With a WWE register separate announced, here’s your initial 2016 WWE ridicule draft

May 25, 2016 - WWE

WWE announced Wednesday that it is revamping SmackDown as a live show that will underline a unique roster starting in July, that means fans could potentially see a lapse of a WWE Draft. 

Back in 2002 following a genocide of WCW, WWE separate a register opposite Raw and SmackDown (The Rock was a No. 1 altogether pick), and annual drafts were hold to shake adult a shows annually from 2004 to 2011. Raw and SmackDown rosters eventually joined and a series of championships was reduced – yet with one of a deepest rosters in years, a code separate could finally make for dual constrained shows any week. 

So how should WWE order a stars? We went by a register one by one, presumption that WWE’s idea is to make Raw and SmackDown equally watchable and do associated ratings. Part-timers like Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker have been released along with harmed stars yet a lapse date, and tab teams count as a singular pick. 

No. 1 – Raw: Stephanie McMahon


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Stephanie McMahon feuded with her hermit over control of Raw, that finished with Vince McMahon forcing his children to work together on a show. Stephanie and Shane have been (almost too) accessible since, yet bursting a span adult and branch Raw vs. SmackDown into a foe seems like a correct move.

No. 2 – SmackDown: Shane McMahon

SmackDown is a uncover perplexing to locate up, that is because Shane falls to second notwithstanding being some-more over with fans than his sister. In general, Shane is a lead “New Era” figure in WWE while Stephanie represents a establishment, and their register choices will simulate that. 

No. 3 – Raw: Roman Reigns


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Reigns’ pretension will be on a line during Money In The Bank, yet it seems illusive that he keeps it given how WWE has built his impression over a final few months. The new authorization actor goes to a authorization show. 

No. 4 – SmackDown: John Cena


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Taking John Cena off Raw would be a confidant pierce for WWE to make – Cena was famously drafted by SmackDown in 2011 yet switched to Raw after in a uncover – yet during this indicate in his career it seems like a pierce Cena would be peaceful to make. This is a 15-time universe champion who spent an whole year elevating a United States title. Having him anchor SmackDown will expostulate a outrageous volume dedicated Cena fans to a show

No. 5 – Raw: Seth Rollins


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Rollins and Reigns are usually starting what could be a prolonged feud, and even if a span usually combat any other during pay-per-views, they should be on a same show. Given how prohibited Rollins is right now, it’s tough to see him relocating off Raw. 

No. 6 – SmackDown: AJ Styles

It’s tantalizing to put Styles on a same uncover as Reigns given how good they work together, yet now that Styles has been shoved out of a pretension design by Seth Rollins, WWE could stretch him from a champion. Styles-Cena matches could be likewise epic.

No. 7 – Raw: Charlotte

It seems expected that Charlotte will sojourn a champion for a foreseeable destiny after rising winning from a argument with Natalya and picking adult a bodyguard in Dana Brooke, so she’s naturally a initial womanlike wrestler on a board.

No. 8 – SmackDown: Sasha Banks


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Sasha Banks has been blank from movement and is rumored to be recuperating from a conduct injury, yet WWE is regulating her to foster a change to SmackDown. Banks is impossibly renouned and should get a shot to lead her multiplication on SmackDown. 

No. 9 – Raw: The New Day

Whichever uncover gets The New Day radically hits a jackpot, yet we consider WWE will hang a star tab group on a uncover with a best ratings (at slightest for now). 

No. 10 – SmackDown: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has been arguably a best partial of WWE programming this year. He consistently delivers in a ring, on a mic, in a commentator’s chair, and even on Snapchat

No. 11 – Raw: Dean Ambrose


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Ambrose goes to Raw to keep a former Shield total and keep him tighten to a WWE title. 

No. 12 – SmackDown: Sami Zayn

If Zayn and Owens aren’t on a same uncover WWE will have done a horrible, terrible mistake.

No. 13 – Raw: Paige

This is a bit of an dissapoint pick. Paige has been unfortunately shuffled out of a forefront of a women’s division, yet a register separate should give her some-more airtime. Also…

No. 14 – SmackDown: Becky Lynch

… we’re gripping new NXT stars together on SmackDown, that means Becky Lynch joins Sasha Banks. Give them 15 mins each week, please. 

No. 15 – Raw: The Miz

The Miz is substantially too low on this list given that he’s a Intercontinental champion, yet he’s constantly on a verge of losing it. He unequivocally good might dump a belt during Money In The Bank before a breeze ever happens.

No. 16 – SmackDown: Rusev and Lana


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Who will Rusev beef with now that he’s a United States champion? Captain America John Cena is a best bet, so we’re putting a Bulgarian Brute on SmackDown. 

No. 17 – Raw: Enzo and Cass

Someone’s got to combat The New Day.

No. 18 – Smackdown: The Wyatts

Another harmed star on a verge of a comeback, Bray Wyatt was usually starting to benefit movement before pang a calf damage in April. We unequivocally wish to see Wyatt work with some of a new arrivals from NXT, and it usually creates clarity for a rest of a Wyatt family to be on a same show. 

No. 19 – Raw: Randy Orton


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Orton is set to lapse shortly from a prolonged deficiency according to Vince McMahon, yet it’s misleading how WWE will use Orton once he returns. Prior to his damage he was associated with Reigns and Ambrose, and yet that storyline is prolonged forgotten, we’ll put Orton into a WWE pretension design on Raw. 

No. 20 – SmackDown: Gallows and Anderson

The fractured Club storyline is usually removing started, so Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson be on AJ Styles’ show. 

No. 21 – Raw: Dana Brooke

No. 22 – SmackDown: The Dudley Boyz

No. 23 – Raw: Cesaro

No. 24 – SmackDown: Baron Corbin

No. 25 – Raw: Apollo Crews

No. 26 – SmackDown: Darren Young

Brooke will land wherever Charlotte does, and Cesaro goes to Raw to change a Intercontinental pretension margin between a shows. Finally, a [awful] Darren Young promos with Bob Backlund have to be heading somewhere, right?

No. 27 – Raw: Natalya

No. 28 – SmackDown: Eva Marie 

No. 29 – Raw: Sheamus

No. 30 – SmackDown: The Vaudevillains

No. 31 – Raw: Dolph Ziggler 

No. 32 – SmackDown: Summer Rae

No. 33 – Raw: Chris Jericho

No. 34 – SmackDown: The Big Show

No. 35 – Raw: The Usos

No. 36 – SmackDown: The Shining Stars

No. 37 – Raw: Kalisto and Sin Cara

No. 38 – SmackDown: GolDango

No. 39 – Raw: Whatever a combinations of Goldust, R-Truth, Tyler Breeze and Fandango are called during a time

No. 40 – SmackDown: Mark Henry

No. 41 – Raw: Jack Swagger

No. 42 – SmackDown – Titus O’Neil

No. 43 – Raw: Kane

No. 44 – SmackDown : The Social Outcasts

WILD CARDS: Finn Balor, Bayley, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka

Balor’s WWE entrance has been rumored for weeks and he could turn a new personality of The Club now that AJ Styles has separate with Gallows and Anderson. He’ll substantially join a categorical register someday soon, in if he does he’ll be a tip pick. 

No one knows how prolonged Shinsuke Nakamura will sojourn in NXT, and with Balor shortly to skip a Japanese luminary could lift a uncover with Samoa Joe while a subsequent stand of talent develops. Nakamura has a talent and glamour to  be categorical eventing WWE pay-per-views, though, and will hopefully be on inhabitant radio earlier rather than later. 

Bayley forsaken her pretension to Asuka usually before WrestleMania, and Asuka seems primed to go on a prolonged widespread run in a NXT women’s division. Bayley’s prepared to make a jump, yet it’s misleading when her entrance will happen. Asuka’s categorical register entrance is serve off, yet like Nakamura, she’s an implausible performer who will be a fan-favorite for a prolonged time to come.

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