WWE Announces ANOTHER Tournament…

July 22, 2018 - WWE

Bludgeon Brothers SmackDown

For a male who presumably hates tournaments, Vince McMahon certain does adore tournaments. Perhaps he usually dislikes a word? Anyway, with Kane legitimately out of movement after pang a ripped Achille’s tendon days before to Extreme Rules, SmackDown tab group champs The Bludgeon Brothers unexpected find themselves brief of challengers, so WWE have announced a tourn… er, competition, to name their opponents for SummerSlam.

The blue brand’s General Manager Paige took to Twitter yesterday dusk to exhibit that over a following 3 weeks, a party of SmackDown’s excellent tandems will block off to acquire a shot during a BBs in a Barclays Centre come 19 August.

No teams have been named as yet, yet a common suspects seem likely: The Bar, The New Day, Sanity, and The Good Brothers. Besides The Colóns, who are now brief of a harmed Epico, a usually other viable twin on SmackDown is Aiden English and Rusev. It competence come as a step-down for latter as he’s now concerned in a programme with WWE Champion AJ Styles, yet a initial turn exit could assistance generate a contrariety between a Bulgarian Brute and his crooning lackey.

Festivities are set to embark this on this Tuesday’s SmackDown in Evansville, IN. Can’t wait.

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