What we schooled from WWE Payback 2016

May 2, 2016 - WWE

Sunday night’s WWE Payback pay-per-view in Rosemont, Illinois, was injured by an early injury, yet featured dual legitimate Match of a Year contenders and a few other matches that were a ton of fun.

Here’s all that happened and what it all means as we ready for a subsequent pay-per-view on May 22, Extreme Rules.

Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin

The leader of a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal showed adult in some imagination new pants, yet notwithstanding brutalizing former universe champion Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin couldn’t lift off a win. He whooped Ziggler yet good, yet opted to poise and showboat, giving Ziggler usually adequate time to hurl adult Corbin for a 3 count.

What we learned: Corbin is still a threat, yet he still has a lot to learn. He’ll expected direct a rematch during Extreme Rules. If that’s a case, urge for Ziggler.

WWE United States Championship Match: Kalisto (c) def. Ryback

The usually rematch from WrestleMania 32, Kalisto and Ryback once again found themselves wrestling for a United States Championship on a Kickoff Show. The outcome was a same as final time, nonetheless a compare itself was miles better. Kalisto managed to tarry all Ryback dished out and strike a Salida Del Sol for a pinfall victory.

What we learned: After losing decisively to a most smaller Kalisto twice in a row, one would wish (or assume) that Ryback will be relocating on to his subsequent argument and that Kalisto can start removing some some-more radio time. Of course, it’s equally expected that Ryback gets a rematch on Monday night’s part of RAW and wins a title. There’s no revelation with a U.S. belt these days.

No. 1 Contender’s Tag Team Match: The Vaudevillains NC Enzo Amore Big Cass

The compare had usually been underway for a few mins when Simon Gotch went to chuck Enzo Amore out of a ring. Enzo strike a bottom wire badly on a approach out and seemed to strike himself out when his conduct strike a ring apron. Officials waved a compare off and Amore was taken off on a stretcher.

It’s misleading during this time either a Vaudevillains will be deliberate to have won a match, yet no leader was announced, so for now we’ll cruise this to be a no contest.

What we learned: Later in a show, news came by that Enzo was relocating and talking, so a damage will hopefully not be a vital one (or during least, it won’t be as bad as we initial feared). The Vaudevillains will expected pierce on to argument with New Day for a tab group titles, yet a critical thing now is that a news about Enzo stays certain and that he earnings to movement soon.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

The dual perpetually enemies of a WWE met in their initial categorical register singles pay-per-view compare and it lived adult to all expectations. The dual put on an comprehensive hospital and their compare was a work of art. In a end, Owens outlasted Zayn, conflict him with a pop-up powerbomb and pinning him.

After a match, Owens tossed Zayn out of a ring and systematic Byron Saxton to come in a ring and talk him. He bossed Saxton around pronounced he has finally put his argument with Zayn to rest and valid he’s a improved man. He afterwards betrothed he would refocus and retrieve his Intercontinental Championship.

What we learned: See subsequent match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz (c) def. Cesaro

Kevin Owens opted to stay during ringside and join a explanation group for a Intercontinental Championship match, saying as he had a vested interest.

Miz and Cesaro had their possess illusory match, yet Zayn returned to ringside and jumped Owens during a explanation table. The dual attempted to fight into a ring, distracting a arbitrate usually as Miz was drumming out to a crossface. Cesaro knocked Zayn and Owens off a apron, yet Miz took advantage to hurl adult Cesaro with a handful of tights.

After a match, Cesaro, Miz, Owens and Zayn all strike finishers on any other. Owens was a final male station and he acted with Miz’s Intercontinental pretension as his song played.

What we learned: Owens’ argument with Zayn isn’t as finished as he would like it to be. These 4 group now have critical beef with one another and it looks like we’ll be building to a four-way compare (possibly a ladder match?) during Extreme Rules in 3 weeks. we acquire that with open arms.

Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho

These dual got a lot of a time, yet a compare never unequivocally clicked like it could have. In a end, Ambrose managed to strike Dirty Deeds and get a win over Jericho.

What we learned: There was substantially no one in WWE who indispensable a large win some-more than Dean Ambrose indispensable one. This substantially won’t be a finish of their feud, yet it substantially should be. Ambrose has a ton of movement usually a few months ago, yet after a muted display during WrestleMania, he feels passed in a H2O right now. Let’s get these group on to a subsequent rival.

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte (c) def. Natalya

In a rematch from Roadblock (and from their classical compare in NXT behind in 2014), Natalya had her uncle, Bret Hart, in her dilemma to opposite a shaping of Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair. Unfortunately, that hubris backfired on her. Charlotte sealed on a Sharpshooter and Charles “Lil’ Naitch” Robinson called for a bell to screw over Natalya.

Natalya and Bret sealed in Sharpshooters on both Flairs after a match.

What we learned: WWE will still take any eventuality to massage a Montreal Screwjob in Bret Hart’s face. That’s OK, though. It’s undying and iconic. This substantially all leads to a chapter compare between Nattie and Charlotte during Extreme Rules while we overpass a opening between now and a Sasha Banks pretension plea during SummerSlam in August.

(Before a categorical event, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon had an in-ring segment. Vince was ostensible to exhibit who would be holding control of RAW going forward. In a bit of a shake-up, Vince suggested that they would both be in assign of a uncover and will have to find a approach to co-exist … or one of them will have to be so cutthroat that they’ll dispatch a other.)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) def. AJ Styles

AJ Styles won a compare around countout after Roman Reigns went by an announce table, yet Shane McMahon came out to restart a compare as a no-countout contest. Then Reigns strike an unconsidered low blow and Styles won a compare around disqualification. So that brought Stephanie out to restart a compare as a no-DQ affair.

Styles managed to flog out of a Superman Punch, yet Reigns strike another one and that brought out Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. They pulled Styles out of a ring and strike a Boot of Doom on Reigns. Styles afterwards strike a Phenomenal Forearm, yet Reigns managed to get his feet on a ropes.

Finally a Usos ran down to ringside to conflict Gallows and Anderson and even a odds. Reigns tossed Styles onto a 4 group during ringside, afterwards strike a large dive, yet got held with another Phenomenal Forearm. Styles rolled Reigns behind in a ring and strike a springboard 450, yet Reigns kicked out. Styles missed a third forearm and Reigns strike a outrageous stalk to get a pinfall feat and keep his title.

Backstage after a match, Shane and Stephanie concluded that Styles and Reigns should accommodate again during Extreme Rules in a rematch for a universe pretension … in an Extreme Rules Match.

What we learned: This compare was unequivocally all about a amour of what would occur with Gallows and Anderson and either Styles would fan himself with his former Bullet Club compatriots.

Gallows and Anderson did get involved, yet it’s still misleading either they’re operative for or with Styles. Styles and Reigns, meanwhile, delivered an comprehensive classical match. Styles valid that he can take Reigns to his comprehensive extent — with or but any assistance — and Reigns valid he can hang with a best talent in a world.

And let’s not forget that Styles won a compare — twice — before Reigns was means to get one over on him. If any of these matches deserved a rematch during Extreme Rules, it’s this one. We’ll be looking brazen to a subsequent pay-per-view and another intensity classical between these two.

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