What WWE Must Do To Sign Matt And Jeff Hardy

February 15, 2017 - WWE

WWE has brought behind vital stars like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Batista in new years, display that a doorway is never sealed on any star’s chances of returning to a company.

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Could Matt and Jeff Hardy be next?

According to PWInsider.com (h/t WrestleZone), “Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy have nonetheless to pointer new deals with TNA,” and their TNA contracts end this month, streamer to conjecture about a lapse to WWE for one of a many achieved tab teams in pro wrestling history.

Though a prevalent suspicion is that a Hardys will breeze adult staying in TNA, both Matt and Jeff have left open a probability of streamer behind to WWE, where they helped change tab group wrestling. WWE is, not surprisingly, reportedly meddlesome in bringing behind a Hardys, who grown arguably a many polarizing gimmick in all of wrestling in 2016.

As has been a box with many other vital stars, a lot of dominoes will have to tumble a right approach for WWE to have a legitimate probability of reuniting with Matt and Jeff. Let’s inspect accurately what WWE contingency do in sequence to re-sign a Hardys and pierce their “Broken Brilliance” to a No. 1 graduation in pro wrestling.


The Hardys have mixed income streams for merchandise, including Shop TNA, where Matt has 12 equipment for sale and Jeff has a whopping 70 equipment for sale.

Hardy fans can also squeeze their favorite sell during Shop Matt Hardy or Pro Wrestling Tees, where a Hardy Family was a No. 10 best seller for all of 2016, giving Matt and Jeff a engorgement of places to make income over what they’re creation on their downside pledge in TNA and for any particular engagement on a eccentric scene.

WWE contingency safeguard that a Hardys will be means to make as most in sell royalties in WWE as they’ve been creation outward of a company. One approach to do that is to furnish a boatload of Hardy-related sell equipment for WWEShop.com, maybe identical to what we see for Enzo Amore and Big Cass, who have a whopping 48 equipment for sale, or The New Day, which has 52.

Both of those tab teams arrange good forward a rest of a tab group multiplication in terms of series of equipment for sale, and a Hardys would have to be somewhere in that domain to make it value their while.


Here’s what Matt, in character, had to contend about his subsequent pierce in pro wrestling when he appeared on a Ross Report (h/t 411Mania) late final year:

But we will contend this, if a Impact Wrestling, and a TNA, if they wish to keep a services, it will cost these Anthem men, many, many dollars and it is going to cost them a commission of a association since we have to expostulate a ship, we have to drive. If they do not accommodate my demands, afterwards we theory that is a possibility. But we would usually go to that McMahon if he knew what a understanding was.

And here are some engaging income numbers to consider about:

It’s judicious to assume that, given that they were fundamentally a focal indicate of TNA in 2016, a Hardys’ salaries were substantially somewhere north of what a association offering Del Rio. It’s also expected that WWE would offer Matt and Jeff some-more income than Ryback, who is a obvious name in pro wrestling though maybe not on a turn as a Hardys.

Plus, given that Matt, even in character, has done it transparent that it would cost TNA “many dollars” to re-sign him, it’s protected to contend that he’d be awaiting a large income understanding to pointer with WWE, that isn’t a certain thing like TNA is. If WWE can't safeguard that a Hardys would arrange somewhere nearby a tip 10 of WWE’s tip paid superstars list, Matt and Jeff would expected be improved off staying in TNA, that allows them to have outward bookings and a lighter schedule.

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