WWE 2K15 Behind The Scenes Video Reveals New Info

August 31, 2014 - WWE

2K Games

2K Games

As a recover date for WWE 2K15 — Oct 28th — continues to grow near, there seems to be a some-more plain upsurge of information being released. IGN has now expelled an disdainful video entitled “The Making of WWE 2K15”, that seems to be a initial in a array of videos. It’s misleading how many episodes there will be, though a initial one provides some plain information, as good as a good behind-the-scenes demeanour during a origination of a wrestling simulator.

Throughout a video, there’s thriving amounts of footage that showcases Cesaro behaving suit constraint for a game. Cesaro is shown behaving several taunts, posing with a championship belt, and executing some of his signature moves. It seems that 2K mo-capped all singular about Cesaro, generally his different moveset. The 6’5” powerhouse achieved moves like a throwing tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, a gutwrench suplex, and of course, his signature hulk swing.

Elsewhere in a video, a good understanding of superstars are shown removing their face scans done. According to WWE 2K15’s Executive Producer, Mark Little, a 2K organisation trafficked to several WWE live events and radio tapings, where they would set adult their scanning supply “in a backs of stadiums.” The facial scanning record looks utterly sophisticated, and a formula really uncover in a game’s expelled screenshots and videos.

A series of superstars are shown removing their faces photographed and scanned from each possible angle. Naomi, a Big Show, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, and even John Laurinaitis are shown sitting down for a 2K crew. This video seems to endorse Johnny Ace’s inclusion in a new diversion — that creates clarity due to his impasse in a John Cena/CM Punk storyline that is featured in a game’s Showcase mode.

Another famous wrestling celebrity that might be reliable for inclusion interjection to this video is Hall of Fame manager, “The Mouth of a South” Jimmy Hart. Hart adds his thoughts with “Being in a new diversion is unbelievable!” Hulk Hogan also commented on a diversion and a record by stating, “It looks like a genuine deal.”

Another aspect and alleviation of this year’s diversion is overwhelmed on in a brief video, and that’s a newly accessible commentary. Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler lapse as this year’s explanation team, though 2K had them record a engorgement of new lines. It also seems that 2K had them record their discourse together, sitting side-by-side. This hopefully means that a explanation will be reduction pretentious than prior years, with larger interplay between a two.

As WWE 2K15 approaches a recover in dual months’ time, there will positively be some-more sum to come. We will continue to yield updates on a diversion as they turn available.

Let us know your thoughts on this latest video and a sum suggested within in a comments below.

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