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July 31, 2018 - WWE

James Ellsworth, come back. Please!

Ellsworth, who has taken copiousness of critique in this space for how WWE has used him, can’t unequivocally be fired, can he?

“SmackDown Live” ubiquitous manager Paige sent Carmella’s sidekick make-up final week, and Ellsworth even put out matter on Twitter thanking WWE for giving him a event to work for them.

The pierce is possibly a artistic distortion by WWE or a work and a intelligent try during misdirection before to Becky Lynch confronting Carmella for a SmackDown women’s championship during SummerSlam on Aug. 19. Let’s wish it’s a latter.

By stealing Ellsworth final Tuesday, it gave Lynch a probability to kick Carmella though his being means to interfere. It should make Carmella wish him behind during all costs for a compare during Barclays Center when her pretension will be on a line.

Ellsworth needs to be during SummerSlam in some form for a Lynch-Carmella story to have larger definition and get a correct final act. Lynch apropos champion again by upending Carmella and Ellsworth allows all to come full circle. It would finish a singular long-term, cohesive story in WWE.

Ellsworth cost Lynch a probability to be Ms. Money in a Bank dual years ago, when he pushed over a ladder usually as she was set to squeeze a briefcase. Not usually did he take Lynch’s moment, though a male being concerned in a finish of a ancestral compare took divided from what was a large understanding for a women’s roster. It was also Carmella who strike Lynch in a behind with a chair dual nights after on “SmackDown Live” in a Money in a Bank rematch to again cost her a briefcase.

It is a categorical reason Lynch, who also fell usually brief of winning Money in a Bank this year, needs to be a one to kick Carmella and Ellsworth. Let him do a “surprise” run-in during SummerSlam if he isn’t combined behind by Carmella’s side.

Ellsworth already dressed adult as Asuka during Money in a Bank. He could try a costume again, maybe a confidence ensure or as Lynch’s best friend, Charlotte Flair.

In a process, Lynch would lapse a championship to a proven in-ring performer and save a assembly from carrying to watch another pay-per-view singles compare involving Carmella, who is an glorious heel, though still needs to urge her in-ring abilities.

If that is not how Lynch becomes champion, afterwards because did WWE move Ellsworth behind in a initial place? A few intergender matches with Asuka? To make Carmella going over on Asuka some-more believable? His participation would be squandered if he unequivocally is done.

Lynch apropos champion for a second time also opens adult a probability of a argument with Flair when she returns. Book that right now for Evolution if we can.

In that scenario, Charlotte could lay a seeds for her to go heel in time for a intensity compare with Ronda Rousey during WrestleMania. Maybe one or all of a Four Horsewomen of MMA can meddle in a Lynch-Flair compare during Evolution. That way, there is no transparent leader between a two, and we set adult a Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen argument for Survivor Series a following month. It would be singular event for all a parties concerned to be in a same building.

Before any of that can happen, Lynch needs to set things right by overcoming Carmella and Ellsworth and completing a story’s some-more than two-year arc.

So, James Ellsworth, come back. Please!

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