What WWE Fans Should Be Thankful For

November 23, 2017 - WWE

By Chuck Carroll

As we accumulate around a cooking tables on Thursday, we should take batch in what we are truly beholden for. For wrestling fans, that has to be a WWE. Yes, there is a good understanding of room for improvement. In fact, a graduation is kind of like a Thanksgiving dinner, in that we wish so desperately to get along with everybody during a list yet fundamentally someone does something foolish and infuriates you. It’s usually a approach it is and how it’s always been. But even yet we could spend an whole day deliberating a flaws of WWE, this is Thanksgiving. It is a time to give interjection for a certain things in life and in a ring.

One such certain is a commencement of a finish for John Cena. The one-time “Doctor of Thuganomics” took what would have been in many cases another unsuccessful animation impression gimmick and incited it into an empire. That Marky Mark protégé is now in line to turn a heading male in Hollywood. Much like a impression he voices in his latest movie, Ferdinand, he is headed for greener pastures. But before entirely roving off into a sunset, he is holding a time to pass a fire and build a moneyed destiny for a association that done him a millionaire many times over. If we still buy into a hit that he buries other talent to keep himself during a tip of a heap, we are sadly mistaken during this point. His jubilant lapse during Survivor Series was forgettable. Not largely forgettable. Not somewhat forgettable. Totally forgettable. And that is since a fire has been passed. That fire is now being carried by another dermatitis star who shares a love-hate attribute with a WWE Universe.

Love him or hatred him, Roman Reigns is someone we should all be beholden for. Actually, we should truly be beholden that he has returned to form. The once-polarizing former universe champion has recaptured a entirety of wrestling fans. Reigns was always popular, yet to ridicule instead of hearten was a some-more prevalent choice. The immature luminary has already managed to do something that Cena was never means to: win behind a crowd. The reunion of The Shield has separated a carol of boos that greeted him each time he stepped by a curtain. The destiny is splendid for this one. It will be engaging to see possibly all of a adore continues if WWE deduction with reported skeleton for WrestleMania. Multiple outlets have settled that a devise is for him to face Brock Lesnar for a Universal Title. Can he make it as a solo act though sketch a madness of fans? Like a turkey in a oven, that is something to keep an eye on.

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We should also contend interjection for a strength of a women’s division. This has been a year of a goddess. Alexa Bliss continues to be a exhale of uninformed air. She is a quintessential heel and plays a partial to a T. She plays it so good that it’s unfit not to like her. Meanwhile, on SmackDown, Charlotte Flair continues to be a torchbearer. As an aside, there is overtly zero that any wrestling fan should be some-more beholden for than a health of her father, Ric Flair, who managed to shun genocide notwithstanding prolonged odds.

WWE’s investment in a stand of women’s talent will not delayed anytime shortly with uninformed faces arriving. We saw a debuts of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville on RAW Monday night. Less than 24 hours later, Sarah Logan, Ruby Riot, and Liv Morgan done their initial appearances on SmackDown. In both cases, a NXT stars were done to demeanour like a wrecking crew. It is now adult to them to keep pulling a women’s series forward. The sire can't stop with these five.

As we continue looking during this feast of wrestling, a subsequent march is competition. Specifically, Ring of Honor, that has cemented itself as a country’s No. 2 promotion. Without it, WWE wouldn’t have of many of a largest stars. Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, CM Punk, and scores of others have all wrestled underneath a formula of honor. And in a many new call of signings, WWE landed a male who arguably was a face of ROH. Adam Cole has already perplexed a NXT audience, and it is usually a matter of time before we hear his name followed by “bay bay” on a categorical roster. He will reason a vital pretension on possibly Raw or SmackDown within a subsequent 18 months. Mark my word.

Lastly, we have AJ Styles. It took him scarcely 20 years to get here, and we should all be beholden that a tour took as prolonged as it did. He could have simply come to WWE years ago, yet he would have been held in a bury-then-push-then-bury-then-push-then-bury-again cycle that plagues many WWE talents. In that box he never would have turn phenomenal. Instead, he took his time, weighed his options, and forged his possess trail to a top. It is his knowledge on a general theatre that done him maybe a biggest in-ring performer we have seen in some-more than a generation. Had it not been for New Japan Pro Wrestling and Bullet Club, he might not have ever turn phenomenal. And his ability set extends over his possess abilities. Styles has a singular ability to pull a best out of his opponents. His compare opposite Brock Lesnar during Survivor Series is a primary example. When was a final time we saw a Beast Incarnate combat that finish of a match? The answer might be never.

For all of a critique that WWE faces — most of it deserved — a good outweighs a bad by miles. You can indicate to eroding radio audiences and live crowds, yet that is partial of a incomparable trend connected to changing media-consumption habits. So let us not hit WWE on this holiday. Let us be thankful. You contingency already be, or we wouldn’t be reading this article.

Chuck Carroll is former pro wrestling announcer and arbitrate incited sports media personality. He once appeared on Monday Night RAW when he presented Robert Griffin III with a WWE pretension belt in a Redskins locker room.

Follow him on Twitter @ChuckCarrollWLC.

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