WWE 2K16: Best Superstars and Divas to Create with Enhanced Creation Tool

October 16, 2015 - WWE

Creating wrestlers, arenas, championships, etc., is one of a many beguiling aspects of a wrestling video diversion experience. Any wrestling pretension value your time will have a prolix origination suite. Clearly, 2K Sports agrees with that concept, since a origination collection that are set to be unleashed for fans in WWE 2K16 are mind-blowing.

Take a demeanour during a trailer that was expelled Wednesday. 

Let’s put this thing into perspective. Not customarily will we still be means to upload facial images a approach we did in WWE 2K15, though there’s now even some-more options for coloring hair, tattoos and more. The creator in me is really excited. Because we can’t wait to start adding to a already-healthy register of Superstars and Divas accessible on a game, I’ve come adult with a brief list of Superstars and Divas that contingency be combined to fill in a blanks combined by chartering issues, etc.


Kurt Angle

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I’ll keep putting a Olympic medalist here until he and a WWE somehow come to an agreement to get him behind in a diversion where he belongs. Not customarily is Angle an constituent partial of WWE history, he also had a flattering overwhelming moveset in his prime. He had The Angle Slam, The Ankle Lock, moonsaults and some flattering overwhelming throws in his repertoire.

Thankfully, a WWE games have customarily had his taunts in place. With all of a options accessible during creation, there shouldn’t be a vital problem creation an overwhelming describe of Angle for a game.



Lita was awesome—in a ring during least—as were others, though one of a many harmful females in a story of WWE was Kharma. She was a singular Diva who had a earthy participation and outspoken ability to be a feared heel.

When she came to a ring, we stopped what we were doing roughly as if Brock Lesnar was on a scene. To make your Divas register complete, we have to have emanate Kharma.



Speaking of presence, Goldberg is tighten to a tip of a list as it pertains to that really underrated quality. He was in WWE 2K14, though he was not partial of a register in final year’s game, or a arriving release. 

Perhaps no Superstar has a moveset that is some-more sparkling than Goldberg’s. The Jackhammer is still my favorite suplex-style maneuver, and mimicking a large man’s lively is always a blast in a video game. This is another contingency if you’re formulating Superstars.



TINA FINEBERG/Associated Press

We might never see her in another WWE video game—let alone in a Hall of Fame—but she deserves to be. Many of a Superstars and Divas in this year’s diversion have had their share of issues in a past, Chyna is no different.

She was a initial and customarily Diva able of competing move-for-move with anyone in a WWE—including a masculine Superstars. Who could ever forget examination her troops press Eddie Guerrero. If there’s any Diva you’d wish to emanate in WWE 2K16, it should be Chyna.

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