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February 19, 2016 - WWE

If we check your Twitter feed this weekend, you’ll expected see references to people like Brock Lesnar. Hashtags like #NewDayRocks. And don’t be repelled if Suplex City is a trending topic. Just like a #ThankYouDanielBryan hashtag dual weeks ago, pro wrestling is about to browbeat your amicable media feed.

That’s since WrestleMania is usually over a month away. It’s somewhere between a Super Bowl and a deteriorate culmination of a TV show, and it’s a many critical date on a wrestling calendar. This Sunday WWE’s Fastlane — a final vital eventuality before WrestleMania — will be streamed online live from Cleveland on a WWE Network, starting during 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET (that’s Monday 1 a.m. UK and 12 noon AEST).

What is Fastlane?

Fastlane, like WrestleMania, is one of WWE’s marquee live shows, set to tip a month of unchanging weekly programming with large payoffs and bigger to-be-continueds in wrestling’s everlasting plotlines. You can gamble with WrestleMania 32 on a horizon, it’ll be one ruin of a setup.


WWE has a lot roving on this year’s WrestleMania. Set to pile-up land on ATT track in Dallas on Apr 2, WWE has a sights set on a all-time assemblage record for an indoor event. WrestleMania III hold that record for decades (more than 93,000 attended a event during a Pontiac Silverdome in 1987), until it was damaged in 2010 by a NBA All-Star game, also during ATT stadium. But with last-minute storyline changes, a register waylaid by injuries and several of a company’s tip stars benched for a foreseeable future, a association will need to lift something sorcery out of a hat.

If we haven’t watched wrestling before, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wrestling isn’t fake, it’s predetermined.
  • Wrestling is ridiculously over a top.
  • Wrestling is some of a funniest, many impressive, many jaunty opening art you’ll ever see.

How can we watch it?

If we don’t have tickets to a stadium, there are dual other ways to locate Fastlane. Firstly, we can compensate $60 to your cable/satellite association as with a normal PPV event. Fastlane is also airing live on a WWE Network (or on direct anytime after that). The hugely renouned network is WWE’s dedicated subscription service, second usually to MLB.tv in a sports genre, fifth overall and the subscriber bottom is still growing. It’s kind of like Netflix for wrestling, streaming 40 years of wrestling calm to flattering many any connected device. If you’re a newcomer, your initial month is free. Otherwise, you’re on a offshoot for $9.99 per month.

Wrestling is like any other live sports eventuality when it comes to amicable media, so balance in to a #Fastlane hashtag and take partial in a Twitter contention as it unfolds. Seeing a crazy wrestling pierce is one thing, though saying everybody go nuts over an unconstrained looping gif is another.

But what’s so good about wrestling anyway?


Questions of character

Wrestling isn’t wrestling though totally over-the-top impression gimmicks. At Fastlane, you’ll see enchanting engulf hillbilly cultists face off opposite 3 of a largest athletes in a world, one of whom competence or competence not be an tangible demon (he’s not). Get prepared to postpone your disbelief, since this is wrestling as high art.

And afterwards there’s The New Day, a three-man organisation done adult of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston. The contingent are customarily a many engaging partial of whatever uncover they occur to seem on. When these 3 initial teamed up, it was with a tired, stereotypical southern reverend thesis that fast soured a crowd. Rather than face a delayed decrease into irrelevancy like too many other unsuccessful gimmicks, they fought for artistic leisure and in doing so they became one of a strangest, freshest, many renouned groups in WWE today.

Here are some New Day facts: The fourth member of their organisation is a trombone called Francesca II (the initial Francesca, also a trombone, carrying been unceremoniously murdered). They get on a microphone and speak about unicorns and dump problematic cocktail enlightenment references. To give we an thought of how renouned these guys are now, usually carrying them articulate is listed alongside a matches during Fastlane.

Diva’s Revolution

For years now, a women’s multiplication of a WWE categorical register has played second fiddle, with embarrassingly brief matches and groundless storylines definition they never unequivocally had a possibility to bond with a crowd. NXT, technically WWE’s teenager leagues, where intensity wrestling superstars file their qualification before removing a call adult to WWE proper, has ironically been creation good where a categorical register has depressed short.

In NXT, womanlike competitors are categorical eventuality performers, and “the 4 horsewomen” led a charge. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley (no surname) put on one of a best matches of 2015, branch mainstream women’s wrestling on a conduct in a process. They perform like they’ve got something to prove, and do they ever infer it.


They’ve brought a ruthless, technical impression to a women’s division, some-more in line with lofty collegiate wrestling than near-miss feign punches. This Sunday we can see them in action. Charlotte (daughter of wrestling fable and 16-time champ “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair) will put her Diva’s championship on a line. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch will be doing their best to quarter Banks’ ex-teammates in a tab organisation match, where dual teams of dual compete, with usually one from any side authorised a ring during once. Unless, of course, someone cheats. Which is half a fun.

Human drop appurtenance Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a genetically engineered answer to anyone who’s ever pronounced wrestling is fake. The former UFC champion is a legitimate badass, and WWE has used Lesnar’s credentials as a real-life warrior of a tip size to make Brock Lesnar a impression into an overwhelming force in a ring.

Since he repelled a wrestling universe by putting an finish to a longest undefeated strain in wrestling story dual years ago by defeating The Undertaker, Lesnar hasn’t been scripted to lose. He competence not always win, though he’s never been pinned and he never submits.

His stream part-time agreement means he’s not on TV each week, though when he does make a singular coming on WWE’s weekly flagship show, Monday Night Raw, or during an eventuality like Fastlane, it’s like Christmas, and each benefaction is a suplex. If you’ve never seen a suplex before, no one does it utterly like Lesnar. He wraps his arms around his competition and afterwards deduction to toss a 300-pound male retrograde over his head. It looks like this:


Given his real-life history, his gusto for draining “the tough way” (read: removing his opponents to strike him so tough he starts draining for genuine during matches), and his perfect earthy presence, no one else brings flawlessness to pro wrestling like Lesnar. When he’s in a ring, you’re about to watch a fight.

All roads lead to Roman

This brings us to Roman Reigns, and here’s where it gets interesting. At Fastlane, Lesnar is in a three-way compare with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, with a leader going on to face a WWE champ (a pretension now hold by a tangible Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events Creative for WWE) in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania.


In a vacuum, WWE would have already hand-picked Reigns as a winner. It’s no tip that WWE wants Roman as a tip “babyface” (good guy) of a company. But it’s not in a vacuum. It’s in front of tens of thousands in a crowd, and millions some-more around a globe.

WWE’s support for Reigns is during contingency with a fan faith that he hasn’t warranted a tip mark in a company, notwithstanding his character’s dominance. Reigns really looks a part, though his impression has unsuccessful to bond with hardcore WWE fans.

Rumour has it that Reigns was meant to win his initial WWE championship during WrestleMania final year opposite Lesnar, though fan recoil resulted in eleventh-hour rewrites to save a accession of a company’s subsequent tip star being met with a carol of boos.

Of course, Reigns’ former brother-in-arms Dean Ambrose is also involved. Ambrose is distant some-more renouned with a die-hards than Reigns, and his new second-place finish in one of a biggest matches of a year during a Royal Rumble — a fixed outcome that succeeded in startling a assembly — competence indicate to Roman blank out again.

The outcome of a categorical eventuality during Fastlane has a lot roving on it when it comes to a destiny instruction of a association and how WWE deals with complicated fandom. The matches are predetermined, though backstage politics is anything but, and a outcome is distant from certain.

So because should we care?

It’s serialised live storytelling with impossibly jaunty performers personification outlandish villains and heroes with an overarching tract that never truly ends.

There’s a reason fans tumble tough for pro wrestling. It can be dumb. It can be offensive. But we insist for those moments when we know it’s all scripted, though you’re in too low to care. When it connects, when you’re so invested it feels genuine or improved than genuine sometimes, and we won’t ever find another form of party utterly like it.

Even if you’ve never watched a singular match, Fastlane is a good place to start. If we adore it, WrestleMania is right around a corner. If we hatred it, we can quietly go behind to ignoring wrestling for a foreseeable future. Give it a try and get swept adult in a atmosphere, a adrenaline and a hype.

And maybe you’ll get because a tip trend on Twitter this weekend is about a fake sport.

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