What Seth Rollins’ lapse means for WWE and Roman Reigns

May 24, 2016 - WWE

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins made his return during Extreme Rules on Sunday night. And it couldn’t have come during a improved time.

Aside from a illusory four-man Intercontinental Championship match, Sunday’s pay-per-view was rather uneventful. However, after news pennyless Rollins was speckled in New Jersey (site of Extreme Rules), fans began to expect a superstar’s comeback.

Rollins arrived only after Roman Reigns degraded AJ Styles to keep a WWE Championship. Rollins delivered a extraction to a champ, picked adult a pretension and hoisted it in a air. The throng during a Prudential Center went crazy.

When Rollins went down with a horrific knee damage final November, he was a WWE’s tip villain. He was aligned with a Authority and generally deliberate a renegade among fans.

Yet, on his return, Rollins takes on a purpose of a savior. WWE has struggled to overcome his absence, along with those of Daniel Bryan (who is retired), John Cena and Randy Orton. During that time, fans have refused to accept Reigns as a organization’s new face.

Judging from Rollins’ pedigree, a pierce he’s taken from coach Triple H, Rollins’ impression approaching won’t change that much. But a fans clearly done their choice Sunday night. The word “Everyone though Roman” has now remade into “We wish Rollins.”

What happens subsequent is half adult to WWE and half adult to a fans. Vince McMahon and Triple H have shown a solid joining to Reigns sitting atop a organization. However, they’ve shown only as most certainty in Rollins, who was always a standout in-ring performer in The Shield.

Rollins’ damage might have only been a best thing that could have happened to WWE and Reigns. Reigns has solemnly been operative his approach into heel territory, notwithstanding his insistence he’s not a “good guy” or a “bad guy.”

Rollins’ lapse finally provides WWE a correct counter to rivet in a kind of argument that could finally rouse Reigns in a eyes of a fans. Reigns and Rollins have a backstory. They’re former friends incited enemies and they have a extensive volume of in-ring chemistry.

A argument between a dual would, no doubt, paint Rollins as a fan favorite and Reigns as a villain. That might not be what WWE intended, though it’s what a association needs.

Having dual gifted immature stars duke it out streamer into SummerSlam in Aug is a winning scenario. Coupled with a lapse of John Cena and a substantially coming by Brock Lesnar during a large summer pay-per-view, WWE might be in improved figure after Extreme Rules than anyone expected.

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