WWE: 10 biggest stories of 2016

December 21, 2016 - WWE

As a year comes to a close, it’s time to take a demeanour behind during a biggest stories of 2016 in WWE.

2016 was a large year in WWE. With rising stars, a retirements of others, intolerable returns, a lapse of a division, a arise of another, new championships, 15 pay-per-views (and that’s not including NXT), including a biggest WrestleMania in story and all else in between, there was a lot to take in this past year.

For usually a second time in history, a WWE pretension was adult for grabs in a Royal Rumble match. We witnessed a intolerable lapse of Shane McMahon (and another startling lapse that we’ll get to in a small while), who returned to WWE after 7 years to conflict The Undertaker for control of Monday Night RAW. We watched as a former face of WCW, Sting, was inducted into a WWE Hall of Fame, announcing his retirement that unequivocally same night. We saw matches that we never suspicion we’d see as former stars from Ring of Honor, New Japan and TNA done their symbol in WWE and NXT.

We saw a lapse of encouragement talent following a code separate and saw one of those encouragement talents turn a bigger star than many superstars on a roster. We watched a reunion, either they were battling any other or operative together, of one of a best stables in WWE history. And we saw one of those men, Roman Reigns, turn usually one of a few distinguished superstars who disregarded a Wellness Policy. We watched as some large names left a company, and for a initial time in some-more than a decade, one of a biggest superstars in WWE story spent some-more time divided from a association than with it.

This past year was a opposite kind of year for a association and here are 10 stories that helped figure WWE in 2016.

10. Daniel Bryan retires

It’s always hapless when any WWE superstar, or any wrestler for that matter, is forced to retire early due to injury. We’ve seen it occur many times over a years and we’re never utterly prepared for it, are we? Even when rumors run prevalent that it’s going to happen, we don’t wish to trust it. We won’t trust it. But that’s accurately what happened on Feb 8 on Monday Night RAW as one of a many renouned WWE superstars of a past decade, Daniel Bryan, announced that he was timid from in-ring competition, not even dual years after reaching a apex of his career.

After years on a eccentric circuit, Bryan came into WWE during usually a right time as smaller superstars like CM Punk were changing a industry, and after spending some time in some mid-card angles, he towering into a categorical eventuality design in a outrageous storyline with The Authority and real-life backstage politics came into play on TV. It’s widely famous that Vince McMahon doesn’t like a small guys as most as a large guys though Bryan’s recognition grew and grew until there unequivocally was no choice though to climax him as a tip man in WWE. The “Yes Movement” became one of if not a biggest thing in wrestling, and after violence Triple H in a opening compare during WrestleMania XXX, he went on to constraint a biggest esteem in a diversion after that night and was hotter than any other wrestler in a world.

Unfortunately, his power would finish after usually 64 days as a neck damage kept him out of movement for months. The pretension was taken off of him, and while he would lapse for large matches, he never won a WWE World Heavyweight Championship again. He was means to win a Intercontinental Championship in a ladder compare during WrestleMania 31 and could have done that belt applicable again though he was forced to relinquish a pretension shortly after due to another set of injuries. He would never combat again.

In a end, it was his story of concussions and a seizures that accompanied them that forced him to retire. While he says he had been privileged by other doctors, WWE’s medical staff refused to do so and so we got a rite behind in Feb in front of his hometown crowd. In a stage that reminded me of Edge’s retirement announcement, Bryan pennyless down (as I’m certain most of a WWE Universe did while watching) and asked for one final “YES” intone as he walked away. And while he has continued with his onscreen purpose as a GM for Smackdown Live and did some announcing for a Cruiserweight Classic, it’s unhappy to know that, exclusive some arrange of miracle, we’ll never see Daniel Bryan contest in a ring again.

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