WWE Backlash 2016 results: AJ Styles wins universe title, one of 3 new champs

September 12, 2016 - WWE

Held for a initial time given 2009, WWE Backlash on Sunday featured a crowning of 3 new champions. The festivities were highlighted by a crowning impulse for AJ Styles, who degraded Dean Ambrose for a World Championship in a categorical event.

The Backlash pay-per-view as a whole was a tough one for WWE to lift off deliberation it had to put together a full label with good reduction than half of a company’s whole register during a disposal. For a initial effort, it was a plain one; of course, it was aided by a fact that dual new championship belts were being introduced and each one of a SmackDown code titles was on a line Sunday night.

The prominence of a dusk was a win by Styles, a 39-year-old wrestling attention maestro who categorical evented for some of WWE’s tip competitors before fasten a association in January. In reduction than 8 months, Styles has worked his approach adult from midcard performer to categorical eventer to now universe champion.

Similar to many of WWE’s new artistic decisions, putting a tab on Styles signifies a changing of a ensure inside a company. While WWE still has a ways to go in many artistic areas, it has begun building some of a newer blood — regardless of age — into legitimate talent that can pretension a radio shows and pay-per-views.

Styles and Kevin Owens, who won a new Universal Championship usually dual weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, both done their debuts on WWE’s categorical register within a final 16 months. Ambrose, whom Styles degraded Saturday, was a first-time WWE heavyweight champion, as was Finn Balor, a initial concept champion who was forced to empty a pretension after pang an damage during SummerSlam.


Women’s Championship — Becky Lynch def. Carmella (via submission), Nikki Bella, Natalya, Naomi, Alexa Bliss to win a empty title: The compare took a while to get going yet once it did, a falls came quick and mad in a six-woman elimination. Naomi kicked things off by attack a neckbreaker from a tip wire and pinning Bliss. Natalya took advantage of Naomi following a tumble by putting her in a Sharpshooter and earning a submission. Nikki immediately ran adult on Natalya and strike her Rack Attack finisher for a 1-2-3, slicing a margin in half usually like that. Just seconds later, Carmella rolled adult Nikki for a pin and shoved her afterward, stability their new feud. That’s when Lynch took over, attack 3 loyal fisherman’s suplexes on Carmella before locking in a Dis-Arm-Her acquiescence to turn a initial women’s champion on a SmackDown brand.

Backstage shred — Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt: It had been rumored all week that Orton competence not be medically privileged to competition during Backlash, yet WWE did not mislay a compare off a card. Following a women’s pretension match, WWE showed Wyatt assertive Orton backstage, appearing to harm him and putting a standing of a compare adult in a air.

Tag Team Tournament Semifinal — The Usos def. The Hype Bros around submission: The Usos are doing good so distant as heels. They strew their colorful clothes and instead wore all black. They were assertive during a compare with some new moves. It was lovely to see them buy into their new roles. To a warn of no one, a Usos eventually prevailed and changed on to a competition finals after requesting a same single-leg acquiescence reason they used to take out American Alpha.

Intercontinental Championship — The Miz (c) def. Dolph Ziggler around pinfall to keep a title: As in a compare prior, it was good to see an assertive strain from The Miz as WWE has him rather transitioning divided from a doormat heel role. Each wrestler nursed an damage during a compare — Miz his shoulder, Ziggler his knee — that supposing some explainable outs for a purify finish. Good movement throughout. Miz looked to have a win by dodging a Superkick, attack a DDT and locking in a Figure-Four Leglock, yet Ziggler found a ropes. When Miz attempted again, Ziggler pushed him divided and strike a Superkick, yet Miz got his feet on a bottom wire to mangle a pinfall. Later in a match, with a arbitrate distracted, Maryse sprayed Ziggler in a face with what seemed to be peppers spray, permitting Miz to take advantage and keep a title.

Bray Wyatt def. Randy Orton around forfeit: As remarkable above, WWE used a backstage damage angle to cover for Orton not being medically privileged to compete. Wyatt entered a ring and had his name review as hero after a arbitrate counted 10. That is when a ring announcer explained that Wyatt would attend in a formerly unannounced no binds barred compare opposite Kane. (With a SmackDown Live register so skinny and Kane fundamentally always being used whenever WWE indispensable a body, this was met with a large whine from a crowd.)

Kane def. Bray Wyatt around pinfall (No Holds Barred): It was a match. Objects were used. Much of it took place outward a ring. The prominence came as Wyatt pacifist back-first onto Kane, collapsing an announcing list in a process. Wyatt looked clever during a compare and even kicked out of a chokeslam. Orton eventually seemed and hobbled over to a ring; when Wyatt was distracted, Orton nailed an RKO out of nowhere, permitting Kane to strike a chokeslam and nick a win. Even when he’s not confronting a tip star, Wyatt is still doing a job.

Tag Team Championship — Heath Slater Rhyno def. The Usos around pinfall to win a empty title: A good compare from start to finish. The Usos dominated a competition early, save for Rhyno’s time in a ring, yet it positively came as no warn that they eventually did not constraint a belts. Slater got some time to gleam in a ring — as brief as it competence have been — and eventually took advantage of a Gore from Rhyno (while a referee’s behind was turned) to get a pinfall victory. The win not usually done Slater and Rhyno a initial tab group champions on SmackDown, it also warranted Slater a agreement as he was formerly a giveaway agent.

World Championship — AJ Styles def. Dean Ambrose (c) to win a title: There were copiousness of swings in a match, yet it took utterly a while for dual of a loyal highlights of a whole dusk — a 450 springboard dash from Styles and plane dropkick by a ropes from Ambrose. That would usually be a beginning. Ambrose after used a dual announce tables as a runway to burst over a ringside separator onto Styles. It seemed that Styles would take a top palm behind in a ring after attack a Pele Kick, yet Ambrose responded with a Lunatic Lariat. The arbitrate eventually got distracted, permitting Styles to broach a low blow around a approach flog to a groin, strike a Styles Clash and win a universe title.

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