Wrestling Week in Review: Top 10; WWE gets talent distillate from Japan

January 6, 2016 - WWE

SI.com’s Wrestling Week in Review is published each Wednesday. For a initial edition, we’ll mangle it into 5 sections: Weekly Top 10, News of a Week, Five questions with TNA champion Ethan Carter III, This week in wrestling story and Tweet of a week.

News of a Week

Photo: Karl Anderson :: @machinegunka/Twitter

The internet buzzed on Monday with a news out of MLW Radio that AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson all sealed with a WWE. With a WWE Network now accessible in Japan, a timing of a pierce creates ideal sense.

Call me a pessimist, call me crazy, though we do not see this talent raid finale well.

The “New Japan Four” represents some of a best wrestling talent in a world. Styles dealt with a behind emanate nearby a finish of 2015, though has displayed in TNA, ROH, and NJPW that he is an chosen talent. Styles and a extravagantly talented Nakamura just faced off during Wrestle Kingdom 10 in a unusual compare for the IWGP Intercontinental championship. Nakamura retained a title, so he will have to do a honors for someone in NJPW before departing. Gallows and Anderson are a big, bruising tab team, and they also forsaken their tab titles during Wrestle Kingdom. Gallows was with WWE once before, though was requisitioned intensely poorly. He is one of a some-more underrated large organisation in wrestling and prepared to make an evident impact in NXT and WWE.

I accurate a news with 3 opposite creditable sources, including one with approach ties to a WWE. The signing has Vince McMahon’s fingerprints all over it – he loves to shillelagh and mangle an competition – as good as WWE COO Paul Levesque.

Levesque is given credit for his Hall of Fame wrestling career, though he is also a unequivocally savvy businessman. He mended aged wounds with Bruno Sammartino and a Ultimate Warrior, as good as cut ties with Hulk Hogan when he believed a biggest name in a story of wrestling was no longer best for business. He done a call to reason off on a Kurt Angle comeback, as good as built a extensive product in NXT.

Extra Mustard

WWE’s best matches of 2015

The reported signing is identical to a serve of “The Radicalz” sixteen years ago, as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn incited a wrestling universe on a conduct with their remarkable depart from WCW and warn signing with a WWE. Guerrero and Benoit, a many successful of a four, both indispensable time in a WWE to learn a impression and rise their possess personalities. There is no doubt that Styles, Nakamura, and Gallows/Anderson will all make a poignant impact and noted moments with NXT. Levesque has remade a former “developmental league” into a bona-fide, must-see product formed around a tiny bit of sports party and a whole lot of wrestling, and that positively hurts competitors like Ring of Honor and TNA. The “New Japan Four” will flower in NXT, though a WWE is an wholly opposite beast.

Each of a 4 are extensive wrestlers. Styles reminds me of a 2016-version of Ric Flair, that is no tiny compliment, and Nakamura is a loyal wrestler’s wrestler. Gallows and Anderson are a many intimidating tab organisation in a world. But a WWE is a corporate entity that proudly calls itself a radio uncover about a wrestling show.

If it were usually about a wrestling, a “New Japan Four” would be extravagantly successful WWE superstars. But we usually can't prognosticate a 25-minute compare between Nakamura and Styles at WrestleMania 32. If I’m wrong? Vince McMahon can put me in a hammerlock, and that’s a guarantee we will not break.

Weekly Top 10

1.) Roman Reigns, WWE

Will Reigns lift income as champion?

The tip respect in a business is wearing a WWE championship, and Reigns is now wearing it. Drawing is a measuring hang for all champions, that is given Hulk Hogan and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arrange distant above Triple H, Ric Flair, and even The Rock.

The WWE finally figured out a winning regulation for Reigns: hang him with wrestlers who a throng dislikes some-more than him. After wrestling a likes of Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, and Bray Wyatt via 2015, he is now on a solid diet of Sheamus, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio. If Wade Barrett weren’t injured, he’d also be in line for a stalk from a champ, too.

Extra Mustard

Roman Reigns talks about life in a WWE

There is no doubt that Reigns is over with a large apportionment of a WWE Universe — his sell sales are usually second behind John Cena — though portion as a categorical lift for a biggest wrestling firm in a universe is a office not everybody can withstand. After removing a vital massage from Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and even God Almighty Vince McMahon, Reigns continues to win over before antagonistic crowds. But will he lift good adequate to extend his energy to WrestleMania 32 for a rematch with Brock Lesnar? Or dump a belt in a Rumble and quarrel Triple H during ‘Mania? WrestleMania 32 appears to be Brock-Rock, Cena-Undertaker, and Reigns-Triple H, so it will be engaging to see who binds a pretension entering a biggest uncover of a year.

2.) Kazucika Okada, New Japan Pro Wrestling

Okada is New Japan Pro Wrestling’s universe champion, that is his third energy with a prestigious IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix, a ruling physique of New Japan) title, and he is usually 28 years old.

After a severe start to 2015–Okada was forced to watch Hiroshi Tanahashi play a atmosphere guitar after defeating him in Jan during Wrestle Kingdom 9–he rededicated himself to a business and degraded AJ Styles in Jul for a title. That storyline came full round this past Monday as Okada degraded Hiroshi Tanahashi in a 36-minute categorical eventuality during Wrestle Kingdom 10 this past weekend.

Okada indeed had a proxy tarry to a United States in 2010 with TNA, though was so dissipated that mad New Japan officials vowed to never again work with TNA, that non-stop a doorway for New Japan to enter a stream talent-exchange module with Ring of Honor.

3.) Kevin Owens, WWE

Owens is a many engaging wrestler now active in a WWE. His skillset was polished in a eccentric wrestling stage over a past fifteen years, and as a result, his impression and work is unequivocally opposite than many of WWE’s stream stars. He’s gifted on a stick, and his quick, scornful promos are a extensive instance of how an effective heel should work in a stream day of wrestling.

The biggest doubt symbol per Owens isn’t either he can go, as he is one of a many gifted wrestlers in a business. But will a WWE ever book him in a conform that will lead to a energy as WWE champion? Owens does not have a “look” of a prototypical champ (there is a reason that a chiseled John Cena’s nickname in WWE developmental was “The Prototype”), though conjunction was Mick Foley. Despite his uninformed impression and superfluous talent, a cursory peek during the list of WWE champions, however, does not prove that a wrestler with Owens’ build will ever win a company’s grand prize. Lots of eyes will be examination a conform Owens is requisitioned in 2016.

4.) John Cena, WWE

It is usually a matter of time before Cena joins Ric Flair as a 16-time universe champion. He reinvented himself in 2015, explanation critics wrong again and again with superb U.S. pretension matches — many utterly with Cesaro, Owens, Neville, and Sami Zayn — a superb three-way compare with Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar during a Royal Rumble, as good as a illusory hitch with Seth Rollins in Brooklyn during SummerSlam. Cena delivered another superb compare in his lapse to Raw final week with Alberto Del Rio, who had put on a array of dull, seared matches as U.S. champion. Cena’s lapse showed, once again, it is a male who creates a pretension and not a pretension who creates a man.

5.) Dean Ambrose, WWE

Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship is his second vital title, carrying already won a United States championship. A argument with Reigns–even with both organisation as faces – would have been good lift for a Dec PPV had Reigns’ championship story arc began during a Survivor Series, though a association done a preference to extend Reigns-Sheamus into a new year.

What is a subsequent step for Ambrose? Reigns, Lesnar, and Cena are resolutely confirmed as a tip 3 draws in a company, though there is an opening for a tip heel within a WWE. Could Ambrose be a subsequent Shield member to join Triple H in a Authority? In a interim, it will be unequivocally engaging to see Ambrose’s course and a instruction for his compare during WrestleMania 32.

6.) Finn Bálor, WWE NXT

Extra Mustard

Finn Balor on WWE NXT, Triple H, Dusty Rhodes, New Japan

The NXT champion altered a picture of his whole promotion, as a 34-year-old luminary is one of a world’s best wrestlers and has also shown he is a organisation actor peaceful to make a many of any conditions his bosses benefaction him. Bálor was an general star and has remade NXT from “developmental” to a majors, and his matches with Owens (the “Beast of a East” special on a Fourth of July, as good as a ladder compare in Brooklyn on a eve of SummerSlam) were twin of a best matches of a year. His work rate has towering NXT above TNA and Ring of Honor.

 Bálor is reportedly in line for a call-up to a categorical register after WrestleMania 32, right after his pretension invulnerability during NXT Takeover Dallas, against, presumably, Sami Zayn.

7.) Ethan Carter III, TNA

It is astray to impute to EC3 as a destiny of TNA, as he is also their present. He is a many constrained partial of a stream programming, and a gifted 32-year-old reclaimed a TNA heavyweight universe championship final night on live television. He degraded Bobby Lashley progressing in a show, afterwards went over clean in a categorical eventuality opposite Matt Hardy. EC3 is explanation that a wrestler can attain though a assistance of WWE. He was not one of “Paul Levesque’s Guys” in developmental and was unceremoniously let go by a WWE, though channeled that beating to fuel his destiny success.

It would have been rapist had a association put a predestine in a hands of anyone else. TNA has attempted many opposite recipes for success, though it needs to broach in a area that a WWE spasmodic lets trip by a crevices – a wrestling, and EC3 can work. TNA needs to continue to prominence immature wrestlers – led by their champion – and concede for poignant time to tell a story in a ring. Eventually, a array of matches between EC3 and a newly sealed Michael Bennett will be appointment observation for all wrestling fans.

8.) Jay Lethal, Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor universe champion is 6 months into his pretension reign, and he also spent 4 months as a twin champion with a universe radio championship. Lethal initial gained prominence in TNA as a builder of “Black Machismo,” and put together a unequivocally engaging module with Ric Flair, though this pretension run has been formed on his unusual wrestling ability as many as his charisma.

 Lethal degraded of AJ Styles during ROH’s Final Battle on Dec 18, as good as likely of Michael Elgin in Tokyo during Wrestle Kingdom 10. As ROH builds toward a 14th Anniversary PPV on Feb 26 in Las Vegas, oddity is building to see who hurdles a master of a “Lethal Injection.”

9.) The Young Bucks, NJPW/ROH

The Bucks are a many talented, cohesive, and bomb twin in a business. Fresh off their Wrestle Kingdom 10 victory, Nick and Matt Jackson are now a newly crowned IWGP Junior Heavyweight tab organisation champions, and have positioned themselves for a run with a Ring of Honor tab titles after signing for a subsequent year with a company. With a stream champs–War Machine–working though contracts, it is usually a matter of time before a Bucks are posing with a titles.

After examination these twin perform, we have to ask yourself–how are they not now operative for a WWE? A triple-threat TLC compare between a Bucks, New Day, and a Dudley’s would have combined a genuine WrestleMania impulse in April.

10.) The New Day, WWE

The contingent is a unequivocally engaging act, though there is means for regard for Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E.

The New Day has not been requisitioned as a critical hazard given a Oct 5 book of Monday Night Raw when they laid out John Cena. Over a past 3 months, a New Day has focused some-more on trombones and unicorns than destruction. Comedy is positively indispensable in wrestling, utterly on a three-hour Raw, though a comic act needs to be offset by a right volume of violence.

Extra Mustard

WWE’s Xavier Woods has his possess video diversion YouTube channel

The common peace in a ring and on a mic for Woods, Kingston, and Big E is distinct any other organisation in wrestling, though a doubt symbol still lingers over a stream WWE tab organisation champions. An engaging resolution would be to book a champs in a jubilant module with a Uso’s and Lucha Dragons in Jan and February, afterwards book them to go over in a TLC compare during WrestleMania with a Dudley’s and returning Hardy’s, that would serve indurate a New Day as a vital square of a association — as good as a critical hazard inside a ring.


Five Questions With … TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III

Photo: Courtesy of TNA

Fresh off his championship feat over Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III left a ring, and – with a pretension in palm – conducted his initial speak as champion with Sports Illustrated.

SI.com: TNA has attempted many opposite ways to succeed, though they are investing their faith and destiny – on a new network in Pop TV – in you. How humbling is it to be a face of a company?

Ethan Carter III: It’s unequivocally humbling for me to be a face of a company, though we don’t feel I’m a face utterly yet. There is still a lot of work for me to do to uncover that respect on myself, and this association has a lot of faces that need to be seen by a world. It’s unequivocally humbling, and it is also a good shortcoming and challenge, though it’s a shortcoming and plea I’ve waited for my whole career. 

SI.com: We see we on radio each week, though wrestling fans are not sanctified with a event to watch we work behind a curtain. You have dedicated yourself to a business for a past thirteen years, and sacrificed a good understanding to put yourself on tip of a company. Has all of your tough work paid off?

EC3: There have been 4 knee surgeries, one arm surgery, concussions, and stitches some-more times than we caring to count. I’ve been kick adult and bruised, and that’s usually a earthy part. The mental aspect is wholly different. Striving so prolonged perplexing to get somewhere on a independents to removing an event to learn from WWE in their developmental system. It didn’t work out, and whatever happened, it happened for a reason. we truly trust that a reason was for me to come here to TNA. There are life-changing events I’ve had to give adult to even get a mark of this opportunity, though ruin yeah, it was value it. I am unequivocally advantageous given we have had zero though good support from my family, even given a beginning. we didn’t finish college, though my father told me, ‘If we wish to do this, go do it and do it a best we can.’ we have a good girlfriend, who is now my fiancée, who has been with me for a unequivocally prolonged time. She’s seen me during my misfortune and sees me during my best, and it’s romantic to get to this point.

SI.com: Are we a WWE’s biggest mistake?

EC3: They have a resources of talent. They can means to make mistakes, though we usually happened to be a unequivocally bad one. My disdain, my annoy has subsided given I’ve valid detractors wrong. When we left, we talked to someone – who is now their tip man in a attention – and we said, “There’s usually one left for me to do, and that’s force it adult their a–.” And he said, “I’d agree.” So it was a motivating cause for a while, though now my proclivity is building this association as many as we can and operative a hardest we can to give a fans an choice and a good uncover to watch. My expostulate is a success of this place, not a mistake of others.

SI.com: The “New Japan Four” reportedly usually sealed with WWE. You have a tie to all men, generally AJ Styles. What is your viewpoint of a report?

EC3: I’ve been bustling with what we are doing, so we usually vaguely listened of it, though those are 4 good talents. They’re going to be good wherever they go, and if they’re relocating on somewhere else, some-more energy to them.

SI.com: How can we lift TNA in a opposite successful direction? Will we have longer matches? And who would we like to see in a ring?

EC3: The EC3 impression started as a cocky, tiny cut kid. My proclivity was to rise my character. we knew that good matches would come if a impression progressed. Going brazen now as a champion, we’ve done a EC3 impression conniving and evil, though each time his behind is opposite a wall, he’s been means to lift it off. we credit Kurt Angle for being a one to put me in that position when we initial won a universe heavyweight championship. So EC3 can go, he’s battle-tested, he’s hardened, he knows his sh— now, and it’s time for a universe pretension to be prestigious, have lineage, and sought after by everybody in this locker. This means all to me, and my life revolves around being a champion of this company. The fights for a pretension need to be value watching, and we need to have contests of epic proportions – fifteen-to-twenty matches would be great, and twenty-five to thirty? Let’s do it, let’s go.

This Week in Wrestling History

Seventeen years have upheld given arguably a biggest impulse in a story of Monday Night Raw.

Mick Foley degraded The Rock on a Jan 4, 1999 airing of Raw, and a compare was a vital branch indicate for a WWE in a conflict opposite World Championship Wrestling, as good as a perfection of Foley’s blood, sacrifice, and loyalty to a business. Last night, before roving to his comedy show in Charlotte, Foley took some time out of his bustling report to discuss, as he calls it, “The Night a Channels Changed.”

“I didn’t feel like we was scrupulously prepared,” explained Foley. “If we demeanour behind during a match, we can see my whole shirt was ripped far-reaching open. Earlier in a night, after securing my compare with The Rock, we had jumped into a crowd. we indeed jumped to a wrong area where there was no confidence ensure to assistance me, and we was roughly broken by a strike from a fans there in Worcester. we unequivocally didn’t feel intensely assured before a compare that we would be pulling off something that fans would be articulate about seventeen years after a fact.”

Foley never even pennyless out a headphones to listen to Tori Amos before a pretension match.

“I was too nervous,” he said. “There was too many going on to even consider about a match.”

Wrestling has a story of quarrelsome pretension changes. No one wants to remove their mark during a tip of a company, though The Rock was intensely happy for Foley’s achievement.

“I indeed attempted to speak Vince McMahon out of it, meditative it wasn’t best for business,” pronounced Foley. “I remember looking during The Rock’s face and he contingency have been thinking, ‘He’s perplexing to speak a trainer out of winning a WWE title?’”

Foley dedicated his life to a office of veteran wrestling, and – no matter how common and friendly Foley stays – his work in a ring perpetually altered a business.

“I was what is famous in a business as a transitory champion, though we was happy we had a title, even if it was for usually 26 days or so,” pronounced Foley. “I never formed a success of my career on either or not we was a champion, generally a WWE champion, until we indeed hold it. we didn’t comprehend a bulk of it given we never suspicion it was in a cards. I’m happiest about a fact that people remember that impulse so fondly, even seventeen years after a fact.”

The Foley pretension feat aired on a taped Raw, and WCW’s Tony Schiavone infamously on Nitro. The Foley-Rock compare finished adult delivering a bigger rating than a live compare between Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash.

Foley has no peers in wrestling. He displayed his glamour in many opposite personalities, that enclosed a vehemence goofy in Cactus Jack and a unusual hippie as Dude Love. But his many successful impression stays himself – and re-watching Foley’s pretension compare serves as a lovely sign to usually how well-developed he was in a ring.

 “Whether it’s in a ring, with my writing, or with my occasional comments on a state of a business, people know we care,” pronounced Foley. “I’m still emotionally invested in WWE, and we consider people conclude that.”


Tweet of a Week

Nice to see Bálor isn’t a Peyton Manning fan.

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