What WWE Needs To Do To Make Their New Brand Extension A Success

June 9, 2016 - WWE


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The strange code prolongation was one of a many desirous and singular things WWE ever attempted, though sadly, it never unequivocally lived adult to a potential. Raw and Smackdown never felt graphic enough, a reason for a separate wasn’t clearly defined, and in a finish a whole craving went out with a sigh instead of a bang.

Thankfully, WWE has announced they’re going to be taking another moment during a good code prolongation experiment, that means they have a possibility to repair a many mistakes and oversights that sunk a thought a initial time around. There’s still copiousness of time between now and Smackdown going live on Jul 19 in that to make changes, so here’s a few ideas that only competence safeguard a new code prolongation extends forever…

Take The Randomness Out Of The Draft


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Let’s not fake Triple H can’t go wherever he wants. 

During a strange code prolongation era, a WWE Draft was always a many exciting, and disappointing, night of a year. Exciting since it fundamentally shook things adult in a large way, though unsatisfactory since it in no approach resembled any real-life sports draft. It was quite random, and simple shocks and swerves were as low as a play went. So, how should a WWE Draft be changed? Hold onto your butts, I’m violation out subpoints…

– The Draft should follow a lead of a NBA, NFL and other legit leagues and concentration particularly on new NXT talent.
– Each code should indeed be means to select their talent, rather than it being incidentally assigned.
– Draft sequence could be motionless by a array of matches, or something of that nature.

I know WWE doesn’t like to categorically state a significance of a performers – everybody’s a WWE Superstar and of equal value to a company! Except, of course, they’re not, and everybody knows it. By giving a WWE Draft a real-sports edge, we extend yourself so many some-more opportunities to emanate drama. Somebody who’s drafted late can arise adult to challenge a odds, while a first-round collect might tumble on tough times or review of sinful methods to live adult to people’s expectations. If WWE has a bravery to do a Draft right, a richer product will be their reward.

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