Who won WWE ‘Tough Enough?’ We have a formula here!

August 26, 2015 - WWE

The winners of WWE “Tough Enough” have been suggested between finalists Sara Lee of Michigan and Amanda for a women, and ZZ and Josh for a men.

The competitors faced a vast plea on a finale. The women competed opposite WWE Diva Alicia Fox in a live wrestling match, while a group faced WWE Superstar Cesaro.

First, they helped pattern their possess costumes to combat in, along with their in-ring promo. Sara Lee asked to have her opening strain be a Kid Rock song. Of course, he’s a associate Michigander.

Amanda vs. Alicia Fox:
Amanda’s in-ring promo before a compare drew some cheers and chants as she done fun of The Miz. Her new name is “Mandy Rose.”

Her compare started off a small sloppy, though she executed some good moves, and took some good shots from Alicia. The judges praised her on her opening and intensity.

Sara vs. Alicia Fox:
Sara “Hope” Lee entered a ring to some shrill cheers from a crowd. Her in-ring promo spoke of her hurdles of being put in a bottom 3 and proof her doubters wrong. Hence her name, “Hope.” Then, she bashed Alicia Fox by observant she will turn a footnote in “Hope’s career.” A plain promo. Even a Miz pronounced he favourite it.

Sara’s compare was solid. Paige pronounced she “super surprised” her with a match. Daniel Bryan pronounced Sara was a tad wavering in her match, though overall, did a good job.

ZZ vs. Cesaro:
ZZ became “The King of a Bayou” for his character, finish with a vast alligator conduct as partial of his costume.

His compare went ok. The judges suspicion he achieved sincerely good for a brief match, though still don’t consider his work ethic is good adequate for longer matches, and for WWE.

Josh vs. Casaro:
Josh “The Yeti” is a favorite to win for a men. He delivered a decent promo, sketch chants from a crowd.

HIs compare also drew chants of “Yeti,” “Yeti.” He showed some energy and delivered some good moves, including a energy slam.

The Miz pronounced he hated his outfit, though suspicion his energy was good and he looked like a healthy in a ring. The judges gave him high praise, picking him to win.

The fan vote:
WWE COO Triple H seemed with a WWE contracts for a dual winners.

Sara vs Amanda – After a fan vote, a leader of a $250,000 WWE agreement is… Sara Lee with 64% of a vote! Congratulations!

Josh vs ZZ – After a fan vote, a second leader of a $250,000 WWE agreement is… Josh, with a opinion of 70%!

Congratulations to Sara of Hope, Michigan and Josh for winning WWE “Tough Enough” and earning their WWE contracts.

Look for them in a WWE or NXT ring in a future.

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