What we schooled from WWE NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable

May 21, 2015 - WWE

On Wednesday night, NXT had their sixth live special on a WWE network. The developmental joining for WWE continued their strain of stellar shows and while it didn’t live adult to past events like a initial TakeOver or Fatal 4-Way, it was an refreshing dusk that answered some questions and lifted a lot of new ones.

Let’s mangle down what happened and try to establish where we go from here.

No. 1 Contender’s Match: Finn Bálor def. Tyler Breeze

On a NXT Kickoff show, it was suggested that Hideo Itami was pounded in a parking lot progressing in a afternoon, so creation him incompetent to contest in this match, that was primarily scheduled to be a triple hazard compare to climax a No. 1 contender. Breeze debuted a new, elaborate opening (and cape!) and Bálor introduced new “demon” makeup before to a match. Bálor eventually put Breeze divided with a Coup de Grace.

What we learned: Bálor will once again make a run during a NXT Championship, in what could unequivocally good be his final storyline in NXT. The man is unfailing for superstardom, has achieved flattering many all he can during Full Sail and if anyone’s prepared for a categorical WWE roster, it’s him. Breeze, meanwhile, continues to be unusual in his purpose and underrated quite by advantage of being a man that a some-more commercial guys keep using adult against. Luckily, that means he’s always going to have a job. Not certain where he goes from here, though he’ll find someone new to argument with, certainly.

Charlotte Bayley def. Dana Brooke Emma

The good guys got a win, flattering simply defeating a group of visitor Dana Brooke and a refusing-to-dance Emma, who has some new, flattering sinister-looking ring gear.

What we learned: Not much! Dana is still learning, Emma is still removing deeper into her meant strain and Charlotte and Bayley are still great. This was a plain match, though we’re so used to NXT women’s TakeOver matches being must-watch affairs that it fell a bit flat.

Baron Corbin def. Rhyno

In a conflict of dual large beefmen beefing during any other, Corbin picked adult a win after avoiding a gore and conflict End of Days for a pin.

What we learned: Corbin continued to demeanour clever as NXT keeps stretching him out a small during a time. He’s still not prepared for a categorical roster, though he continues to make progress. Expect NXT to indicate another thumper during him for another brief feud.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Blake Murphy (c) def. Enzo Amore Colin Cassidy

Enzo and Big Cass seemed to be on a margin of feat when Alexa Bliss ran out and pounded Carmela, distracting Colin prolonged adequate for Blake and Murphy to collect adult a win and keep a titles.

What we learned: Alexa Bliss is now partial of a heel coterie with a NXT tab champs! Enzo and Big Cass clearly still have some beef here, that will approaching lead to a six-person match, or during slightest one some-more shot during a titles for everyone’s favorite best friends.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks (c) def. Becky Lynch

Everyone approaching a women to try to take a uncover and they delivered. Banks and Lynch gave it all they had. The Boss eventually defended after conflict a outrageous armbreaker off a tip and afterwards picking adult a acquiescence win with a Bank Statement.

What we learned: Becky Lynch resolutely cemented herself as one of a cornerstones of a fully-stocked women’s multiplication in NXT. In her initial possibility to unequivocally shine, she constructed a signature performance, only as Charlotte, Emma, Natalya, Bayley and Sasha had all finished before her. She’ll lapse to a pretension stage eventually and her highway behind to a tip will be good value a wait. For Banks, it’s on to a subsequent challenger, presumably Dana Brooke or Alexa Bliss.

NXT Championship Match: Kevin Owens (c) def. Sami Zayn

Owens, in maybe a ultimate heel move, entered a ring wearing John Cena’s stream United States pretension shirt. A fantastic arrangement of his cockiness, as it indicated he was already looking past Zayn and relocating onto his competition during a arriving Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

As for a match, Owens lived adult to his promises, re-injuring Zayn and digest him incompetent to continue. Refs and William Regal attempted to get Owens to stop his conflict on Zayn, though he headbutted Regal and sent a referees scurrying. Who should that move out though SAMOA JOE (complete with sound-alike Godzilla opening to his theme), creation his WWE and NXT debut. He stared down Owens until Owens took a powder. He quickly deliberate going toe-to-toe with Joe, though eventually said, “Not tonight.”

What we learned: Zayn will approaching be holding poignant time off for a shoulder injury, only like Itami. Joe is also subsequent in line (after Bálor, of course) to step adult and plea Owens, that creates ideal sense. Owens has built himself as a truly unstoppable beast within NXT. And we need a beast to stop a monster. we can't wait for this one and conjunction can many eccentric wrestling fans.

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