Why Nestle Waters chose WWE for a family-focused campaign

June 4, 2018 - WWE

Last week, in a new debate for Nestle Pure Life called “Choose Water,” Nestle Waters launched a array of amicable videos with World Wrestling Entertainment. The videos underline WWE wrestlers articulate about staying hydrated and are being common on Nestle and WWE amicable channels. People who use a hashtag #ChooseWater to contend since they select H2O over other beverages will get a possibility to win a outing to WWE’s pay-per-view SummerSlam event.

Watching veteran wrestlers tackle any other might not be a initial thing that comes to mind when we consider of family-friendly entertainment. But Tara Carraro, arch corporate affairs officer during Nestle Waters North America, worked as a svp of tellurian communications for WWE, and formed on that experience, pronounced some-more families watch WWE programming together than any sports joining in a U.S. solely a NFL.

WWE’s SmackDown Live alone averages 2.59 million viewers a week, according to WWE. The network has over 850 million supporters opposite amicable channels, including 38.4 million supporters on Facebook.

Promotional picture for Nestle Pure Life’s debate with WWE stars

WWE has attempted to restyle itself as family-friendly for a past decade. In a past, WWE, before called WWF (World Wrestling Federation), was famous for a ardent characters and disintegrating language, when blood, hardly clad women and impertinence was common in a ring and in a marketing. It’s given lonesome adult women some-more and invited kids into a ring to accommodate star wrestlers. WWE has also sponsored do-good organizations like Make-A-Wish and Susan G. Komen to refinement a image.

Carraro pronounced WWE reaches a form of consumers that Nestle Waters wants to reach: relatives and their kids. Nestle Waters has a possess conflict forward of it. Although consumers are moving away from sweetened beverages, generic store brands are mostly a tip sellers in a H2O difficulty since they tend to be cheaper. The wish is that restraining itself to WWE will assistance Nestle Waters mount out.

Image pleasantness of WWE

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