WWE 2016 Review And 2017 Predictions

January 5, 2017 - WWE

By Chuck Carroll

In a lot of ways, it’s unhappy to see 2016 come to a tighten for WWE. It was a insubordinate 12-month camber that saw a lapse of a successor to a throne, a entrance and delight of a tellurian talent that was never ostensible occur and a sudden retirement of a too-young legend. Then there was a inconceivable attribute between WWE and UFC and a slaying of a savage by a titan absent for a decade. The register was divided, new championships were combined while champions were destroyed. And Heath Slater won a pretension belt.

That final one alone proves what a conspicuous year it was. So how could 2017 presumably tip that? Who knows? But something will fundamentally cocktail up. It always does, given that’s a beauty of pro wrestling. Just when we consider we have it all figured out, Vince McMahon throws we a disagreeable bend ball.

Taking a demeanour behind during 2016 and a demeanour brazen to 2017 with me are Scott Fishman and Aaron Oster.

Scott Fishman (@smFISHMAN) – Pro wrestling contributor, Miami Herald and Channel Guide Magazine

Aaron Oster (@TheAOster) – Pro wrestling contributor, Rolling Stone and Baltimore Sun; Host, Jobbing Out Podcast

(You can listen to a full half-hour WWE roundtable here.)

WWE’s Biggest Moments Of 2016

Chuck Carroll:

Brock Lesnar Returns to UFC

We’re articulate about only a year or so private from him creation a preference to re-sign with WWE instead of going behind to UFC. Now he finds a approach to pierce a dual together and works out a understanding with any side that’s jointly beneficial. we don’t know either that sold pay-per-view got some-more buys that when CM Punk fought after in a year, though we do know, formed on all a mainstream media coverage, that this was a outrageous event. I’m indeed astounded WWE didn’t foster it some-more on television. It was engaging on that pay-per-view to see WWE SummerSlam promoted. For me, that was a hell-freezing-over form of moment.

Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker during WrestleMania

Here Shane has been absent from WWE for so long, and he comes behind with a lot of sleet on a roof. You’re wondering how most does this man unequivocally have left in a tank athletically. But he comes out and wrestles an comprehensive fine opposite Undertaker, including that absurd self-murder jump off a tip of a cage. My shawl is off to Shane McMahon.

Daniel Bryan Retires

I’m kind of astounded no one else talked about this. Just all a mainstream media coverage that it got and a recognition that was brought to a slow concussion issues. That to me is a tip impulse of a year given that unequivocally transcended a universe of pro wrestling. It became a vital sports story for a year… Yes, we all saw it coming, though how mostly does a pro wrestling retirement land on a front sports page of vital newspapers opposite America? When does that occur for wrestling?

Scott Fishman:

Shane McMahon’s Return and Brand Extension

It’s one of those astonishing things that happened with Shane McMahon entrance behind that nobody saw coming. Especially in today’s amicable media when everything is out there. Just for them to get that genuine warn from a fans and assembly and a lot of people that are “on a inside,” we consider that was a good thing. Plus, so many people didn’t consider that was indeed going to be function again… I’m going to tie that with a code prolongation itself. we consider that transforms SmackDown into what it is now with it being a live format uncover again.

Goldberg Returns, Destroys Brock Lesnar

Having Brock Lesnar remove to Goldberg in such wilful fashion, we don’t consider anybody saw that coming. Goldberg returning to WWE was a good impulse in itself, though only carrying him kick Brock Lesnar in a approach that he did spoke volumes. It got people talking. It was a hum impulse in 2016 and now relocating brazen into a Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. It set adult a lot.

AJ Styles Signs with WWE

I’m a outrageous AJ Styles fan and have been given TNA. Just a fact that he finished such an impact in such a brief volume of time. No one suspicion AJ Styles was going to be in WWE, and afterwards he ends adult display adult during a Royal Rumble. we was indeed there, and a greeting he got right from a commencement was incredible. I’m certain it even astounded WWE. He has unequivocally run with a ball. You couldn’t ask for a smoother transition. You hear a lot of guys speak about a WWE character and how guys can’t kind of adjust to that. we consider that he is a resplendent instance that yes, we can do it and do so well.

Aaron Oster:

Goldberg’s Return

I suspicion his lapse was a outrageous moment. They built it adult properly, and utterly honestly we suspicion it went improved than any wrestling fan could have presumably expected. we don’t consider when they had him entrance in they designed on Goldberg violence Brock Lesnar, though they satisfied how most that throng desired and responded to him. Good pursuit by WWE to run with it. we suspicion it was a furious impulse and something we did not consider would happen. And if it did occur we did not design it to go down like this.

AJ Styles Debuts in WWE

Yes, he debuted during a Royal Rumble and he had that good argument with Chris Jericho, though a impulse where he had that “Oh, this is AJ Styles, and they’re going to run with this” was Memorial Day. John Cena earnings after they’ve been hyping it for weeks, and AJ Styles comes out, and they have that Rock-Hulk Hogan form of impulse with a separate crowd. And afterwards that shred ends with AJ Styles station over a damaged John Cena. It was only a ideally finished segment. To see that impulse where a throng is joined behind AJ Styles station over John Cena, that was unequivocally something. You could have told me he would come to WWE, though we could never have told me that impulse would happen. He would after kick John Cena clean at SummerSlam and win a WWE Title. It was a year of AJ Styles in WWE. And that impulse some-more than anything valid he is no longer a large fish in a tiny pond. He is as good as anybody on a universe including John Cena.

Shane McMahon Comes Home

If we’re articulate about an on-screen moment, nothing better encapsulates not only wrestling, though a year in whole, as Shane McMahon returning. You got a surprise… To have him come out to that absurd cocktail from a honestly repelled crowd. And afterwards regulating Shane to make some changes (in WWE). He’s a on-screen matter for a new guys entrance adult and removing some-more chances. Shane McMahon, some-more than anyone else, was WWE in 2016. we had that as series one. It was only a outrageous moment.

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The Undertaker recovers during his quarrel opposite Brock Lesner during a WWE SummerSlam 2015 during Barclays Center of Brooklyn on Aug 23, 2015 in New York City.

The Undertaker (Photo Credit: JP Yim/Getty Images)

WWE Predictions For 2017

Chuck Carroll:

John Cena Goes Even More Hollywood

I see John Cena going even some-more Hollywood and following in The Rock’s footsteps. His preference to do this for him is a right thing career-wise, though afterwards we consider behind to only a few years ago to his matches opposite Rock during WrestleMania. His whole thing was Rock left WWE and deserted a WWE Universe and he’s entrance in for these few matches. Cena was observant he’s always WWE and was all-in for WWE. And here we are in 2017, and he’s a bit of a deceiver in that regard.

Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE

I consider that generally toward a after partial of a year, maybe around SummerSlam, we could see a red and bullion return. we consider adequate time has upheld that WWE would feel gentle bringing him back.

Undertaker Wins Title during WrestleMania

My series one prophecy is a confidant one. I’m presaging one final pretension run for Undertaker… (And with him appearing on RAW in New Orleans) we consider a plcae creates sense, with it being a city where he mislaid to Brock Lesnar and a strain ended. With an proclamation reportedly entrance that WrestleMania is returning to New Orleans subsequent year, it creates clarity to pierce Undertaker to Monday night.

Scott Fishman:

NXT Evolution

I consider it’s going to be an engaging year in NXT as distant as stuffing a blank of all a talents already called up. It’s going to be engaging saying how that evolves with these new faces removing opportunities. The ones that got called adult left some large boots to fill. What will WWE do with that? There’s a lot of speak about Samoa Joe and Nakamura removing called adult to a categorical roster. One of those dual is substantially going to occur earlier rather than later. It looks to be a box in a subsequent integrate months with WrestleMania deteriorate entrance up.

AJ Styles Dominance

I consider AJ Styles will continue to run with a ball, exclusive any damage or anything out of a ordinary. He seems to be reliable, that WWE is unequivocally large on.

WWE Creates John Cena’s Successor

It will be engaging to see what WWE does with John Cena removing some-more and some-more opportunities divided from a company. He seems passed set on being partial of WWE still, and we have to admire that with all a hours he puts in. But WWE now has even some-more of an coercion to build new stars. You can go to a good fewer times now with so many guys they’ve already called back. You have Goldberg. How many others can we call back? Kurt Angle if he’s going to be entrance this year. You can’t always go to these guys anymore. They’re not removing any younger.

Aaron Oster:

NXT 2016 Call-ups Create 2017 Roadblocks

I consider that you’re going to see people staying there a lot longer than they should. In particular, we consider Asuka does not make a categorical register coming in 2017. That’s something a lot of people would not expect. we consider that they’re going to keep some-more draws like Asuka, generally given they’re carrying a small difficulty furloughed and removing even a smaller venues filled. So, they need to keep people like Asuka down there.

Filling Nakamura’s Shoes

I consider Nakamura does eventually pierce on, though they fill his purpose only as he did in 2015 with a entrance and pull to a moon. That’s Chris Hero’s pursuit this time around. He’s going to uncover up, and he’s going to be immediately pushed right into a spotlight. If you’re looking for a man from a outward to fill that role, demeanour for Matt Riddle. He’s a relations visitor to wrestling after being in UFC for a while… that’s my large prophecy for 2017.

The Rise of Sami Zayn

One man that we consider they’re going to push, maybe not to a unequivocally top, though as a unequivocally high mid-carder is Sami Zayn. They’ve been giving him a lot some-more TV time lately… WrestleMania is going to have a large impulse with Sami Zayn, and my prophecy is that Sami Zayn beats Braun Stroman for a U.S. Title during WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle Returns

I consider you’re going to start saying Survivor Series built around nostalgia. It’s unequivocally going to be a nostalgia pay-per-view, and that’s where Kurt Angle comes back. You have Kurt Angle lapse to WWE during Survivor Series this year.

Chuck Carroll is former pro wrestling announcer and arbitrate incited sports media personality. He once appeared on Monday Night RAW when he presented Robert Griffin III with a WWE pretension belt in a Redskins locker room.

Follow him on Twitter @ChuckCarrollWLC.

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