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February 19, 2015 - WWE

Wrestling fable Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics tab group wrote a following on his Facebook after a Vince McMahon Muscle Fitness cover came out:

“Vince certain is ripped. He’s a master of ripping people off, like all a wrestlers like me from a domain days. He stole a likeness, who we are, and a egghead skill of a matches. WWE has certified they don’t have any of a sealed releases many don’t get a dime for DVD’s sole in vital stores universe far-reaching and online or The WWE Network. Come on Vince unequivocally male adult compensate up. Scott Ammon pronounced we paid a lot for libraries of video from World Class, Mid South, UWF and other regions. Please share this and let WWE know a time to compensate up!”

“If we buy an manuscript from a 70s or 80s a artist and strain writers are still paid. Even yet a work was finished decades ago. Same with cinema and TV shows. So because not compensate a wrestlers of my epoch for a DVDs of a work that are being sole in vital sell stores universe wide? A name few are being paid. Why not all of us? If they feel we are critical adequate to be on those DVDs and The Network afterwards we should be critical adequate to have a satisfactory share for everyone. I’m not bitter. we had a good career. Not all of us finished adult like Randy The Ram even yet they try to make we consider that. we have been successful in other business ventures. we like many others have had life after wrestling. We are usually seeking for it to be satisfactory opposite a board. If wrestler A is being paid for videos of matches opposite wrestler B. Should not wrestler B also be paid? Fair is Fair.”

Reader Barry B. sent these additional comments before they were apparently private from Facebook:

“Please share to all Wrestling associated groups and pages! And let WWE know! This is a time to let a voices be heard. For those that are appearing on sell that has mislaid their health, their families, and some their lives. The problem is he wants to compensate for a destiny by ripping off a past, he has once pronounced that a past didn’t exist. If Egypt can be overturned and altered so can Vince McMahon and so can his WWE empire. Let your voices be listened and assistance us to let ours be heard! … As people got behind us years ago. Get behind us one some-more time. Support us in this effort. We only got it adult on a WWE page. Please go there and share my post on Vince’s Muscle Body and Fitness. It gives us a power! #WWEPAYUSNOW! … I’m removing lots of questions one i spoke with wwe scott ammon he pronounced we could kick WWE on a state turn for hidden a likeness,name, egghead skill . Wwe scott ammon pronounced we will kick we in justice on a sovereign turn . He pronounced we paid certain people Lots of income . Problem is we paid a wrong people . Its time to compensate adult a talent not only tip names though also a refs encouragement and announcers that is being distributed by WWE. They have no sealed releases . Even scott ammon told me that . Help us in a predicament your voice is listened and does count . Be wordless no longer . Deflate Vince McMahon now! Go to WWE’s page and tell them to compensate a wrestlers a royalties that owe them. If they are on sell for instance a network or dvds. That is how to voice your opinion! If we wish to assistance us we can hit a following sponsors and tell them what WWE has been doing: General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Disney, DreamWorks, Paramount, Kmart, Subway, Taco Bell, Colgate, Frito-Lay, Schick and Mattel.”

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