Why WWE Raw Must Return to 2-Hour Format

July 5, 2015 - WWE

Raw has been struggling given it stretched to 3 hours, and it’s time for WWE to dump a third and lapse to a two-hour format.

Monday nights used to be when fans would accumulate around a radio and switch between Raw and Nitro. Both shows were dual hours and aired during a same time, and given a DVR was nowhere nearby as prevalent, we had to select that module to watch.

Nowadays, a customarily choice on Mondays is Raw, and many fans have turn wearied with a product put on by WWE. Some constant viewers still balance in for a generation of a uncover every week, yet many have turn possibly infrequent fans who come and go or they have stopped immoderate a product altogether.

Expanding a uncover to 3 hours competence have seemed like a good thought during a time, yet it’s no longer sustainable.


Too Much Wrestling

With a three-hour uncover on Monday, a two-hour SmackDown and one-hour episodes of Main Event, Superstars and NXT any week, WWE is putting out 8 hours of strange programming each 7 days. That’s on tip of all a calm that is done exclusively for a WWE Network.

Add in a three-hour pay-per-view each month and a occasional two-hour NXT live special, and it starts to overcome even a many fervent fan.

Some people take in even some-more wrestling by examination Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

With that many time to fill, storylines turn repeated and wrestlers start to turn stale. By dropping one hour from Raw, WWE could cut out all a things nobody likes and concentration on what done a module a must-see uncover each Monday.

Three hours is excellent for a pay-per-view given it customarily happens once a month on a Sunday, yet environment aside that many time to watch Raw each Monday is too many for many people.


Less Repetitiveness

Having 3 hours to fill means WWE is forced to repeat a same matches and storylines over and over. Getting absolved of a third hour would be a large step toward regulating that problem.

How many times have we seen a compare on Raw and a same compare a few days after on SmackDown? It happens all a time.

We have seen Kane and Seth Rollins conflict Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose 3 times given a finish of May. If we go behind further, we will see that same compare has happened a few some-more times.

Having reduction time means WWE could space out these bouts to where it wouldn’t feel like we are saying a same thing each week.

New Superstars such as Kevin Owens and Neville have helped give us a small some-more variety, yet when it comes to a categorical eventuality scene, we see a same matchups consistently.

We don’t need to see each storyline addressed each week. If NXT has taught us anything, it’s that carrying a week or dual between developments in a sold angle will boost a longevity and make fans some-more meddlesome to see what happens next.


More Depth For SmackDown

These days, SmackDown feels some-more like a watered down chronicle of Raw than a possess show. With 3 hours to fill each Monday, WWE uses adult all a good ideas during a commencement of a week.

If a association drops a third hour, it would concede SmackDown to rise some-more storylines, and that is really critical to creation a uncover some-more than only Raw lite.

When SmackDown moves to a USA Network, a wish is a show’s ratings will boost given it will strech a wider assembly given a channel is accessible in some-more homes than Syfy.

However, nobody is going to balance in if it’s only a weaker chronicle of a uncover they only watched on Monday. Less time on Raw means there will be some-more to underline on SmackDown, that is what will move in a viewers.

The code separate competence be an thought to revisit eventually, yet for now, we need to see some-more abyss on both shows. Getting absolved of that third hour is a initial step toward creation that happen.


Less Filler

When Raw stretched to 3 hours, we started saying a lot some-more invalid segments and recaps. How many times have we seen a same summation video shown some-more than once on an partial of Raw? It happens each week.

If we are examination Raw, we already know what is function with a favorite Superstars. We don’t need to see a same impulse from a prior week dual or 3 times to remind us what happened.

In further to too many summation videos, we also get purposeless interviews and promos that final approach too long. Going behind to dual hours would force WWE to get absolved of many of that and concentration on what matters: a wrestling.

Video packages and promos are an critical partial of a product, yet carrying too many of them is boring. We need strange calm to keep us interested, generally in this day and age, when a normal courtesy camber is shorter than Hornswoggle.


Final Thoughts

Other than a detriment of promotion income that comes with carrying a three-hour show, there is no downside to WWE Raw going behind to dual hours.

It was fun to have that many wrestling on Monday nights during first, yet it seems extreme during this point. Too many summation videos, purposeless interviews and extensive promos occupy what used to be a many sparkling uncover in wrestling.

When WWE initial announced a uncover would be an hour longer, we all yet it meant a lot of underutilized Superstars would get a possibility to shine, yet that never happened. We still see a same people doing a same things each week.

WWE can spasmodic put on a three-hour special like they used to, yet carrying that many wrestling each Monday has done a product worse.

Take a impulse and ask yourself if creation Raw 3 hours has helped anyone in any way? You will roughly positively come to a end that it hasn’t, and going behind to dual hours only creates sense.

What do we think? Should Raw lapse to a two-hour format or are we happy carrying to lay by 3 hours of repetitiveness each week?


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