Which MMA fighters could make a transition to WWE Jim Ross tells us

October 4, 2014 - WWE

Jim Ross is perplexing his palm during broadcasting churned martial humanities for a initial time Friday night, though “Good Ol’ J.R.” has been a outrageous fan of MMA for years.

A upholder and showman during heart, Ross is frequency means to apart work from fandom. So even when he pops on a UFC pay-per-view a longtime pro wrestling play-by-play male can’t assistance though consider about that fighters would make successful transitions into WWE.

There was also a time that was his tangible job. Ross is a former clamp boss of talent family for WWE and was in assign of bringing in new superstars. When he looks during UFC fighters, he has a perceptive eye. Ross doesn’t only commend their work in a Octagon. Their glamour and looks are important, too.

“If we unequivocally wish to make money, we need to be a badass and sight hard, though we damn certain have to be means to sell a fight,” Ross told FOX Sports. “That’s what my promote partner brought to a table.”

Ross and former UFC star Chael Sonnen will yield a play-by-play and tone commentary, respectively, for Battlegrounds MMA’s one-night, eight-man welterweight contest Friday in Tulsa, Okla. (PPV, 9 p.m.). 

Brock Lesnar is a stream WWE universe heavyweight champion and a former UFC heavyweight champion. Who else competence be means to do both?

Here, Ross breaks down that MMA notables competence also be flattering damn good in a universe of sports entertainment.

Most of Sonnen’s interviews sound directly out of WWE anyway.

Chael Sonnen

Of course. This is a no-brainer. No one played a heel improved in a story of MMA than Sonnen. “The American Gangster” didn’t only speak trash, he cut promos, pro-wrestling style. Sonnen was so good during creation fans hatred (and some love) him that he warranted dual UFC middleweight pretension shots opposite Anderson Silva and a light heavyweight shot opposite Jon Jones. The latter was unconditionally undeserved, though that pay-per-view in 2013 is still one of Jones’ best during a box office.

“Chael was tailor-made for pro wrestling if that’s where he wanted to go,” Ross said.

Mir has a ideal demeanour for a WWE superstar, according to Ross.

Frank Mir

Use your imagination a tiny bit when we demeanour during Mir and we could roughly see him in a squared round of WWE. Mir is big, good-looking, intensely clear and charismatic. He’s cold and would substantially make a ideal heel in a capillary of a Kevin Nash. Mir in a NWO? Maybe. Ross pronounced he’s always been intrigued by Mir. Perhaps it’s no fluke that Mir was Lesnar’s biggest rival. Too bad a trilogy quarrel will expected never happen.

“He wasn’t a bad talker,” Ross said. “He has a good personality, he’s outgoing, charismatic. He has a good body.”

Carwin looks like a WWE heel, says Ross.

Shane Carwin

Vince McMahon has always desired his heavyweight and Ross has always been smitten by Carwin’s demeanour and athleticism. Another former Lesnar opponent, Carwin is a broad, robust citation of a man. Carwin, who has given late from a UFC, played college football, though also worked as an engineer. He’s another intelligent, enchanting and decorous large man.

“Shane Carwin had a smashing look,” Ross said. “He looked like a killer. He looked like an assassin. He looked like a wrestling villain.”

Hendricks’ tallness is what kept WWE from being some-more meddlesome in him.

Johny Hendricks

The WWE once favourite Hendricks, a stream UFC welterweight champion, so most that Jerry Brisco, one of a organization’s tip scouts, had his name circled during during his days wrestling during Oklahoma State. Hendricks is vibrant, charismatic and, c’mon, that brave is wonderful. There was only one thing blank from creation him a sum package for WWE: He was too small. Hendricks stands only 5-foot-9.

“The distance was not there for what we indispensable during that time,” Ross said.

“Funky” Ben would be “perfect” for WWE, per Ross.

Ben Askren

It seems like Askren is perplexing to reconstruct his possess chronicle of a mythological pro-wrestling argument right now. The former Bellator MMA welterweight champion now competes for ONE FC in Asia, mostly since a UFC didn’t caring to pointer him notwithstanding his substantial skills. Askren has been sniping opposite UFC boss Dana White and a dual have been going behind and onward in a media. Maybe they can one day emanate a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon-like rivalry, though White does not seem tighten to bringing Askren.

The hit on Askren is that he is not an sparkling fighter, though few sell a improved fight. Askren is a budding Sonnen when it comes to rabble talk, that is because Ross enjoys him. If ONE FC doesn’t work out, maybe WWE will take him.

“He’s got a good personality,” Ross said. “He would be ideal [for pro wrestling].”

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