‘WWE 2K18’ Wishlist: 11 Suggestions To Improve The Next Game In The Series

February 22, 2017 - WWE

The WWE 2K array releases annually in late October. We haven’t been given an accurate recover date for this year’s game, though a central Twitter comment has already begun seeking a village for suggestions for WWE 2K18.

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I had to get my dual cents in, or should we contend 11 cents? Here’s a list of suggestions to make WWE 2K18 improved than a predecessor.


True Weight Detection

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One of my biggest issues with WWE 2K gameplay is a skip of loyal weight detection. Every year it seems 2K claims to have weight showing in a game, though it usually works in certain areas. For example, a smaller man can’t perform lifting moves on a super heavyweight, unless of course, it’s one of a smaller Superstar’s finishers or signature moves.

That’s something we can’t stand. In veteran wrestling, there are guys who can't perform one of their best moves opposite a incomparable opponent. In that instance, a bookers have to find another approach for a smaller man to get a win.

Gamers should be faced with a same dilemma.

Open-World Wrestling

We took a step toward this judgment with WWE 2K17. You could quarrel in a throng and backstage, though a fight in those areas was a tiny too restricted. I’d adore to see your impression have a ability to correlate with each intent and structure.

Imagine if a ring and locus could all be your weapon.

Better Prop Degradation

WWE video diversion fans have been outstanding opponents by tables, railings and other props for years. we consider it’s about time tables started ruinous in a some-more picturesque way. The same goes for a barricades along a outward of a ring. It looks flattering obsolete in a latest game.

More visually impactful breaks would yield some-more of a boon during these moments.

Less Restrictive Ladder Usage

In WWE 2K17, we could usually use a ladder in certain areas. we accepted expelling a infrequently vapid ladder sequence for a purpose of retrieving a briefcase or pretension belt, though when regulating a ladder as a weapon, there should be some-more freedom.

Options And Features


Only doctrinaire fans would worry with this feature, though it was flattering overwhelming when in a hands of a gamer with a plain courtesy to detail. Downloading user-created storylines used to be a rewarding knowledge and it mostly combined some-more playability for a game.

With some-more voice incorporated into Universe mode, Create-A-Story could be even better.

WWE Network Showcases

I comprehend how most we missed a Showcases this year when we were done to wait until a Hall of Fame DLC expelled on Tuesday to have a experience. we don’t only wish a Showcases to return, I’d like to see them lapse in a grandest order.

The WWE owns a possess resources and that includes a boatload of footage from WCW, WCCW, AWA and other now gone wrestling organizations. Access to all of that footage is partial of what creates a WWE Network such a plain bargain.

It creates clarity for WWE 2K to bottom a destiny Showcases on a WWE Network structure. The menu system, a thumbnails, all of it should assume a visible temperament of a showcases. The possibilities are clearly unconstrained and this could insist for a life of a WWE 2K franchise.

Enhanced Promos

WWE 2K17 introduced us to a slicing promos concept, though if I’m being honest, a knowledge was bland. The skip of voice was a biggest issue. Adding some use of a PlayStation camera and Xbox Kinect could concede gamers to act out their promos as their possess physique movements could spur their characters and record voice.

That would concede gamers to unequivocally have fun with a promo concept.

More Match Types

Little by little, 2K gives fans behind a full element of compare types. However, we’re still blank a Three Stages of Hell, Ambulance Matches and a few others. This is another area where 2K could mount to mislay a shackles from a gamer.


I skip this underline whenever we emanate a wrestler. It was a blast to sequence opposite moves together as we attempted to emanate a wackiest or deadliest finisher your mind could conceive. Simply selecting from a moves already in a diversion is a drag.

Larger Name Database for Created Wrestlers

About 99% of WWE 2K17‘s origination apartment is incredible. It is a antecedent for a judgment and each other sports video diversion should obey it. However, there’s one tiny area of opportunity. A incomparable name database would be helpful.

When we emanate a wrestler, we mostly have to select a closest sounding name to your origination or try to have a ring announcer spell it out. It can sound flattering ridiculous.


Improved Commentary

The visible display of WWE 2K17 is flattering solid, though a explanation is positively a misfortune aspect of a game. From a brood of steady lines to a totally away and non-organic communication between Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL, this partial of a diversion is in need of a finish overhaul.

The chaotic report that Cole, Lawler and JBL work has to be a tough snag to overcome for developers who need their time to scrupulously hoop commentary. Because a WWE doesn’t have an off-season, this could be a plea that is unfit to solve.


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