) Ethan Carter III, TNA

How will EC3 conclude his impression as a babyface?

10.) Jay Lethal, Ring of Honor

As we in. closer to Ring of Honor’s Fourteenth Anniversary uncover in February, Lethal needs to be concerned in a argument that will squeeze viewers’ attention. And will he combat any of a New Japan talent entrance to a ROH graduation subsequent month?

Five Questions with … Johnny Mundo

Once famous as John Morrison, a former WWE luminary is now a vital force in Lucha Underground–whose initial partial of deteriorate dual premieres tonight on El Rey Network.

SI.com: What worked so good about a initial deteriorate of Lucha Underground? And will deteriorate dual be even some-more compelling?

Johnny Mundo: Lucha had a balls to be different.

Lucha Underground got some of a best talent in a industry, and a artistic is set adult so a storylines are followed to fruition–they are finished and don’t usually change each week. Lucha Underground also put a lot of appetite in a hands of a talent. When you’re traffic with a tip talent in a wrestling business, that’s mostly how we get a best results.

The deadly smirch of many promotions is perplexing to be WWE, though there is no approach we can be WWE. Lucha Underground is a TV uncover in a approach that it’s constructed distant some-more so than any other wrestling graduation out there. Lucha was also unequivocally intelligent about a wrestlers. A lot of a guys from Mexico have so many tender talent and artistic energy, and a opposite set of moves and psychology that we wouldn’t see outward of Mexico. Giving Pentagon, Fenix, [King] Cuerno and Mil Muertes a keys to a Corvette and vouchsafing them expostulate is one of a reasons this is so cold and so different.

SI.com: Will we work with Rey Mysterio in a ‘Temple’ during deteriorate dual of Lucha Underground? Also, how has your possess work evolved?

Johnny Mundo: Yes, frequently. Rey is one of a best people in a business I’ve had a honour of meeting, unresolved out with, and operative with. He can still go, he’s common and treats everybody with respect, and he’s ridiculously talented. we consider he’ll go down in story as a many famous Luchador ever. It’s an comprehensive honour to work with him.

I have a unaccompanied focus, I’m a perfectionist, and we always wish to infer we am a best and a best chronicle of myself. The event to work with AAA arose from operative with Lucha Underground. Lucha is faster paced, harder hitting, and some-more acrobatic than any other character of wrestling. It’s unequivocally been seeping into mainstream some-more and more–look during a super favourite movies. Every Avengers film has some kind of hurricanrana or drifting conduct scissors or Lucha arm drag, that is justification that people like a moves and see how cold it is. My favorite partial of operative with Lucha Underground is training some-more Lucha, mixing that with my WWE psychology, and holding wrestling to a place we’ve never seen before in a expansion of wrestling.

SI.com: You altered a approach people perspective a Royal Rumble with your high mark off a ensure rail during a compensate per perspective in 2011. How did that method come together? Do we take offense to a WWE never mentioning or display it in a stream Rumble prominence packages?

Johnny Mundo: The initial Rumble mark where we jumped onto a block was a initial one of a kind, and finished people think, ‘Holy s—, we need to do this each year.’ But we always try to be clever not to take things too seriously. WWE is a business and looking out for their possess best interests. It wouldn’t make clarity for them to speak about how good my Rumble mark was when I’m not with their association any more.

Dean Malenko approached me and asked me to consider of something like that. we was meditative of opposite ideas – jumping off someone’s behind and behind in or off a announce table. The ensure rail finished adult being a coolest we could do, and it was a 50-50 shot. we was sincerely certain we would spike it, unless there was a fan with popcorn or a large Coke sitting on a guardrail that competence make me fall. It finished adult operative out perfectly.

SI.com: Are we calm with your preference to leave a WWE? There are appealing tools to operative with a superpower of a industry, nonetheless it contingency also be gratifying to control your possess destiny.

Johnny Mundo: we wouldn’t be a male we am now if we stayed in WWE, so we don’t bewail withdrawal during all. When we leave, we trade confidence and income for leisure and sanity.

I was harmed and we wasn’t unequivocally happy when we left. Working with Lucha and Mexico and all a eccentric wrestling I’ve finished has finished me an exponentially improved performer. Had we stayed, we would have been stagnant. Now I’ve been unprotected to all these opposite styles and people. If we combat in Japan or a UK with WWE, you’re not experiencing that country’s kind of wrestling. You’re bringing WWE to them. we am now a legitimate veteran wrestler. we didn’t have that feeling with WWE withdrawal Tough Enough and going true by a system.

I’m still tighten with Tyson Kidd, Miz, Zack Ryder. we saw all a guys during Miz’s New Year’s party. We held adult and we listened how a highway was going. It was kind of cool–after conference it, we did not skip WWE during all.

SI.com: You have achieved an extraordinary volume of success in a past fourteen years, nonetheless we are usually 36. What is a subsequent step in your career?

Johnny Mundo: Of march my idea is to spin universe champion. we also wish to pull a pouch with new artistic moves integrating hardcore with Lucha and American pro wrestling–I wish to do moves that have never been finished before, though do them in a approach that creates clarity and helps tell a story we’re perplexing to tell.

You know, Seth Rollins–back in like 2010–said he could combat circles around me. Then we met and talked, and it was zero personal, though it would be good to combat him one day so we could infer that we am approach improved than him. But for that to happen, he competence have to leave and come to Lucha Underground.

Outside of Lucha deteriorate two, we wish to keep flourishing as an actor and hostess in film and TV. I’m operative on a film called “Boone: The Bounty Hunter,” and it’s written, produced, and starring me. It’s not going to be out for a integrate months, though I’m unequivocally vehement for people to see that, and we wish to keep growing–raising a bar and elaborating as a pro wrestler and a performer.

A Conversation with The Coach

Jonathan Coachman has fought nonstop to move a WWE to ESPN, and his palm is now lifted in victory. He interviews WWE superstars each Tuesday during his “Off The Tope Rope” shred on SportsCenter, though admits that this devise could not have been achieved though support from “The Worldwide Leader.”

“The biggest plea before [was that] we never had a right people in charge,” pronounced Coachman. “But right now, we’ve got extensive care with [Senior Vice President, SportsCenter and news] Rob King and [Vice President, SportsCenter] Mike McQuade on a SportsCenter side. We’re starting to know that a ‘E’ in ESPN stands for entertainment. For a longest time, we got held adult in thinking, ‘It’s got to be in this box, or it doesn’t go on ESPN.’

Extra Mustard

WWE’s Xavier Woods has his possess video diversion YouTube channel

“I pitched this latest devise in July, though a new care unequivocally took over about fifteen months ago. Before that, any time we would representation going to SummerSlam or WrestleMania was always met with, ‘We don’t do that.’ That was though even looking during a numbers, or a volume of fans, or a venue. It was usually a cold no. So it was annoying when we knew, as a talent and a chairman who loves to furnish content, this was going to work. We met in Jul and came together for SummerSlam, and that was a large success, and afterwards a immature light was given for a Tuesday night ‘Off a Top Rope’ someday in September, and we started a initial one during a finish of October. We’re going on 4 months now, and a numbers have been really, unequivocally good, and we’re anticipating to enhance what we do as a year goes along.”

Bill Simmons was a proponent of joining ESPN’s now gone Grantland site with a WWE, and he even did guest explanation on Raw. Simmons’ depart from a network, Coachman stated, did not impact a attribute between WWE and ESPN.

“Bill Simmons withdrawal had zero to do with what we were doing,” pronounced Coachman. “He favourite wrestling, though a disproportion between Bill fondness wrestling and us bargain what it could do for ESPN are dual totally opposite things.

“I like Bill personally. How we work is, I’m an ESPN male and I’m always looking out for what is best for ESPN. If it happens to be fun for me, too, afterwards that’s an total bonus. we don’t know what happened with him, though during no indicate did we ever have one review with Bill Simmons about carrying wrestling on a air.”

While Coachman wants to continue to enhance his weekly segments, he is gratified so distant with a execution of a programming. The WWE wrestlers continue to appreciate him for a exposure.

“I usually went to one of a residence shows in Hartford on Dec 27, and we took my whole group that works on this devise during ESPN with me,” pronounced Coachman. “We were backstage articulate to a garland of a guys, and that was John Cena’s lapse that weekend. To a man, [all a wrestlers] were saying, ‘I can’t trust you’re doing this.’ Tommy Dreamer was on a week before going by a list as partial of a prominence package, and he pronounced that conference his name on SportsCenter was something he’d been forgetful about given he was a kid. They don’t see this as usually wrestling–they see this as being on SportsCenter, and that’s accurately what we want.”

The interviews concede a wrestlers to exhibit a opposite side of their personalities, and Coach was enraptured during his SummerSlam weekend talk with Randy Orton.

“I worked there for so long, so we knew all these guys, though we will contend that Randy Orton was a biggest warn simply given he was a lax cannon,” pronounced Coachman. “Day to day, we never knew what kind of mood he was going to be in. He’s a ideal instance of somebody flourishing and relocating divided from one opinion and one approach of living, and being a WWE luminary and also being unequivocally deferential of a venue he’s in.”

Still as large a fan of a product as ever, Coachman has watched with seductiveness as Roman Reigns stays incompetent to win over a healthy apportionment of wrestling fans.

“We always twitter out a interviews after we’re finished on SportsCenter, and a many watched talk so far–and it hasn’t been close–has been Roman Reigns,” suggested Coachman. “This is a good dude who is starting to find out what fits him. we consider you’re going to see a negativity surrounding him switch and turn, and he’ll spin into one of a biggest stars in a world.”

In a intensely rival universe of sports and entertainment, Coachman entirely understands that injuries emanate opportunity. He also knows that there will be complaints that this year’s label during WrestleMania will be empty given of so many harmed stars, nonetheless he stays optimistic.

“This could be a launch point,” pronounced Coachman. “Make no mistake about it–performing during WrestleMania is distinct carrying a compare anywhere else. Throw an NXT compare in there–you have 4 hours, can we give them 8 minutes? There are going to be times when your large stars are all harm during once, though this could be a launch indicate to make new stars. Then those guys come behind and we can raise on with a new stars you’ve created, so we wish people see a certain instead of focusing on what we’re not going to have. Let’s concentration on who is going to be during WrestleMania.”

As for destiny guests, Coachman would adore to Paul Heyman on a air, as good as a Undertaker.

“Believe me, he’s on a unequivocally brief wish list,” pronounced Coachman. “Paul Heyman and Triple H are during a top, too, and people would adore to see a boss, Vince McMahon. we control a lot of what we do on ‘Off a Top Rope,’ though we don’t always control who we’re going to have on. we can pledge we that my prophesy is that this is going to continue to grow for a subsequent several years, and if that’s a case–we’ll do a best to have a Undertaker on.

“‘Off a Top Rope’ is a venue for not usually WWE wrestlers. We devise on carrying celebrities who adore wrestling. We devise on carrying legends that were former wrestlers. This is an party venue. If Adam Sandler is on Monday Night Raw, and we can get him on ‘Off a Top Rope,’ that’s accurately what we’re going to do. Paul Heyman is as sparkling as there has ever been on a mic, and there’s no doubt we’ll put him on–it’s usually a doubt of when creates a many sense.”

Coachman was asked if he could make McMahon persperate if he is a destiny guest.

“If we were value $700 million, your bequest is cemented, and we still have distance 22-inch arms, would anything make we sweat?” asked Coachman. “I doubt it, though I’ll positively try.

Extra Mustard

“Vince is an comprehensive weird of nature. There are certain people on this earth who were finished to do certain things, and zero he does surprises me. Vince is one of a biggest stars of all time, so it finished clarity for him to come back, generally with all of a injuries. It didn’t warn me, and it usually would have astounded me if we never would have seen him again.”

Coachman once wrestled a compare on a 2006 Raw opposite John Cena, though he is carrying too many fun in his stream purpose to call for a rematch.

“We once had a compare in a Quad Cities,” removed Coachman. “It competence be a drunkest I’ve ever been after a compare with Jack Daniels, given Cena wanted to honour me on unresolved with him toe-to-toe.”

Coachman is beholden for a event to assistance pull a WWE stars into a mainstream.

“This is a passion project, though a lot of people during ESPN wish to be concerned with it, too. I’m a face of it, so it’s easy for me to get gratification, though we wish everybody to know they’re a partial of it.”

Tweet of a Week

Shane “Hurricane” Helms seemed to glow a shot during Paul “Triple H” Levesque on Twitter this past weekend, though Helms simplified and explained that simply was not a case.

“That twitter wasn’t a poke during anybody,” pronounced Helms. “Triple H knows me, and he wasn’t even in Talent Relations during a time, so it unequivocally wasn’t a poke during him. ‘Just Sayin’ was a aphorism we would contend in WWE when they did a ‘Hurrapops’ gimmick, that was like Pop Up Video. we would cocktail adult in a small bubble, make a intelligent a– comment, afterwards say, ‘I’m usually sayin!’ That’s all that was.”

Helms, however, did make it transparent that he is a fan of a work of AJ Styles, Austin Aries and Sami Zayn (El Generico), though total that a wrestling landscape altered during a past decade.

“There has unequivocally been a change in styles,” explained Helms. “Omega and we were unequivocally pioneers of this hybrid character of wrestling that total a European character with a American character and Lucha character with a Japanese style. That hybrid character is now apropos unequivocally widespread in a business, though behind in a day, it usually wasn’t. Those are 3 guys that are flattering good during that style. That character is many some-more renouned now, so even if they did sinecure those guys behind in that day, it competence not have been a good fit for them during a time.”

Currently an representative and writer with TNA, Helms also sees a together between a multiple of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick with a mythological twin of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and J.J. Dillon.

“Brady is usually like Flair was in his primary with a Horsemen. He’s a good looking guy, he’s got a good looking woman, he’s got all a money, he’s winning championships here and there, and there is that small spirit of ‘the dirtiest actor in a game’ form thing given of Deflategate and Spygate. He is a Ric Flair of a NFL, and Belichick’s consistent grouchy cat demeanour usually entertains a ruin out of me. He’s such a classical heel.”

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