WWE 2K16: Latest News and Rumors for Week of Aug. 3

August 4, 2015 - WWE

In what has turn an annual tradition, as a summer starts to wane, a hoopla for WWE 2K16 starts to swell.

How a subsequent installment of WWE‘s video diversion will demeanour and play and only who will be accessible to insert into practical matches turn increasingly prohibited topics. Fans don’t know a ton about a diversion so far, though several Superstars have been confirmed, and there are hints about a few some-more fasten them. 

WWE 2K15 was a bit of a disappointment. The game’s initial try into next-generation consoles led to overwhelming visuals, though on a diversion that lacked a facilities players are used to having. 2K continues a revamping of a array this year, withdrawal gamers extraordinary to know what changes are ahead.

With a demeanour during rumors, hints and central news, let’s dive into what we know about WWE 2K16 so far.


What’s Confirmed So Far

The diversion is now scheduled for recover on Oct. 27 in North America and Oct. 30 for general markets. Last year, however, 2K had to pull behind a strange recover date in sequence to finish a product. 

Steve Austin is on a cover this year. There’s no word nonetheless if there will be choice covers as well, though for now The Texas Rattlesnake is a game’s print boy.

WWE‘s Twitter comment offering a demeanour during it early final month:

A array of immature guns will join him. WWE.com listed the initial central members of a game’s roster, contest with impression art.

  • Bad News Barrett
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Finn Balor
  • Paige
  • Seth Rollins
  • Steve Austin

Balor, a stream NXT champ, will be creation his entrance in a series.

2K has been bustling doing suit constraint with him. He talked about a knowledge in a new video for a WWE 2K YouTube channel:

And while a register will embody a accumulation of names from a past, it won’t underline Hulk Hogan. Amid a new debate surrounding Hogan’s racially charged comments, he’s been plucked from a game.

2K sent a following matter to IGN: “We are rarely deferential of a approach that a partners select to run their business and conduct a partnerships accordingly. We can endorse that Hulk Hogan will not seem in WWE 2K16.”

So there will be no Austin vs. Hogan dream matches unless players emanate The Hulkster themselves.

There will, however, be a choice to have Ambrose have a showdown with a Terminator. The film cyborg will be accessible as a pre-order character, as seen in a new trailer:

This outlines a initial time that a pre-order-exclusive impression is someone from outward a universe of wrestling. Sting and Ultimate Warrior were a large incentives to pre-order in a past dual years.


Roster Rumors, Buzz

The one thing that appears transparent from a early news surrounding WWE 2K16 is that a register is going to be robust. There is reportedly an beginning to make a diversion large from a choice standpoint.

That’s positively what PWInsider’s Mike Johnson is hearing. He wrote that a register will underline 120 singular characters and “will be done of categorical roster, NXT, WWE legends and presumably even some ECW originals.” 

He also combined a following:

I am told that 2K is operative unequivocally tough to protection they can embody a many adult to date WWE register probable and that they are even already operative on new signings like Samoa Joe to embody him as, many likely, a downloadable character. The devise is to give WWE fans a biggest intensity gaming register ever.

A intensity trickle forked to some of a names that could make adult that roster. 

GameStop Italy (h/t SEScoops) mentioned that Andre a Giant, Triple H, The Rock and Alexa Bliss will all be partial of a game. Those initial names comes as no surprise. Bliss, who isn’t even one of NXT‘s tip Divas, is an astonishing attainment to a WWE 2K series.

Her inclusion hints that NXT will be well-represented. And it looks like there will be some-more of a womanlike participation this time around.

The stream NXT women’s champ says that she was scanned for a game. Sasha Banks reliable as most on Twitter:

Eva Marie posted a behind-the-scenes print of what appears to be her sharpened a blurb for a game: