WrestleMania 31: WWE has work to do before the biggest pay-per-view

March 5, 2015 - WWE

CLEVELAND, Ohio – There are a few things we know for certain with 3 weeks left until WrestleMania 31 (emphasis on a universe “few”).

Roman Reigns will face Brock Lesnar for a WWE Championship. Legends Triple H and Sting will face off in a fan dream match. The Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place for a second uninterrupted year.

Those are certainties that fans know they can design during a WWE’s biggest pay-per-view on Mar 29. Yet, all else seems to be adult in a air.

The categorical eventuality compare between Reigns and Lesnar isn’t accurately a biggest showdown in WrestleMania history. So a WWE has a lot of work to do and several questions to answer over a subsequent 3 and a half weeks:

Daniel Bryan’s role

It looks like Bryan will breeze adult in a huge, six-man ladder compare for a Intercontinental Championship with Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Luke Harper and Bad New Barrett. There’s no doubt a ladder compare could take a show. But a genuine doubt is – Will it damp Bryan’s fans? The infancy of a WWE Universe substantially still wants to see Bryan in a categorical event. That’s not going to happen. So would saying Bryan win a Intercontinental Championship be enough?

Will we or won’t we see The Undertaker?

Rumor has it The Undertaker won’t be creation a earthy coming on TV until WrestleMania 31. That means he’ll substantially answer Bray Wyatt’s steady taunts in some of video format on a Raw before a large show. Granted, this does concede Wyatt to take a lead as a WWE’s new face of fear. However, it leads to me trust that a rumors are loyal about The Undertaker’s earthy health. He didn’t demeanour that good final year when Lesnar dominated him and new photos on amicable media have him like your aging grandfather. When a WWE does betray The Undertaker during WrestleMania 31 we could be in for a outrageous letdown.

The Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royale

Last year, a WWE consumed an eventuality to pull Cesaro after his win during a Andrew a Giant Battle Royale. we don’t consider a classification will make a same mistake this year. This, to me, comes down to dual wrestlers: The Miz and Damien Mizdow. The WWE has unequivocally been building an interesting story between a two, that we suspicion would lead to a fun showdown during WrestleMania 31. That’s not in a cards. So we design that their argument will be during a core of this year’s Battle Royale. A Mizdow win could countenance a compare and disturb a crowd. If that’s not a plan, afterwards what is? A Sheamus return? Let’s wish not.

Can Sting still wrestle?

And for that matter, can Triple H? The Game’s compare opposite Daniel Bryan was one of a best during final year’s WrestleMania, yet we trust that had some-more to do with Bryan’s stellar in-ring ability. This year, Triple H is operative with a aspirant that’s 10 years comparison than him. Triple H and Sting seemed unbending during their face off during Fastlane, that doesn’t bode good for a full match. Still, Triple H is always in figure and Sting appears to be as well. Let’s wish for a best.

Divas division

The WWE loves pulling a Bella Twins, who are a stars of a “Total Divas” existence show. But fans are removing ill of examination their matches. It looks as yet we’re gearing adult for a tag-team compare featuring a Bella Twins vs. Paige and recently returned AJ Lee. That’s all good and good, yet what does it meant for a multiplication relocating forward? AJ and Paige offer a best possibility of a Divas multiplication returning to a excellence days, yet a WWE seems pro-Bella.

Is Lesnar vs. Reigns unequivocally a categorical event?

It seems like an peculiar thing to be questioning, doesn’t it? The WWE Championship compare should be a no-brainer to tighten a show. In Vince McMahon’s ideal world, Roman Reigns would win a WWE Championship, a throng would hearten as shrill as probable and WrestleMania 31 would blur to black. But that’s not expected to happen, unless a WWE pulls some extreme moves with Reigns over a subsequent few weeks.

There’s a really good possibility a Reigns win will pull a churned greeting or prosaic out boos from a crowd. The final thing a WWE wants are fans dissing their new champion a finish of WrestleMania. After all, a pay-per-view is ostensible to build to an epic moment. There’s a decent possibility a classification could opt to tighten out a biggest pay-per-view with Sting, The Undertaker or John Cena. Each of those seems like a improved option.

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