WWE announces participants for both Elimination Chamber matches

May 19, 2015 - WWE

On May 31, WWE will move behind a Elimination Chamber for a special WWE Network-exclusive pay-per-view. There will be dual Elimination Chamber matches during a event, one for a WWE Tag Team Championship and one for a empty WWE Intercontinental Championship. During Monday night’s RAW, WWE announced who would be competing in those matches.

The WWE Tag Team Championship is now hold by The New Day, who are fortifying a titles underneath a “Freebird Rule” — a order states that any multiple of dual of a 3 group members might urge a title. They will have to deflect off Tyson Kidd Cesaro, Los Matadores, a Lucha Dragons, a Prime Time Players and a Ascension if they wish to leave Elimination Chamber with a belts.

The Intercontinental Championship was vacated final week, when Daniel Bryan announced he would not be means to urge it due to injury. The pretension will be adult for grabs during Elimination Chamber, with Ryback, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, King Barrett and Rusev all going for a gold.

The Elimination Chamber is a domed enclosure that surrounds a whole ringside area. Inside a cage, surrounding a ring, are 4 “pods.” The Chamber matches will start with dual participants (or teams). Every 5 mins a pointless pod will open and a new aspirant (or team) will join a fray. It is single-elimination rules, where a pinfall or acquiescence eliminations a chairman or team. Last one station wins a match.

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