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December 31, 2015 - WWE

Contrary to what we competence think, there were a lot of good moments in WWE’s 2015. Kevin Owens pinned Cena purify and is a legitimate star, Seth Rollins became a boy-god we always knew he was, Neville, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Tyler Breeze, and a Lucha Dragons debuted on a categorical roster, and Brock Lesnar didn’t lose to Roman Reigns. Not bad right? As wrestling fans we’re compliant to concentration on a dumb, foolish stuff, yet we should also offer credit where credit is due. It could be so many worse. David Arquette is not champion. Life is good.

Okay, now that that’s taken caring of, let’s speak about a reticent stupid stuff. Here are my choices for some of a worst, cringiest, many ill-conceived moments from a WWE this year. Why? Because it’s fun to commiserate, yet also given we’re never gonna get improved yet initial acknowledging a problem. Consider this step one in Bad Wrestling Booking Anonymous. 

Worst Championship Reign – Ryback

Poor Ryback. The man has been by some-more ups and downs than practically anyone else on a whole roster. From Tough Enough, to Ohio Valley Wrestling, to The Nexus and a beast push, and behind down to, erm, Rybaxel, he’s a summary of inconsistent, here-today-gone-tomorrow WWE booking.

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NXT women’s multiplication is staid to take over WWE

So it was indeed kind of good that tip coronet gave him a run with the Intercontinental Title progressing this year. Unfortunately it came from 2015’s misfortune compare (more on that later), and an empty, untethered argument The Miz and Big Show that got protracted way longer than it should’ve interjection to an black staph infection. Seriously. Ryback’s initial impulse with a pretension was squandered on dual dudes who are built to take pinfalls, and he wrestled them for months.

Eventually Kevin Owens showed up, took a title, and now gets to have genuine matches with tangible critical people like Dean Ambrose. I’m not complaining! But it feels like Ryback deserved better, right?

Worst Feud – Dolph Ziggler/Lana vs. Rusev/Summer Rae

Maybe it’s uncanny to contend this was a misfortune argument of a year. we mean, it was really, unequivocally bad, yet it was still noted right? I’ll remember Dolph Ziggler desperately emulating a many cringe-worthy seducer of all time. I’ll remember Rusev, a former world-conquering badass, get ruthlessly emasculated by a booking, the commentary, his former valet, etc. I’ll remember Lana, someone who was once rumored as a destiny womanlike face of a WWE, morph into a bleached, day-glo groupie, totally robbing her of all a things that done her engaging and singular in a initial place.

So, in some ways this argument is some-more engaging than, say, Randy Orton/Sheamus. You know, in a same approach a craft pile-up is some-more engaging than a automobile crash.

That being said, we can’t consider of a new argument that’s been some-more destructive to dual careers utterly like this one. A few months before he ran off with Lana, Dolph Ziggler looked like a second-in-command babyface, producing one of a many drastic Survivor Series matches ever and saving a good guys from finish annihilation. Now he’s the many obnoxious, played-out impression in all of wrestling. Rusev was on a torpedo undefeated streak, got defeated by John Cena, became a groveling, whiny, pushover mess, and is now an unknown member of a incomprehensible stable. So yeah, we consider I’d always rather be common than spectacularly bad.

Biggest Disappointment – The Diva’s Revolution

We all knew this would happen.

Raw is a uncover with a really specific list of priorities. It is here to expostulate subscriptions, sell merch, and pull eyeballs before it is here to make stars. That’s because Cena, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker have been a usually applicable people on a uncover for years, and guys like Seth Rollins and CM Punk can win championships and still feel like sum NPCs. Things are opposite down in NXT; a audience is smaller and a engagement is some-more flexible, that allows a uncover to build massive, complicated, multi-year storylines that cap in pleasing matches, like, say, a Bayley/Sasha Banks barnburner that competence really good be a many cathartic impulse in recent WWE history.

Unfortunately, we also knew that when a once-in-a-lifetime mount of women cultivated down in NXT done their categorical register opening it was going to be a struggle. Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch should be a large deal, and a WWE treated them as such, yet they were immediately put in listless, go-nowhere tab matches which forced someone like Lynch, who’s wrestled all over a star given 2002, to take a misfortune offense in a star from Brie Bella.

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NXT women’s multiplication is staid to take over WWE

These women got over for their good matches, sure, yet it was also because their characters were beautifully orchestrated. Charlotte is a overconfident, prototypical hoss who can take on all comers yet a doubt in her mind. Sasha Banks is a career second-banana who finally, desperately incited on a usually crony she had for a chance to scurry to a tip of a heap. On Raw, Sasha’s usually genuine impression trait is that she’s a heel and wears stunner shades.

That has to change, and I’m assured it will. Unfortunately in 2015 the Diva’s Revolution represented all a misfortune fears about main-roster WWE booking.

Most Brutally Squandered Momentum: Cesaro

All WWE has to do is contend “hey, Cesaro! Cesaro is awesome,” and they’ll have a code new star. 

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WWE’s best matches of 2015

I don’t slobber utterly as tough for a Swiss Superman as a rest of the internet underbelly, yet he’s certainly one of a many technically means wrestlers on a roster, sporting some evil strength and a honestly endorsable personality. He kicked off a year with a integrate good matches in a tag-team division, and caught glow after dual illusory Raw matches with John Cena. This stirred one of a many noted moments of a year, when The Face That Runs The Place hold a special post-match speech to put him over as fervently as possible.

You can’t get many improved than that. And naturally Cesaro was immediately put in a module with Kevin Owens, that he lost. No large deal. What’s next? A garland of intermediate tag-matches and no poignant pay-per-view appearances? Oh.

Like we said, I’m not observant Cesaro should be star champion, yet it’s occasionally baffling when WWE has a ideal event to spin someone into a large understanding and usually … refuse. Who knows? Maybe he was in line for a giant WrestleMania push before he got injured, yet it still smells like that all-too-common maze of a wrestler who’s categorically ready by each identifiable metric solely Vince’s capricious judgement.

Worst Match: Ryback vs. Sheamus vs. R. Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. King Barrett vs. Mark Henry, Elimination Chamber

I still don’t know what happened with this thing. Here are 6 veterans who are some-more than able of operative a reasonable match, and nonetheless we don’t consider I’ve ever seen anything mangle down utterly as entirely on WWE programming. There’s a whole bit where Sheamus is apparently sabotaging a opening to his pod with his necklace, which goes totally unexplained by explanation and usually sorta lingers around for a few minutes. There’s a garland of people violation adult pins, even yet it’s an elimination match, that is totally counterintuitive and stupid. Mark Henry’s pod breaks and he’s not certain if he’s ostensible to come out and join the match or mount around like a goober. It’s bad. 

My favorite partial is towards a finish where Dolph Ziggler starts barking out spots to everyone, desperately perplexing to get things behind together. A intrepid effort, yet this compare still ends with Sheamus and Ryback doing sluggish energy moves after 25 mins to substantially a deadest pay-per-view throng of a year. There’s usually so much you can do.

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